December’s Rhino Nuggets

       Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  These are the entries from the page “Rhino Nuggets” from November 30th to December 31st 2009.


Nov 30th: Ovechkin hurt on a hit he laid on Dan Gleason.  Gleason is hurt too.  Tomas Vokoun is hurt after being accidentally hit in the head by a defenseman from his own team, Keith Ballard, who was frustrated at his own crap play, as well as a goal given up. Swung the stick at the goalpost, hit the Goalie.  Rosti Klesla, hurt after an awkward run into the boards.  Joe Corvo hurt by a random skate as a guy skates away from him.  METHINKS THE HOCKEY GODS WERE NOT PLEASED WITH THE NIGHTS OFFERINGS. Puny mortals.

A not entirely random link.


Dec.1: Called some people back at a place called novadebt to begin “credit counseling” and get a certificate in order to declare bankruptcy.  The Republicans put that little caveat into bankruptcy law in 2005.  More hoops to jump through just so i can get out from under all this debt, created in large part by credit card companies and their exorbitant interest rates, without which I would owe MUCH less than I do now, and would not need to declare bankruptcy, unemployed though I am.  These are the same republicans who decry “Too Much Government and Bureaucracy”  THANKS, ya fuckin hypocrites….I’m sure there were Dems in on it too.  A variation on a famous poem comes to mind:

Hypocrites to right of them, Assholes to left of them, Shitheads in front of them….

Waiting on the call back.  Wish me luck.


Dec.2nd: In July 2008, there were 162,500 troops on the ground in Iraq.  As of last month, there are 115,000.  The combat troops will be home by October of next year.  Not exactly “Home in 16 months” like then Sen. Obama said on the stump, but I’ll take it.  30, 000 more troops in Afghanistan puts a damper on that, but there is an exit strategy involved.  I like that.  Better than what we had before Obama.


Dec. 3rd: Dammit, no call backs from any of the jobs I’ve applied for, or the employment agencies I’ve contacted the last two weeks.  23 resumes ignored.  I am doing all I can, and it’s still not enough.  Lazy assholes, can’t pick up a phone and call back, or drop an e-mail.  Something.  It’s the complete lack of response back that has me feeling like me sending out resumes is like dropping stones into a bottomless well. Watch them drop out of sight, never to be seen or heard from again. Dammit.

If any of you have any ideas out there, I’m listening.


Dec. 4th: I was angry yesterday, but I am less so now.  Lack of a job, and being made to wait by someone else when I want to get started working now.  On top of that, I was listening to the radio, several stations, everywhere i turned on the dial, every ad seemed to be about  “debt relief” asking  “Are you afraid that creditors will try to take your house…” type of crap.  All the news I saw was about this job summit, and then  what were the next stories?  They were all about companies that are laying people off.

Almost like the world wanted me to explode or something. I vented a little in a blog and now i feel better. Situation still sucks, but that won’t change til I get a job.  Soon, it’ll happen soon.  No worries.


Dec. 7th: Has it really been 68 years? When I was a kid I heard people like my grandmother talk about Pearl Harbor like it happened the other day.  Some have spoken, or at least some I have heard, and said that Roosevelt knew it was going to happen, that he let it happen.  That doesn’t matter, because it is nothing but speculation, and pointless speculation at that.  What difference does it make now?  The fact is that we were attacked and that over 2,000 people died, over one thousand were wounded, and that it set us on the path to war.

America has changed since then, we are a great deal more fractious than we were those days, and a thousand things  take our minds away from what is important in life.  December 7th is important.  Don’t let that thought fade away.

On the way to my first interview in months.  No worries.  🙂


Dec. 9th. It was about a month ago I wrote a blog about the vote for health care in the House of Representatives, and asked the question “Is my representative a blue dog?” because he voted against the bill and he is a dem.  Fair question.  I wrote him an e-mail, asking him about that, among other things, it’s in the comments in that blog.  He did in fact respond a few days ago, and I will be putting the original e-mail along with the response to it in an upcoming blog.

Don’t click on anything in this blog with the suffix .tk attached. I didn’t put those links there.  Wordpress has been notified.  It may be viral, so just play it safe and click only on links with .com/.net/.org/.tv at the end of any link.


Dec.10th: Been loogy all damned day.  Felt like crap since the moment I got my ass out of bed, still did pretty damned good at the interview at the temp agency.  Gotta fix the resume a bit, and I gotta call them tomorrow,  to see if they need me next week.  Work works for me… Now if I could only get rid of this damn headache…and this damned poverty.


Dec. 13th: Had fun at the family Christmas party.  I’m running it next year, me and my wife, actually. Should be fun. Wish us luck!

The city of Houston just elected it’s first openly gay mayor.  Kewl, but i read a story, from Reuters no less, that said that Houston was the first major U.S. city to elect an openly gay mayor.

Umm… Harvey Milk is suddenly straight?  San Francisco is not a major U.S. city?  I didn’t know that, I’m sure the residents of S.F. will be surprised to read that news Tomorrow morning.

The fun just doesn’t stop!


