Trying Too Hard

      I was thinking of writing a long piece about the developments in Copenhagen today, but there are a number of things that are still up in the air, and I don’t just mean Air Force One, but I don’t know enough about it, though the news is all over this.  And that’s the problem.  Too many sources with too much divergent information.  Some places say there is a deal out there that looks good, while others say things are very much in the air, seeing how a number of developing countries are unhappy that they weren’t in on the negotiations.  Then there’s the story out that President Obama saved the whole thing.  Then there’s the story that the Chinese scuttled the whole shebang.

    TMI, at least for me, right now.  The headache that I’ve had since about 4:00pm isn’t helping things.  Watch a viddy:

   Then I thought about talking about the upcoming health care showdown.  I already have a headache, like I said, I don’t need to talk about Ben Nelson and his holding out on this vote and the bullshit with that f****** idiot Goldfarb and the fake Base closing B.S. story to give me a second one.

   Then I thought about writing about CPAC officially being co-sponsored by the John Birch Society.  That’s one I could sink my teeth into, those Birchers are a bunch of racist evil hate filled nutbags, and have been from the get go, and all the re-branding in the world won’t fix that.  Then I realized something was fundamentally wrong with my entire approach.

   I was just reaching too friggin much.  Time to pull it back a bit, I can get to each of these tomorrow or Sunday. At this point I’m just trying to fight the pain in my head, caused by pushing too hard and the cold that I’ve been fighting for the past few weeks. I can set the Birchers and the rest of the crazy people on fire later. 

    I think a few viddy’s and I am done. 


    Don’t ya wish you could get those windows that do that neat trick that the windows do at the 2:50 part of this video? Aren’t you happy that isn’t YOU in that cocoon that the President is in here?


    A viddy that did nothing to help me find a cohesive theme for today’s blog.  But a blog doesn’t need a theme, per se.  This is Naomi Klein opening up a can of whoop ass on Hillary Clinton.  Kill Kyoto.  “Structural Adjustment” No legally binding agreements.    How does that work? How CAN that work?  You hear that things are going bad, then things are going well, then you hear this.  Oof.  I’m gonna need time to digest all of this.


     That’s it from me. Later!

Today’s nuggets, picked more or less at random,Via Wikiquote:  I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don’t trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance, any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it.  Charles Dickens

The emptiness and folly of retaliation are apparent from every example which can be brought forward. Not only Jesus Christ, but the most eminent professors of every sect of philosophy, have reasoned against this futile superstition. Legislation is, in one point of view, to be considered as an attempt to provide against the excesses of this deplorable mistake.  Percy Bysshe Shelley

One of the effects of civilization is to diminish the rigour of the application of the law of natural selection. It preserves weakly lives that would have perished in barbarous lands.  Francis Galton


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