Do you feel Secure…

    You had to know some schmuck would try this kinda crap.  You had to know he would claim to be Al-Qaeda.  But all the “you had to knows” doesn’t mean you can pinpoint when a loon with a grudge is gonna try to blow stuff up.  That is the needle in the haystack in dealing with this kind of insanity.  Umar Farouk Abdul Muttalab is only a kid, 23years old, and a rich man’s son at that.  

    This kid was apparently scary.  His own father, a former bank President, was uncomfortable with his sons extreme religious views, and in fact he reported his son to the Nigerian government and the U.S. embassy in Nigeria.  And this kid was on a no-fly list.  How the screaming f*** did he get on a plane if he was on a no-fly list?

    Security theatre, that’s how.  If there was actual security, they would have actually read his name on a list and stopped him, if his name was in fact on his ticket and boarding pass.  Even if we grant that he had the brains to go in under an assumed name, something I haven’t heard the full story one way or the other, if there had been actual security at Schiphol airport in The Netherlands, and not just actors playing security guards,  using all the tricks that they have at their disposal, would have sniffed out the explosive components before he got on the plane.

    European Security sucks, the issues in Italy with the pope almost being hugged to oblivion and P.M. Berlusconi having his face used like a baseball over the last few weeks bear that out, but maybe it’s ours that needs a Lil shoring up as well.   But I’m not sure they are necessarily doing it right.  The map above shows how widespread the actual problem is. 

     What I have heard is that all passengers on flights are being strip searched beforehand and not allowed to have anything on their laps, use electronic devices of any kind or get out of their seats for the last hour of any flight.  I heard the last two on a podcast I was listening to earlier today, and frankly it struck me as a bit silly. No electronic devices, no getting up for the last hour of the flight?  Does the flight crew have the capacity to pee for you, or will they be kind and let you piss in a cup?  Just how dangerous is the average passenger who is playing craps on his blackberry?

    Now I can understand having the passenger playing an active role in assisting authorities in reporting, stopping, or even apprehending criminals, but how does this make anyone safer?  Not pissing for the last hour of any flight won’t make any flight safer, and won’t take away any damage of any type done in this attack. 

    It’s security theatre, not actual security.  Had the guys who were supposed to do their jobs actually done their jobs (admittedly an extraordinarily tough and thankless one at the best of times) correctly, this incident would never have happened, or at least not on a plane coming in for a landing with 300 people on board.    So what happens as a result? Inconvenience passengers already inconvenienced to the NTH degree by security measures already in place and make THEM jump through extra hoops.

    Nnnnnaaaaaaaa….. dammit. Al-qaeda sucks. Northwest sucks. Security doesn’t suck, but could have handled this better.  How the hell does ANYONE sneak Pentrite onto an International flight coming to the United States?  And if you can sneak that on a plane, one wonders what else they may attempt to sneak on. 


It's Da BOMB!

It's Da BOMB!

   LULZ…There calling this guy the “Underwear bomber” LOL.  Apparently the bomb didn’t go off properly because the “detonator” was too small … ROFL.  No doubt he fried his “small detonator”  That’s good news, no having to worry about lil “underwear bombers” after that lap full of stupid blew up in his… err… face.

   And how about a round of applause for Jasper Schuringa!


   And now for something completely different…

    That’s it for me.  Later!

Today’s nuggets, from ancient classic texts, via wikiquote:  Who is there, my friend, can climb to the sky?  Only the gods dwell forever in sunlight.  As for man, his days are numbered, whatever he may do, it is but wind.  Epic of Gilgamesh

Incline not to arrogance, famous warrior! Now shall the fullness of thy strength last for a while. But soon after it shall be, that malady or sword shall cut thee off from power, or the embrace of fire or welling of a flood, or onset with the knife, or arrow’s flight, or hideous old age. Or brightness of eyes shall diminish and grow dim, and at length it shall be that death shall overpower thee, noble chieftain!   Beowulf


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