January’s Running Commentary

     Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is January’s running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Fri., January 1st:  No Run.  Took off to relax and enjoy myself with my wife.  Run tomorrow.

Sat., January 2nd:  Ran 5.5 miles in 45:22.88, an 8:15.07 m/m pace.  23 degrees, cloudy, flurries, blustery.  2 stops.  I ran a new route to the park today, to get some extra hill running in.  Ran Victory boulevard from Hodges to the park entrance, near Labau ave. A run that is .85 miles long each way… The wind kicked my ass out there and was the reason I stopped at around the 3 mile marker.  The other happened  because I tweaked my right hammy out there. I stopped to stretch it for a few seconds, call it 30, and started back up. 

Sun., January 3rd:  No Run.  Right hammy still sore, and my back is sore to boot…and those are my ”excuses” for not running.   In reality, I’m not running today because I stepped outside, got hit with the wind, felt the cold and went “Brrrrrr….nope, not doing it.” grabbed my garbage can, which was rolling down the street, put it back where it belonged and went back inside.   So much for Mr. “Cold weather runner”, at least for today.  To be honest with myself, I’m just playing hooky today, even though the back and hammy really are sore.

Thur., January 7th:  Ran 3.92 miles in 33:54.58, an 8:39.02 m/m pace.  36 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  First run in a while, took it slow.  This run was a tale of two runs, one slow the other slower.  The first half of this run, a new route, an out and back that is 1.96 miles long with hills, I ran in 16:45.33, just short of 8:33 m/m pace, the second half I ran 24 seconds slower.  There are a few reasons the second half was slower.  I had:  a cramp in my right hamstring, a stitch, and soreness.  I’m carrying a few too many pounds as well, been eating too much of late, that didn’t help.  I’m just happy that I could run today.

Fri., January 8th:  Ran 3.8 miles in 32:43:22, an 8:36.63 m/m pace.  29 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Short run because I didn’t want to overstress the sore right hamstring, slow because I am out of shape and carrying extra weight.  No stops at least.  I didn’t push hard at all,  just running today was something of a challenge.  Happy quiet run, almost no one around.  No other runners, 3 dog walkers and that was it.  That’s part of why I like winter running, I get the paths more or less to myself.

Sat., January 9th:  Ran 3.3 miles in 27:21.29, an 8:17.36 m/m pace.  26 degrees, sunny, windy. Didn’t push today, didn’t want to.  I was thinking of going longer, but decided against, I just didn’t have the wind for it.  I was huffin and puffin out there in this today.  Actually had to stop for a few seconds about 4/10 of a mile away from home.  That annoyed me to no end.  My right leg is not 100%, not sure where the exact problem is, but it got weak momentarily out on the path today, and now my right calf is sore, where yesterday and the day before I had a problem with my right hammy.  The new shoes are the cause of this perhaps? Unknown.  Time will tell.    

   January week 1 Mileage (including the 2nd):  16.52 miles  Monthly total: Same.  Longest: 5.5 miles on the 2nd.  Shortest: 3.3 Miles on the 9th.

Sun., January 10th:  Ran 3.3 miles in 27:52.02, an 8: 26.67 m/m pace.  13 degrees, sunny, windy.  With wind chill, the Temp is 0 degrees.  Nice! I had fun out there today.   I didn’t have to stop, my right leg is not 100% but better than yesterday, and the cold actually felt good out there.  I ran in the old running shoes today, just to do it (kinda).   I didn’t push hard in this weather, obviously.  No need to, just being out in this weather is pushing enough.  My bottom lip went numb from the cold!  That’s cold, Baybee! 

Mon., January 11th:  Ran 4.82 miles in 40:05.04, an 8:18.97 m/m pace.  28 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy.  Hill run, same one I did on January 7th, with an additional 9/10 mile added on the end.   The hills beat my ass today.  Stopped once at what was going to be the ½ way point in the out and back, that first half was hard, I actually ran the uphill faster than the downhill.  I stopped again on the second O&B, to talk to someone I hadn’t seen in a dogs age.  Talk made difficult by not being able to talk well because my bottom lip was frozen and because I was completely out of breath.  Added the extra 9/10 of a mile to make up for the time I spent stopped.  Good run. 

