Sunset In Afghanistan

Who says I don’t love America?   A big picture before I take a look at the big picture.  I didn’t get this pic from my usual source, I.E., Wikipedia commons.  I got it from another fine wordpress blog (hope he doesn’t mind), head over and take a look.  Seriously, go take a look for me.  I haven’t read much of it, went over just looking for pics, maybe i missed some hella content.  Drop me a line if you like what you see there.


An anime Sarah Palin?  The Gun…the Wink.. the bimbette thing… Seems fairly Palin-like.   Ahhhh, who cares, there be important stuff going on out there….




30,000 new troops in Afghanistan, says President Obama, in a speech at West Point.  Bad news there, but not a surprise.  If it gets the job done, meets the objective, and we have an exit strategy, a realistic exit strategy, I can get behind this.  I don’t want to have troops there, but if it takes 30,000 American troops 2+ years to properly train the Afghanis so we don’t have to stay there in a holding action that’ll take an additional decade, which was an actual option to my knowledge, and then bring our fine men and women home, then I am fine with it.

Very Unbush-like.  An actual exit strategy.  Very UnBush-like, fixing a mess that someone else left.   Our president has had to add tens of thousands of troops already to shore up an already deteriorating Afghanistan.  The situation is still bad, but this move is meant to stabilize the problem well enough, to make it the afghanis problem, so we can get on with our lives.

And we can get on with the job of actually killing Osama Bin Laden.  That being one of two main points of the original exercise in Afghanistan, even though Rummy screwed that up by letting OBL through to Pakistan due to his own skittishness.   The other main point being to fight the Taliban, who were as much the enemy as Al-Qaeda.  We got rid of some of them, but they retreated into the mountains.  The job the President is doing here is to keep them in check, by strengthening the Afghanis so we don’t have to fight them ourselves.

For those of you with short memories, President Obama campaigned on getting out of Iraq (which isn’t happening fast enough) and ramping up the war in Afghanistan and the war against Al-Qaeda.  I will be happy when this whole thing is over, when we can say we are done there.

And there is no victory here.  None.  Victory would be the death of Osama Bin Laden, and the destruction of Al-Qaeda.   Osama is a question mark, he will eventually die,whether we get to him before time does, is part of an uncertain future, but Al-qaeda, they cannot be defeated, not at least in a traditional military sense.  There is no one place that you could take that would give us the victory.  There is no WWII type goal.  No Berlin to besiege, no Tokyo to firebomb.

We are firefighters, they are 1,000  fires. There is no victory against 1,000 fires, you put out one fire, and go to the next one, work until the job is done.   The big question now is one of cost.  How do we pay for this?  That is a question I cannot answer.  We’ll find out soon enough.


That’s it from here.  Later!

Today’s nuggets, Via wikiquote: Let us learn our lessons. … Never believe any war will be smooth and easy or that anyone who embarks on that strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events… incompetent or arrogant commanders, untrustworthy allies, hostile neutrals, malignant fortune, ugly surprise, awful miscalculations.  Winston Churchill

War is not a pathology that, with proper hygiene and treatment, can be wholly prevented. War is a natural condition of the State, which was organized in order to be an effective instrument of violence on behalf of society. Wars are like deaths, which, while they can be postponed, will come when they will come and cannot be finally avoided. Philip Bobbitt

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