Divisional Round Picks

      Just like in last years picks, this year I got my ass handed to me during the first round.   I for one am hoping I can turn this around like I did last year…well I kinda came back last year, picked the Superbowl winner and nailed the score.  I would have actually done well on my picks last year…without Arizona.  I picked against them every game last year, and I lost 3 of those 4.   

    A viddy of a man who actually picked as badly as I did last week.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Cenk Uygur.

      And just like last year, before I do the current weeks picks, I’ll go over the previous weeks picks…which should be pretty damned funny seeing how I sucked last week.

      Game One: Cincinnati Bengals V. New York Jets.  My pick – Bengals 27, Jets 21.  WRONG.  Actual Score – Jets 24, Bengals 14.  Perhaps the best part of this pick was me saying that Ochocinco would break out from Revis Island and end up with 90-110 yards and 2 TDS.  Actual stats for Chad: 2 receptions, 28 yards No TDS.  OOPS!  Guess not.  The man actually broke down and cried on the sidelines and had to be cuddled  and held tenderly by a teammate.   Last time I ever say anything about him playing well.  But the biggest part of this was the fact that I simply underestimated the Jets.  I didn’t think the Jets D would be able to hold down the Bengals… well ok, not held down exactly, Cedric Benson did run all over the Jets, but I digress.  This is Buddy Ryan’s kid coaching here and he is using the 46 defense, and well I might add.  I might never pick the Jets, but I sure as hell won’t make the mistake of underestimating them again.

     Game Two:  Philadelphia Eagles V. Dallas Cowboys.  My Pick – Eagles 27, Cowboys 24.  WRONG.  Actual score – Cowboys 34, Eagles 14.  This was as much a pick against Tony Romo and the bad luck he’s run into the last few years as it was a pick for Andy Reid and his ability to game plan.  Maybe I should have been more attuned to who was going to playing the actual game, more attuned to who was running the ball and who was playing against the run when Philly had the ball, and how bad the Philly receivers were. 

Larry Fitzgerald

     Game Three:  Baltimore Ravens V. New England Patriots.  My Pick – Patriots 24, Ravens 17.  WRONG.  Actual score – Ravens 33, Patriots 14.  This was a major upset, insofar as no one expected the Pats to fall behind that quick early due to mistakes by Tom Brady and just not be able to make a serious push back.  This was, for the Pats, a very Un-Belickick like game.  The Patriots didn’t really look like a team that belonged on the same field as the Ravens.  The Ravens just ran the Pats over.  Literally.  The Ravens were able to dominate the Pats while only completing 4 passes.  4.  But when the Pats themselves are held to only 196 yards of total offense, with only 132 in the air, you don’t need to throw much, and the Ravens played their game plan nearly to perfection.

    Game Four:  Green Bay Packers V. Arizona Cardinals.  My Pick – Cardinals 31, Packers 27.  RIGHT (kinda)  Actual Score – Cardinals 51, Packers 45(OT).  This was one helluva game.  Aaron Rodgers threw for 4 touchdowns (plus a run TD by John Kuhn) in the second half and the Pack made a great game out of a game that wasn’t exactly great for them early on.  But that comeback was only matched by the furious fight that the Cardinals put up, scoring 3 touchdowns of their own to keep a victory in site.  But after all that Offense, it was a strip of Rodgers by CB Michael Adams that fell into the hands of  Karlos Dansby that won the game for the Cards. 

    Man, that was a fun game to watch.  ONTO THE PICKS!


   And before I get to my picks, Cenk Uyger’s picks for this week. 

   Game One:  Arizona Cardinals V. New Orleans Saints, Fox – 4:30 pm, Saturday.  Saints are 7 point favorites(57 OU) here, and for good reason. They had been the most prolific offense around this season, behind a solid run game and the deadly combination of Brees to Colston, Henderson and Meacham, and anyone else that may have gotten open.  But after the masterful performance that Warner and Co put on on last Sunday, I put nothing past these Cardinals.   The Saints will win, take the Cards and the over. (DUH). 

    Final score:  Saints 37, Cardinals 34.

Ray Lewis

     Game two:  Baltimore Ravens V. Indianapolis Colts, CBS 8:15 pm, Saturday.  Colts are 6 point favorites(44 OU) here.  The Colts have a very good, dare I say great team.  They can score almost at will, they can run, they can play hellacious defense. The Ravens when they played the Colts the week before Thanksgiving, threw the ball well, played hellacious D themselves, and only lost because they could only kick field goals.  If they had scored 1 touchdown among their 5 scoring drives, they would have won.  This week’s game will be similar…except the Ravens will find the way to score that touchdown(by Ray Rice), and beat the Colts in Indianapolis. Take the Ravens and the under.

    Final Score:  Ravens 16, Colts 14.

    Game three:  Dallas Cowboys V. Minnesota Vikings, 1:00 pm, Fox, Sunday.  Vikings are 3 point favorites(46 OU) here.  This is going to be a fun game to watch, there’ll be some gunslinging here.  Favre has to feel good after throwing for 637 yards and 6 touchdowns his last 2 games leading up to the playoff bye week, and you could say Tony Romo is coming into this game on fire as well, beating the Eagles down twice in a row, and having a passer rating over 100 in 6 of his last 7 games.  Favre though,  has never beaten the Cowboys in the playoffs.  But he never had Adrian Peterson either.  And that will be the difference. Take the Vikings and the Over.

    Final Score:  Vikings 34, Cowboys 27

     Game four:  New York Jets V. San Diego Chargers, 4:40 pm, CBS, Sunday. Chargers are  7 point favorites(42 OU) here.  The Jets and there 46 defense are strong and coming off of a win in which they completely shut down the Bengals air attack.  But what they did is let Cedric Benson run roughshod all over them, to the tune of 169 yards and a score.  They can’t afford to do that again this week for two reasons.  One, the Chargers have a much better passing offense than the Bengals did, and two, the Chargers have Ladainian Tomlinson.  LT Might be long in the tooth for a RB, but he still scored 12 TD’s while only touching the ball 15 times a game.  Add to that Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates, both 1000+ yard receivers for Philip Rivers who had one Helluva year, and you have all the making of a  very hard game for the Jets and their rookie QB.  That D will do them some good, but it won’t get them past this Chargers team.  Take the Chargers and the Over.

    Final Score:  Chargers 30, Jets 17

    That’s it for this week.  L8r!


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