Tue., January 12th:  Ran 3.89 miles in 33:08.80, an 8:31.25 m/m pace.  27 degrees, cloudy, windy.  I actually ran at night, something I rarely do.  It makes for…interesting running.  Dealing with traffic is a headache with the limited light, but I know the route well enough so there were no major issues. Crossing Martling Ave. was interesting, both times, on clove and manor.  Hill running today as well. The hills were fun. The uphill on manor road kicked my ass in the wind today.  The wind….The wind was in my face just about every single step of today’s run.  Still a good run.

Wed., January 13th:  Ran 5.32 miles in 44:14.62, an 8:18.98 m/m pace.  33 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy.  One stop at the 4.4 mile mark.  The hills were alive with the sound of me running today.  I busted my ass on those hills today, felt good to do it.  An old injury seems to be creeping up again, weakness in my right anterior compartment.  It is an issue for me when it is weak enough where it affects my stride.  Maybe It’s a combination of new sneakers, blasting the hills(5 of the last 7 run days have been hill runs, much more than usual), carrying too much weight, and just being a hair out of shape.   One day off will hopefully cure what ails me.   

Fri., January 15th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 46:27.33, an 8:09.00 m/m pace.  46 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy.  The day off and the warmer weather helped make this a relatively easy run.  I probably could have gone longer today, but resisted the urge to do so.  The weak A.C. seems better after a day off.  No hills for the first time in a several runs probably helped as well.  Surprisingly, I was running about the same pace I ran Wednesday the first 2 laps in the park, and hit the afterburners on that 3rd and final lap, which I ran in a 7:53 m/m pace after two laps worth of 8:17 pace.  Nice.

Sat., January 16th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 43:00.57, an 8:16.26 m/m pace.  38 degrees, sunny, windy.  Hammies were a bit sore heading out the door, and I felt the a slight comeback of the weakness in the anterior compartment again, but neither was major enough for me to want to or have to stop.  I didn’t push for speed either, but nonstop here was good.  Maybe a long soak tonight in cold water & Epsom salts will do the trick.   Many people in the park made for lots of human (and canine) obstacles to run around, but that’s to be expected when it gets nicer weather wise.

   January week 2 mileage:  28.23 miles.  Monthly total  44.75   Longest this month:  5.7 miles  Shortest 3.3   10 runs this month, average length of  run:  4.47 miles

Sun., January 17th:  Ran 4.48 miles in 37:02.99, an 8:16.20 m/m pace.  39 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Today’s pace was almost exactly the same as yesterday’s, except today’s run was much harder, today’s run was all hills. Royal oak road to Rice to Slosson to Martling, back up to R.O. road via the same route, down Victory to Labau and back up the hill to R.O. road. Had one scheduled stop at the half way point, after one complete circuit, took an unscheduled stop maybe a 90 seconds before the end of the run, I just couldn’t make it.  Pissed me off.  My right leg seems better, not 100% but better.  Nice.

Mon., January 18th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 1:02:23, an 8:12.50 m/m pace.  49 degrees, partly sunny, breezy.  I took my time out there today, most of the run, but I did put in a final hard push on the last…i dunno, call it 2/10Th’s of a mile, maybe 3/10Th’s.  Something like that.  It’s almost 50 degrees out, so I figured I’d go longer, just to do it while conditions were favorable.  A million people in the park made for some hairy near collisions.  Left calf is sore, but the right anterior compartment seems better. 

Tues., January 19th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 58:34:95, an 8:15.06 m/m pace.  46 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  I could feel the humidity in the air, and it looked like it was going to rain when I was out there, but it never did.  Hamstrings were a hair tight as I started running out the door, but that feeling evaporated after a minute.  No great effort, but I didn’t just mail it in either.  It really felt good to put in two 7+ mile runs in consecutive days, and on top of that I didn’t have to stop during either run!  I’ve run in the older sneakers for the last 2 days, I’ll run in the new ones during tomorrows shorter hill running session.   Didn’t feel the anterior compartment at all.  Nice.

