Really Quick NFL Predictions, First Round

     Holy Crap, it’s less than an hour before Kickoff for Game one of the NFL playoffs and I haven’t Done any predictions Yet!  Oh Crap!

   Let’s get crackin.

A Bengal striped Jet?

    Game one – Jets @ Bengals: The Cincinnati Bengals are 2 ½ point favorites over the New York Jets.   Even if  Chad Ochocinco is seriously hurt before this game, I don’t expect this game will in any way resemble the game these two teams played last week.  The Bengals laid down for the Jets last week and nothing like that is going to happen this week in Cincinnati.  The Bengals defense is much better than what they showed last week, as is their O.  The Jets do have the capacity to keep up with them, but I’m not expecting them to be able to pull out the victory here.  Ochocinco will be fine, and will escape from Revis Island, Two touchdowns, 90 – 110 yards.

    Final score:  Bengals 27, Jets 21.

   Game two –  Eagles @ Dallas:  The Dallas Cowboys are 3 ½ point favorites.  This is going to be a good ole fashioned Smash-mouth NFC east slug-fest in Dallas tonight.  The Eagles offense is just to strong to be held down like they were last week.  It won’t happen two weeks in a row.  The Eagles will game-plan better this time, mark my words, Andy Reid is not stupid.  But Dallas will have their defense firing on all cylinders today, so  all the Game planning on earth won’t make this game a high scoring affair.  I expect Dallas will score about as much this week as they did last week, but those pesky Eagles will score just enough to keep Tony Romo on the Playoff Schneid.

    Final Score:  Eagles 27, Cowboys 24.

   Game three –  Baltimore @New England:  The New England Patriots are 3½ point favorites.  Advantage, Ravens?  With Wes Welker hurt and the Ravens D firing on all cylinders, like they always do come playoff time, expect the Patriots to get off to a less than stellar start to the the game.  Despite that, I fully expect that the Pats, and The Brady – Moss connection will more than make up for the loss of Welker.  He can find another dump valve to go to, and like Golic said in the above viddy, the kid Edelman is good.  It is this and the fact that I just don’t trust Ravens QB Joe Flaccid to get the Job done that makes me pick the way I’m picking here.

    Final Score:  Patriots 24, Ravens 17.

   Game four – Green Bay @Arizona:  The Green Bay Packers are 1½ point Favorites on the road.  Unlike last year, I won’t underestimate the Cardinals.  You can throw out last weeks Pack – Card score.  It won’t happen like that this week, not even close.  The Cardinals are a better team than last weeks 33-7 score showed.  They won’t miss Anquan Boldin.  They still have Larry Fitzgerald, who may at this point in the season be the hungriest player out there.  He was So Close to getting that Super Bowl trophy last year, and he wants it, Bad.  He will carry the Cardinals this week.

    Final Score:  Cardinals 31, Packers 27

   That’s it from here.


One thought on “Really Quick NFL Predictions, First Round

  1. Ummm…. nearing halftime in the Cowboy – Eagle game. Nothing I have either picked or said so far has been even close to coming true. That’s par for the course with me. Joy!

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