People Are Strange

     … When your a stranger, faces look ugly when your alone…

    A story that proves the old Twain joke: Clothes make the man.  Naked people seldom get far in life.

    Proof that people are strange, part I:  A naked man was arrested a few blocks from the white house yesterday around 5:00pm, jogging. Yes you read that right, naked jogging near the White House.  Apparently the guy went over there fully clothed, took off his clothes, put them in a duffel bag and went for a nice evening run.  The man made it about one block before he was stopped and arrested. 35 degrees is chilly, but not too too cold.  Doesn’t mean anyone should run it naked.  The man has been hospitalized so he can be mentally evaluated.   

   A good thing, that is.

    A piece of advice for this guy, one runner to another.  DON’T RUN NAKED.  You might fall down and damage some very important equipment.  In this weather things might freeze off.  Dangling jangling things will no doubt be sore afterwards just because you aren’t used to them dangly bits jingle janglin quite so much (no I’ve never run naked, I don’t know that bit for fact, but dammit, it SOUNDS right).  Plus, the giggling and laughing you will inevitably hear… suffice it to say that they won’t be laughing with you.   

     And the police will beat you and laugh and beat you and laugh and beat you and arrest you and laugh about you for years to come.  They’re rude like that.   

    That story, it gave me lulz.  The next one, however, is more serious.


      Proof that people are strange, part II:  AIG claims to have wanted to tell the world all about all the stuff it had done, all it’s money dealings involving Goldman Sachs and all the rest and CDS’s and the like, in accordance with the wishes of the law, but say they were told not to by, among others,  the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  The bit that caught my eye about this story is the fact that the Fed, and Tim Geithner, at least according to a story I read on The AM law Daily, were advised to do this by two law firms whom I have worked for in the past. 

  I find it strange that they would do that.  The information was going to get out anyway, and with the mess that was, and is, AIG, did they think people would pay attention less later?  Did they think they could just sweep it under the carpet and make it go away?  And when I say they, I mean the Fed. 

     Though truth be told, outside council and even the fed cannot make final decisions for another.  So in the end it was still up to AIG.  But the question is, why did the Fed push to withhold information, and why did outside council advise doing so?

     There will no doubt be hearings on capitol hill to get to the bottom of this.  How large a role did Tim Geithner play here? If it’s big enough, and there is speculation that it must be, due to his heading the NY fed when this happened, this could well cost the man his job.

     The Fed has to be held accountable for anything they said that may have gotten in the way of AIG reporting what they did and how much they spent.  Were the lawyers wrong to advise them to hold back giving information about the amount they paid out to other companies? Clearly.  Was the Fed wrong to encourage AIG to withhold said Information? Of course.   But regardless of that the irresponsible party here is in fact AIG. 

      A Fed spokesman quoted in the article points the finger at AIG, and I think deservedly so.  All the lawyers in the world can give advice, and it may seem prudent to follow it, but it is up to the client to take it or not.  No matter who sends who an e-mail saying things do or don’t have to be done, the final decision is in the hands of the client, here AIG. 


   Proof that people are strange III:  The kiss that shut down Newark Airport.  Apparently the shutdown that occurred at Newark airport a few days ago happened because some guy decided to kiss his wife, or girlfriend,  goodbye.  The TSA agent who was there shooed the guy away, but apparently when the agent turned away to do something else, the guy went over to his honey and walked away with her. 

   I’ve watched the video.  It’s pretty innocuous.  The tape, released by Senator Lautenberg’s office, shows the TSA agent talk to the man at about the one minute mark of the recording, and he walks away, at first just a few feet further away and eventually out of site.  After the TSA agent walks away to do whatever at about the 5:50 mark, the guy walks back over, kisses his girl near the desk and walk away with her, hand in hand.

    Does it show a lapse in security? Most definitely it does.  But reason to shut down an entire airport?  Nnnnnnnnot so much. Fire a TSA employee over abandoning his post without proper backup? Sure, why the hell not! Not enough unemployed people nowadays (kidding).

   The TSA agent is on administrative leave because of the incident.  It is after all his fault.  But seeing how nothing happened, except a few people got spooked because of fears that a PDA could become a terrorist incident the whole thing sounds to me like something that is easily forgotten… except by the TSA, who should always, if it is on them to watch every move by every man, woman and child who travels in the United States, (like that’s gonna stop the terrorists…please) at least have people who are on the ball enough to not abandon their posts.

    I don’t blame the guy who wanted to smooch the woman at all or walking through to say goodbye to her and having a last extra minute with her.  And if you do you need to seriously think about your motives for blaming him for something that is not and should not be a crime and therefor not blameworthy in any respect whatsoever.  

     A PDA that shuts down an airport, that just sounds abnormal to me.  Kiss her BEFORE she walks through the damn TSA checkpoints, dumbass!


   That’s it for me.  Watch a happy viddy from a skeptic, a great viddy.


Today’s nuggets, Via wikiquote:  You can get into a habit of thought in which you enjoy making fun of all those other people who don’t see things as clearly as you do. We have to guard carefully against it.   Carl Sagan

We must plan for freedom, and not only for security, if for no other reason than only freedom can make security more secure.   Karl Popper

Our history has shown us that insecurity threatens liberty. Yet, if our liberties are curtailed, we lose the values that we are struggling to defend.   The 9/11 Commission report


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