Dec. 14th: Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s Prime Minister, has his head handed to him this weekend by a man with a history of mental illness.  The man who attacked the Prime minister, Massimo Tartaglia, has been undergoing psychiatric treatment for 10 years.

Guess it didn’t work.   Oops and other such statements.  A facebook page praising the attack on facebook already has almost 77,000 followers.  Everyone loves a nut, I guess!


Dec. 15th: This says it all doesn’t it?  Love me those despair posters, I think they made that one just for ME! LOL


Dec 16th: If you want a good laugh, and I mean the kind that’ll have you seriously rolling on the floor laughing, go to youtube and look up, or even better subscribe to “dayjoborchestra” . It helps if you have a silly sense of humor, and a love of Star Trek:TNG, Led Zeppelin and apple juice.  Don’t ask, just watch.

And you can thank Martin Sargent for that.  I would never have thought to look up “Happy in Paraguay” without him.  And you can watch marty on friday’s at 6 pm here, along with Sarah Lane.


Dec 17th: Went to a bankruptcy lawyer today.  I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I had no expectations.  Even with that I was somewhat surprised that the lawyer was as blase about it as he was. Only $15,000 in credit card debt, and no job for 9 months? “No big deal, not a slam dunk, but I can do it, my fee is 10% of the total debt your paying off, half up front.  I wouldn’t even do it but (NAME DELETED) referred you to me, so I can work with you.” He said the whole process of getting the debt wiped would take about one month.

That was 70% of the conversation.  The entire visit lasted, oh I dunno…maybe 7 minutes? The other 30 percent of it was him trying to tell me to get someone (preferably my rich Irish parents, or some well heeled relative{his words not mine})to pay the first half for me, so he could get the ball rolling on this.

I thanked him and walked away. Gonna have to think about things fer a minute or 9,000.


Dec 18th:   The New York Rangers bench 2 high profile players last night.  Wade Redden and Ales Kotalik.  They scored like they know how to play hockey for the first time in what feels like ages.  Coincidence?   Nnnnnnnot so much.

Currently watching the senate, at 12:18 a.m.


Dec. 20th:  All is quiet. Been job hunting on and off for a few hours now.  Gotta call another lawyer tomorrow to help me declare bankruptcy.  Been reading the news too, same depressing shit with the same skewed views from the same skewed sources.  Went to google news, and looked at what passes for news.  An actress dies, A movie makes money, Survivor winner… and that’s all at the top of the page.  Copenhagen? Health care? Scroll down the page, unless you want the fox news slant.  This sea of disease ridden crap isn’t worth the effort of reading.

Whatever happened to journalism?  Can it be saved?  One hopes so.


Dec 22nd: Good news, bad news:  Good news first.  The Dollar is rebounding strongly, and is at it’s highest rate in several months.  The economy is coming back, and the dollar finally moving in the right direction isn’t the only positive sign, with existing home purchases increasing 7.4% in November.  Bad news:  I still have no job.  But that will change.  I’m looking, and the law of averages says that if I keep looking long enough, someone will hire me.  I wish they’d fucking hurry the fuck up about it.  I’m not fuckin lazy, why the hell are they being lazy?


Dec 24th:  Russia and Georgia are getting closer to not being enemies, which is a step in the right direction.  There is a border crossing opening up in march and talk of resuming commercial flights between the two nations, the first signs of lowering of tensions that have remained since the South Ossetian war last year. 


Dec 28th: MAN have I been hella busy the last few days, and all with bullshit.   I haven’t read up on the Bankruptcy stuff I was supposed to, prior to signing up for it, been eating too damned much, playing games, generally being a lazy bastard.  It is a comfortable thing to be, a lazy bastard, but not a good one.  Beginning to read the Bankruptcy stuff now, after putting in for a few jobs, looking at how to write a book outline (If I wanna get paid to write, I gotta write something for people to read besides this crap)  The busy I am in the middle of now is, happily,  a productive form of busy.  Gonna try to eat less, so I don’t have to run a million miles just to keep from getting rotund.  Playing games (online poker, canasta, etc) is a good way to do nothing, so I’ll keep that, but I’m gonna keep it to a minimum.  A hobby, a pastime, is something that’s supposed to be done AFTER the work of the day is done, not WHILE your working… or looking for work.


Dec 29th:   Jason Bay signed with the Mets.  The Mets are not significantly better and the Red Sox are a worse team for losing him.  DOUBLE WIN FOR THE YANKEES! 

Less than good news: GMAC has to borrow $3,500,000,000 from the government. But there is good news even in this, that being that their mortgage unit, Residential Capital LLC, won’t have to go into Bankruptcy, which would in all likelihood cost much more than 3.5 billion dollars.


Dec 31st:  It’s the last day of the year, and of the decade, and it is gently snowing outside.  Just a small covering of the white stuff on the ground.  A run is in the forecast for me later on, and maybe get ready for a quiet New Year celebration with my wife.  Some munchies, a lil bit of the left over wine from the gift basket she got, and observe time passing us by, and enjoying it.


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