Wed., January 20th:  Ran 4.5 miles in 38:07.85, an 8:28.41 m/m pace.  37 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  Shortened version of the hill run I ran on Tuesday. R.O. Road to Martling ave. and back, three times.  Nice slow even pace to today’s hill run, and happily, no pain and no stops, so even with the semi-slow time, this was definitely one of my better runs in a while.  Windier conditions made the effort seem harder than most of my recent runs. 

Thur., January 21st:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:20:18, an 8:27.15 m/m pace.  38 degrees, partly sunny, breezy.  I ran the first of 5 laps in the park very slow.  1.9 miles in 16:37.  Ran the rest of the miles at around a fairly even 8:23.  I had to stop after that first lap, my left knee and right ankle were sore, and I had a stitch.  Any one of those alone is no big deal, all 3 at once, and I said “f*ck it, lemme take a breather for a sec”.  I was fine after that, even if the left knee kept bothering me.  This is my longest run in around 3 months, and now that I know that I’m in shape to do that again, I’ll be going longer…when I feel the need, or think I can.

Sat., January 23rd:  Ran 4.5 miles in 38:54.35, an 8:38.73 m/m pace.  37 degrees, cloudy, no wind.  Same hill run as Wednesday.  Took my time today, partially because I didn’t want to push today, but also because I was running in the dark.  I felt pretty good out there, like I could have gone longer today out there.  I was kinda beat at the top of the hill the first time I hit the crest of the hill, but on the next two passes at the top, I was fine.  No stops, no pain, no worries. 

   January week 3 mileage:  37.68 miles  Monthly total: 82.43 miles  Longest this month:  9.5 miles(21st)  Shortest 3.3(9th &10th)   16 runs this month, average length of run:  5.15 miles

Sun., January 24th:  Ran 10.9 miles in 1:33:00, an 8:31.92 m/m pace.  43 degrees, cloudy, no wind.  It was supposed to be rainy today, or so I thought.  All it was was cloudy with a Lil drizzle during the first 5 minutes.  I’ll take that, as the distance itself made this a hard run.  First time I’ve gone over ten miles since October to my knowledge.  Longest since I started logging my miles here on November of last year.  No issues with my A.C. or my knee, calves are tight now, but that’s not a surprise, with almost 25 miles in my past 3 runs.  Had fun out there.  Good Run.

Mon., January 25th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 42:07.52, an 8:06.06 m/m pace.  56 degrees, partly sunny, breezy.  Missed a great rain run today.  The sun came out by the time I was ready to run at 3:00pm.  The paths were wet and strewn with debris, but it wasn’t too bad, except for that down tree near the entrance to the park.  Speed today was easy after going long and slow yesterday & with the weather as warm as it is today.   I slowed down in spots here, so this wasn’t as fast as I am capable of running.  I know I can do significantly better than 8:06, but I’ll take this for now. Calves are sore, and the hammies are feeling it a bit.  Slow hills tomorrow, methinks.

Tues., January 26th:  Ran 6 miles in 50:42.96, an 8:27.16 m/m pace.  38 degrees, cloudy, windy.   4 x on the run that is the Slosson avenue /Rice avenue /Royal Oak road hill run, have been doing this one 3 x the last few times I’ve done it. .75 miles down, .75 miles up again, and always do the downhill first, so I can finish on the uphill.  I’m a hair tight right now, a wee bit o stretch’ll make everything better.  I felt like I was pushing fast moving up the hill, but you wouldn’t know it from the time. 

Wed., January 27th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 45:21.20, a 7:57.40 m/m pace.  35 cloudy, windy.  Had to make 2 stops.  First one 6 minutes in, piss break.  Second one 3 minutes to go, had a stitch that would not go away, not even after slowing down, putting pressure on the area, and breathing out forcefully with every other step on that side of the body.  Never had a stitch that bad. This is the fastest I’ve run in a long time, though.    Cold and wind weren’t too bad, so I ignored it.  I had pain in my right ankle, but i ignored it.  Old fashioned gut buster today.  Good run.

