A Semi-Happy Birthday To My Wife

     Make that a “I wish you the Happiest Birthday EVER” to my wife!

    I think I actually had a pretty good day, and actually got everything done that I wanted to get done.  I sent in a few resumes to a number of places early in my day.  Hung out with my wife all day on her 40th birthday.  That meant sacrificing my daily run, but for her? No big deal.  She and I got tickets from my younger brother, for the Rangers – Bruins game at the Garden.  There were 4 tickets (more on that in a paragraph or two), but there were only 3 of us going, seeing how my younger brother could not go, he had to work late.  No worries, three is enough for me, and for her, though we both would have preferred to have him there with us, and it’s not like we could make him go.  My older brother, who was to be the third person in at the game, got an eye full of fiberglass, and it swelled shut on him.  That killed any chance of him going.  Just the two of us, Me and my wife then.  Bummed, but what can you do?  Regardless, before we went to the game, there were a few things she wanted to do.  Hit the NHL store and eat.

   We went to the NHL store for a bit, we looked at a great many things.  She bought a light blue Winter classic “Beantown” hoodie, and a brown and yellow Bruins scarf for herself.  Nice stuff, truth be told, would’ve been nicer had it been Rangers stuff, but that’s just me.  It was when My wife and I were at the NHL store that we found out that my older brother could not in fact make the game.

    What we didn’t know, until we actually went through the tickets after we left the NHL store after 5:00pm, was that two of the four tickets weren’t for the Rangers – Bruins game. One was for the game two days before against the Carolina Hurricanes, and one is for the Wednesday game Vs the Dallas Stars.  Kind of lucky my brothers didn’t show up, or else we would have in fact been two tickets short for the game, that would have been a  minor issue, kinda like global thermonuclear war would be a minor issue if it’s actually happening. 

     I might actually go to that Wednesday game…we’ll see. It isn’t my ticket, and I should ask before using it, if nothing else it would be rude to use that which is not mine, and never really was meant to be mine.

Looks tasty...

    My wife and I went to dinner before the game at the Olive Garden on 47th and ….7th?  I think its 47th and 7th in Manhattan. Nice place.  Dinner for the two of us cost about $60 bucks and I did something that I cannot honestly recall EVER doing.  I am very much the meat and potatoes guy, not big on vegetables, not at all.  I ate a salad and for the first time in my life, I actually liked it! I was honestly shocked that it tasted good. Seriously, before tonight I had never even eaten half a plate of salad once in my entire life.  Gonna have to rethink that now.  Can’t seriously turn down stuff that tastes good and is good for you, ya know.  I’m getting old, can’t eat like I’m 15 anymore, ya know.  Both my wife and I also had the Chicken Parm after the salad.  Good stuff, nom nom nom nom and other such statements.

    After munching on the goodness, The wife and I hopped on a train to MSG.  We were going to walk, but it was a hair cold out, and we decided it would be easier, with less chance of frostbite, and death, if we took the no.1 local down to the Garden, rather than walking the 14 or so blocks down.

  I would have sprung for a whole suite and all her and my friends and family at the Garden had I the money, but being unemployed all I could do was take the proffered tickets and take her out that way.   Poverty sucks, but we knew that. Did I mention that my wife is a lifelong Bruins fan? I believe i have stated that in a few blogs here, if not I apologize, that is kinda important.  Another thing to note is that we have seen about 7 Rangers Bruins games together, between MSG  and the Fleet Center.  The Bruins have lost each meeting, they are 0-7 in games my wife and I have gone to, preseason or regular season. 

   She mentioned the streak to me several times during the game.  I played it down, not wanting to ruin her Birthday fun.  Bruins fan she may be, but she IS my wife.  Not gonna rain on her parade just to rain on her parade.  I’ll give a description of the actual game another time I think.  Suffice it to say that the Rangers won, but the Bruins, after being down 2 goals, tied the game in the 3rd period and gave my lil Bruins fan some hope before Chris Higgins stuck a knife in her back a few minutes later and gave the Rangers the win. 

   Would have liked to shared the moment with more family around, but I can’t complain too loudly about enjoying it with 18,198 other hockey fans.  I’ve had worse days.  Kinda sad that my bro’s missed it.  Twas fun.  I’ll tell ya about the all sorts of amazingly great seats when I tell ya about the game tomorrow, or later today.

   I don’t think this day was everything that my wife envisioned it would be.  I know she was hoping for something bigger, after all she had done for me for my 40th birthday party.  I felt like crap that I could not do better for her than this.  She at least got to enjoy a night out of the house, and got to hang out a bit in manhattan, somethin I know she likes doing, and she who is my favorite hockey fan got to see one helluva a hockey game, even if her team lost.

    Happy Birthday, Hunbun! 


Today’s nuggets, via Wikiquote:  Everybody skated and played hockey. When I was five, Dad gave me a heavy box for Christmas. When I opened it, there was only a piece of wood. I was so mad! Then he gave me another box, and the skates were there. Dad used to build a rink behind our house every winter. That’s where I started playing hockey. From the time I was seven, I used to sleep in all my equipment. That way, I was ready to play in the morning.  Guy La Fleur

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  Jack Benny

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.  Robert Frost


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