An Invitation

    Life is an invitation.  An invitation to hard times.  An invitation to tests of character.  An invitation to all the bad things that the world can visit upon a person.   But it invites in other ways as well.  It is also an invitation to work.  An invitation to do the best with what the world has given.  An invitation to persevere.  An invitation to success.  An invitation to all the good things that the world can visit upon a person.

    It all depends on how you read the invite. 


     I like inviting people to take a look at my life.  That is what this website is about, really. Those of you who read this thing regularly know that I align myself with the political left, and am strident about my political beliefs.  That I am a guitarist, a musician.   That I am unemployed, and hard at work looking for work, unsuccessful though I have been these past 11 months, and that I am poor.  That I am a runner.  That I am a  fan of the New York Rangers(who HATES what the Dolans are doing to them), The Yankees and the New York Giants.   That I am addicted to reading and, since I have taken up doing it frequently, writing.  That I am a happily married man, and a hopeful romantic.  That I am far from perfect, and get things wrong from time to time, but I learn from those mistakes, and become stronger because of them, and how I react to them.

   I’d like to extend that invitation and let you into even more of my life, but to be honest, I am not sure what else there is to tell without getting into deeply personal stuff that I don’t feel the need to share. 


   So while I am tying today’s writing  together with an “Invitation” concept, I figure why the hell not send one or two out.  Real ones. 

    Mr. President? Come on down.  I wouldn’t mind having you down for an hour or two, just to chew the fat, talk about what’s going on in the world, talk politics, sports, what it takes to get ahead, anything that strikes either of us as being important to speak on really.    I have two cats, so if the kids are allergic, I’d suggest leaving them behind.  That is why you got the hypo allergenic dog, right?

    Plus, the place is relatively tiny, not sure how many people we could realistically fit up here. And if you maybe have a job opening somewhere, I think I could see myself working for you, if the money’s right.  🙂

    And another one, this one to John Boehner.  I wouldn’t mind talking to you for a bit either.  Yes, I’ve bitched and yelled about you before.  So what? I yell about lots of people, nothing wrong with having an opinion of other people.  I want to know if the impression I have of you is right or not.  What impression is that?  That you are a man who is very much the ideologue. Yes we are on opposite sides of the political fence, but I consider myself open minded;  willing to change if shown that I am wrong. 

   As a matter of fact, why don’t the two of you come down at the same time?  I’ll take the both of you out for pizza.  My treat, even though I’m broke.  It’ll be fun!  There is a  Goodfellas right down the street from me, and they have excellent pizza! (the quattro formaggio is to die for)

   And give me a few days notice will ya? Just so my wife and I can clean the place up a bit, just in case anyone wants to hang at Das Rhino Hacienda before or after the pizza. 


    That’s it for me.  A viddy of a few people bring in copies of this years budget in on a pallet mover. I never got my copy, dammit!  😛

Today’s nuggets, via wikiquote:  False and doubtful positions, relied upon as unquestionable maxims, keep those who build on them in the dark from truth. Such are usually the prejudices imbibed from education, party, reverence, fashion interest, et cetera.  John Locke

I think opinions should be judged of by their influences and effects, and if a man holds none that tend to make him less virtuous or more vicious, it may be concluded that he holds none that are dangerous; which I hope is the case with me.  Benjamin Franklin


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