Sat., January 30th:   Ran 3.3 miles in 27:25.72, an 8:18.70 m/m pace.  16 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  After 2 days off due to being busy, It felt good to be out and about again.  Short because I didn’t want to run long in the cold.  Right leg is sore,  and I felt what may have been my right plantar fascia tighten up on me near the end of the run.  No real issues as far as I can tell though, not yet.  I’ll monitor both and see what’s up.  Won’t stop me from running tomorrow, that’s for sure. 

Sun., January 31st:  Ran 3.3 miles in 26:52.53, an 8:08.64 m/m pace.  15 degrees, sunny, breezy.  A hair colder today than yesterday, and a little more on the windy side, but i was able to move quicker today.  Short for the same reason as yesterday, faster because I could.  The right leg issue from yesterday is gone, no pain in the foot either, that’s nice. 

   January week 4 mileage:  34.4 miles  Monthly total: 116.83 miles  Longest this month:  10.9  miles(24th)  Shortest 3.3(9th, 10th, 30th and 31st)   22 runs this month, average length of run:  5.31 miles

January’s Rhino Nuggets

     Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  These are the entries from the page “Rhino Nuggets” from January 2nd to January 30th.


January 2nd:  If you read the Washington post, you’d think the upcoming 2010 election was the end of the world for democrats.   And they’d be right, if it weren’t for the simple fact that Republican leaders are doing just as good a job at turning off the electorate as the Democrats are.   The party affiliation poll numbers, which have recorded for years how Americans feel about the political parties are almost unchanged since the 2008 election.  1% more of the populace think of itself as republican, while the Dem # is unchanged, with the Indies losing 1%. The leaner vote has moved the republicans up 3 whole percent, leaving Dems leading Republicans by only 6% nationwide among indies.

If there were going to be real serious change, those numbers would have shifted more.  This’ll be a normal election cycle.  The dems’ll lose some seats, but still maintain their majority as it stands right now.



January 4th: Went to the Rangers – Bruins Game today.  Rangers won, but I knew they were gonna.   They always beat the Bruins when I go see them play the Bruins.  It just happens like that. 


January 5th:  Kind of shocked that 3 term Senator from North Dakota, Byron Dorgan has decided to hang it up and not run again.   Been reading that he was going to face something of a challenge from N.D.  Governor Hoeven.  He says he thought he’d win the election, but said he wants to take time to teach and write books and “work on energy policy in the private sector” AKA work less and make more money.  That’s how I’m reading it, anyway.  Maybe I’m just too cynical.


January 7th:  Sent in a few more resumes today.  Sent an e-mail yesterday telling my lawyer that I’ll be in to pay him in a week or two so he can begin getting my bankruptcy proceedings started.   Mikey needs a job, but no one’s hiring.  Time to start selling crap, methinks, just to pad the bank account a lil bit, just to be on the safe side.  Going to head to the DOL over on Hylan boulevard to see if they can help me get a job, or training, or some help, any help in getting back on the road to employment.   


January 9th: Gotta love some of these Republican voices.  Rudy Giuliani spoke to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America and Gave out this happy lil tidbit:  “we had no domestic attacks under Bush; we’ve had one under Obama.” Guess he forgot that whole 9/11 thing, huh?  Dana Perino, former Bush Admin. press sec. said the same thing a week or two ago, and there have been a few other  right wing statements in a similar vein.  George Bush was President when the most serious lapse in security this country has ever seen happened.  The right wing seems to have forgotten this.  Idiots.

Of course Stephanopoulos let him slide on that.  Dumbass.


January 10th:   I’m gonna make phone calls tomorrow, gonna make sure I talk to someone about getting a job, not just send in resumes.  Speak to an actual person.  I’ve been doing just the e-mail/resume thing and I wonder whether it’s been hurting me or not.  I’m not sure that I’ve been aggressive enough at this.  Time to push harder.


January 11th:  Called the Robert Half office team.  I have an appointment for 9:30 am Tuesday morning.  Nice! Sent in a few resumes the standard way as well.  But to different places.  Sales associate type stuff.  Hell, If I can write, I can sell, no matter how much I dislike salesmen in general. 

Harry Reid is not a bad guy.  Was he wrong to say what he said? Yes.  Fire-able offense? Only if you are a Republican and a Democrat is doing it, or if something happens where a Republican does the evil deed, if you are a Democrat and a Republican does it.  Democrats defending Reid here is like Republicans defending Palins daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock.  It’s OK to do what some people think is bad if the person doing bad is on your team.  It’s always like that.  Welcome to the world of politics, wear a helmet.


