In The Toilet

     Sports… in the toilet.  The Rangers, my Rangers, can’t seem to string together anything good for any length of time.  They follow up a great win against the Sabres yesterday with a tough loss vs. the Red Wings.  After watching the New York Giants win over the Dallas Cowboys, I turned on the Rangers/Red Wings game, it had started several minutes earlier, and it looked like there was a Red Wings power play, and it looked like a pretty good power play too, very effective, several good chances on goal, though the stellar play of King Henrik  and a sturdy effort by the defenders up front kept the Red Wings from scoring…but something just didn’t look right.  I figured it out after a few seconds. 

   It wasn’t a power play, they were playing even strength, and what I thought was great defensive play on the Rangers part was in fact desperate defense in the face of a hellacious attack by Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and the Wings.   I was pleased to see the Rangers take a lead late in the first period, and held out hope, but I turned the game off to catch up on the other action in the NFL, and when I came back, the game was over and the Rangers had lost.  Dammit.    

    One other hockey note, this one a slight bit more personal.  Those of you who are regular readers of this space (all 3 of you) may remember I made some picks in a rather aptly titled section of a post about my hockey picks for the coming year.  It’s only two months in, and already my WILDLY INACCURATE NHL PREDICTIONS are proving to be wildly inaccurate! I picked Colorado and Atlanta to suck, the Canes to finish well behind the Caps but make the playoffs, and for Vancouver to run away with the Northwest conference.  

     The Lanch are one of the best teams in the league, the Thrashers are doing surprisingly well, The Canes have been in free fall since the start of the season, and Vancouver seems to have a commitment to mediocrity.   There is more, but you can read the rest of it for yourselves.  🙂


    This list  by the FDIC of all the Failed banks is long and is going to get longer before things finally even out, though it looks like the economy is getting better, especially with the happy job numbers that came out on Friday.


     I like the fact that our President has his head wrapped around the  unemployment problem the way he does.  He understands that he has only a limited ability to affect the overall job market, through loans to keep businesses afloat, through taxation, and through pushing legislation that creates jobs, and these are all limited powers. 

    Which is why it makes sense for him to do what he did Friday.  Talk to business leaders, get THEM to do something, because if they don’t do something, the comeback of our economy will take longer than it necessarily has to.  It is on the business community, both small and large, to maintain and upkeep the financial infrastructure by hiring and keep employees even though it may cut into their bottom lines in the short term.  Greed kills here. 

    Though things are still looking like they are in the toilet out there in the job market, things will get better soon enough.  On a related note, I have a job interview tomorrow evening. Wish me luck.  The job I think may be a bit above and beyond what I have done before, but not so much that I couldn’t do the job.     


   That’s it from here.  Later!

John Maynard Keynes

Today’s Nuggets, Via wikiquote:  Wherever your life ends, it is all there. The advantage of living is not measured by length, but by use; some men have lived long, and lived little; attend to it while you are in it. It lies in your will, not in the number of years, for you to have lived enough.  Michel de Montaigne

Remorse sleeps during a prosperous period but wakes up in adversity.  Jean Jacque Rousseau

The long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead. Economists set themselves too easy, too useless a task if in tempestuous seasons they can only tell us that when the storm is past the ocean is flat again.  John Maynard Keynes


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