Tried By Visions

To those who would sign off on the ACTA Treaty:

The people involved on the business end of this disastrous treaty are millionaires, multi-millionaires, owning vast amounts of wealth and power.  They created the technology, or walked hand in hand with those that created the technology that made it possible for us to listen to music and watch movies.  For that I heartily thank them.  You have done the world a great service in this.  But that does not, to my mind, give you the right to do what this treaty does to the people of the world.

The 3 strikes and your out, on mere accusation, without a judge, if this is real, and by all reputable accounts it is, then this is overkill from a series of industries, from legal to entertainment to technology used for said entertainment.  How can you seriously try to foist this on the people?

People steal our music, you say.  People steal our movies, you say.  Well then, PROSECUTE THEM, do not get your political flunkies to pass ridiculous treaties, which reminds one of the Diocletian edicts, to protect yourselves at the expense of the  freedom of communication, which in a starkly negative manner affects both freedom of speech and privacy as the treaty seems to show.  You have all the lawyers you need, why the need to circumvent existing law, unless it is to make it impossible for your counter-parties to win?

This is clearly the case.  They(at least in the case of the RIAA) have taken a beating in the courts, and in the court of public opinion, and so they(and those like them) try to circumvent the entire system by creating a treaty to protect their own interests, at the expense of their BASE CLIENTELE.  This in the end is about control.

They want it all, and they want it now.

And dammit they aren’t going to get it without a fight.  The moment this ACTA treaty sees light of day it is going to be barraged by lawsuits.  Or it should be .  The ACLU will have a field day with this.  The EFF is up in arms over this.  I have read a ton of stories, most of which are of the variety that are more afraid for the future.  Afraid of the undue pressure this will put on service providers to shut people down for the mere fact of there being an allegation that music has been stolen, that it might be applied to them, without proof.  Afraid of the loss of first amendment protections.  Afraid of a future guided “by the corporations, for the corporations, of the corporations”

There should be no criminalization without representation.  We are one and all tried by the vision of the future ACTA represents, one where we can do as we please, so long as it conforms to their vision of the world. Tried and sentenced without the benefit of representation. Sharing files (which ACTA is here to stop) that have already been paid for seems hardly a crime worthy of the vast theft of freedom.

Once I buy music, that music is mine. PERIOD.  If you do not want me to listen to it,  and don’t want my friends to listen to it, don’t put it out to be bought.  Become an accountant, get out of the music business. GO.  Go be a waiter, but leave me be, your ability to make money is of no concern to me, unless it means loss of my freedom.  This is a free country, be free, but leave my freedom alone.

Your control is economic freedom to you, and shackles to me.  Do not expect me to stand idly by when you try to place them on me.


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