January 12th:  Just got back from an interview at a temp place called Robert Half.  Nice place, nice people.  I took some “prove-it” tests, and proved that I entirely suck at Excel, and surprised myself by entirely sucking at word as well.  Luckily they have classes for both, and more, that are available on-line.  I’ll get my password and stuff from them sometime next week so I can learn to not suck at word and excel, and one hopes a plethora of other programs that will make it possible for me to make money. 

China seems to be giving the market jitters today.  Down 80 points, half of that fall happening in the last ½ hour.  Nothing like the roller coaster of late 2008 though.  No worries.


January 13th:  A link to a political ad for the Massachusetts senate seat by Martha Coakley.  I like it.  Scott Brown on the other hand HATES it.  Guess he dislikes being painted as a REPUBLICAN who is in lockstep with other republicans, and doesn’t like people pointing out his record.  He’s got his own daughter out there saying it’s wrong to have this ad out there.   If he didn’t want this kind of press, he should not have tried to pass the bill that “in certain cases would have allowed doctors to deny emergency contraception to rape victims”


January 14th:  Called Workforce one back, after not dealing with them for a few months.  These are the people who told me I could get a voucher for school, to learn something new, so I could start on a new career path…Only to find out it very much depended on my old career path. Gonna see if they can help me look for a job, seeing how My success in that area has been appalling at this point.  I go there tomorrow, wish me luck. 

Also called Legal Services NYC to see if they can help me file for bankruptcy.   The lawyers I have gone to, and I’ve gone to several, all cost more than I can afford.  This one is free of legal fees …though I’m sure I have to cover the court costs.  $299 is a helluva lot better for me than $2350, though I’ll have to do all the work myself. I don’t have a problem with that though, work doesn’t scare me. 


January 15th:  Just an excellent quote I found while stumbling today:  A lot of the people who read a bestselling novel, for example, do not read much other fiction. By contrast, the audience for an obscure novel is largely composed of people who read a lot. That means the least popular books are judged by people who have the highest standards, while the most popular are judged by people who literally do not know any better. An American who read just one book this year was disproportionately likely to have read ‘The Lost Symbol’, by Dan Brown. He almost certainly liked it.


January 16th:  Ran over 5 miles, cleaned house, went out to my brothers house for his 7 year old son’s birthday, threw the football around a bit, badly I might add, I think I tried to blame the football(lulz), ate like a pig, watched football, played Texas hold’em a bit, won some, lost some, hung out with many people, came home, wrote a blog, ate some more, played a few games with my wife on pogo, and listened to some mp3’s (I’d call them audio-books but they’re too zarking short) of some of the written works of Benjamin Franklin, Bertrand Russell and John Donne, and still found time to scratch the cats and feed them.  Nice.


January 17th:  The Jets Won? WOW! I am truly impressed! I really did not think they had a chance.  But there they were, making the most of the opportunities they got and made the most of a few mistakes, notably 1 by Philip Rivers (int with a few seconds left in the 3rd), one by Norv Turner (onside kick after that late TD).   The New York Jets are playing in the AFC Championship, and are 60 minutes away from a Super Bowl berth.  Wow.  Just wow. 


January 18th:   The Obama Administration didn’t do enough to place the blame on previous administrations for the economy, at least that is according to Paul Krugman, in a NYT Op-ed Piece from yesterday.  I’ve heard a lot about the previous administration when hearing talk about the economy from the President.  What has happened is that that has been partially invalidated by the screaming about the way he has handled this economy by the right, who put impossible expectations about it in front of the media, who ate it up, and then when those impossible expectations were inevitably not met, howled that he’s making things worse.  And the right leaning American media machine howled right along.

It’s bullshit, but when that’s what people see and here, that story gets out, and the people believe it.  Blame a media that sensationalizes everything, even bullshit, and an idiot audience that questions nothing if it fits what they want to hear, and gives them a scape-goat. Why else would anyone pay attention to the Conservative “talking point” howling horse manure?


January 19th:  Just read this headline on google news, from the Wall Street Journal ” Major managed-care stocks rose and hospital stocks slid on the prospect of a Republican upset in Massachusetts’ special election…”  Umm… Scott Brown has been ahead in the polls for the last 2 weeks by effectively using his resources to move the vast majority of independent voters in Mass. to his side while Martha Coakley has been busy calling Curt Schilling a Yankee fan.  How the hell could you call that an upset?  At least they didn’t say that the resulting Stock fluctuations were a surprise.  Good to see someone has a few fucking brain cells that work at that shitty worthless rag of a newspaper.

And btw… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN.  I’ll call ya tonight. If anyone gives you shit today bro, gimme a yell, I’ll handle yer light work for ya.


January 21st:  Oh Joy of Joys! Longstanding laws prohibiting large corporations from giving money to campaigns have been struck down by the Supreme court.   The President of Advocacy group Public Citizen sums up my feelings(and I am sure a great many others) when he says:

In eviscerating longstanding rules prohibiting corporations from using their own monies to influence elections, the court invites giant corporations to open up their treasuries to buy election outcomes. Corporations are sure to accept the invitation.

How long do you think it’ll be before corporations start voting in their own people? Weeks? Months? How many Republicans are going to win simply because they have the backing of major corporations, in whose interests they have worked for years? 

So much for Freedom.


January 22nd:  Woke up early.  Had my ½ gallon of coffee…or how much ever actually fits into that bowl that I call a coffee cup.  Listening to XMradio, to Stephanie Miller.  Just heard Eliot Spitzer defend yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court to defend corporate person-hood.  I disagree, Eliot.  Corporations are NOT people, and as such should not have the same rights.  The same with unions.   If we let this go, how long before the Saudi Oil barons, Microsoft, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, MTV, the AFL-CIO, the SEIU or Some Bernie Madoff type’s front organization have personal representation in the House and Senate, not just access to representatives and senators, but actual personal representatives?  Is that what we want? That’s where this goes, unless we reign this in. 


January 23rd:  Been reading Paul Krugman’s blog for the last few minutes, chewing on his thoughts.  His view of how the President is approaching the Health care debate at the moment I don’t agree with.  PK says that the President is running away from a fight on Health Care.  I don’t think so.  He seems, from where I stand, to be reorganizing the troops after a failed assault, trying to bring a vestige of victory to a Presidency sorely in need of one, and trying to pick the fight he can win.  It’s not running away, it is giving up ground that cannot be defended from his current vantage point.  Mister Krugman here seems to lack the more subtle vision that the President has to have to get what he can from health care. 

Better a small victory than a large defeat. 


January 26th:  Been a while since I posted here. Sorry.  I’ve been busy, writing, looking for work, other assorted crap. 


January 27th:  Giggling at the idiots who broke into Sen. Landrieu’s office.  The same guy who infiltrated acorn and found an idiot who was willing to tell them how to..I don’t remember, make being a ho a tax write off or whatever, doesn’t really matter, was arrested for phone tampering and entering federal property under false pretenses. He and his buds might end up doing time for this.

     It’s cool if you want to hold people accountable.  It’s great if you want to show the world what a bunch of shysters people on the other side of the political debate are.  But when you commit actual criminal acts to do it, you’ve officially crossed the line.  When you break the law to further your own agenda, you harm yourself and your cause by throwing legitimacy out the window.  “By any means necessary” is not a political mantra, it is a revolutionary one, and this guy is no revolutionary.   This guy is a dick, a big dumb dick. 


January 28th:  The more I look at the Supreme court decision to allow campaign contributions, the more annoyed I get.  But one thing is unclear.  Whether Foreign Companies can actually contribute to campaigns, via their U.S. subsidiaries.  It looks like they can, but the language seems murky.  The law speaks to foreign “nationals”, not companies per se, and leaves open the possibility of foreign companies being able to contribute to campaigns, via those subsidiaries, because they are not, as far as I can tell by the reading of the law, expressly forbidden to do so. There are still be hurdles, but hurdles can be overcome.

And now for something completely different.


January 30th:  What the internet knows.  What the hell?