November’s Rhino Nuggets

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is from the page “Rhino Nuggets”, posted from Nov. 11th through the 29th.  Enjoy!


Nov. 11th It’s 10:54 pm Wednesday, November 11th and I still don’t give a shit about that fat pompous fuck Lou Dobbs leaving CNN.

Sens. Dodd and Sanders both have legislation out there that deals with banks which are  “Too big to fail”.  Nice.  Now,while you are protecting us from the predations of these evil pricks, could you maybe get us our fucking money back?  They seem to not really need it anymore, and we could use the extra $700,000,000,000.

Listen to some music. Hang with some geeks.  More when i feel like it.


Nov. 12th Hmmm… Let’s see.  We’ve held this guy Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for a several years. We finally decide to send him to trial, in New York, so the man who masterminded 9/11 can be killed brought to justice in the place where he assaulted the consciousness of America and killed several thousand people, and this is a bad thing? Actually killing the assholes who did this to us justice, a bad thing? The Republicans who are fighting this apparently like terrorists and don’t LIKE justice, they just like talking about it.

Assholes.  I can understand the families of the victims not wanting him here, this close to the scene where his plans came to fruition, but  maneuvering for political gain by the republican party here  is fucking bullshit.


Nov. 13th I have to sit back and calm the fuck down…been ranting about the people on youtube again in the blog.  Fat load of mindless twats.  They still try to call the president a Muslim from Kenya who is trying to steal our freedom (never say how either).  Do these people remember bush? The patriot act? the military commissions act?  Attempts to destroy Habeas Corpus, the 4th, 9th, and 14th amendments? This President is trying to reset the balance, set it right after years of abuse.


Nov. 14th Thank you, Bart Stupak, for finding another way to divide the democratic party.  Abortions are performed mostly on as I recall, poor and/or single women.  A group more likely to need less expensive health insurance, than most, and therefor, more in need of a public option.  So what you did, Mr. Stupak, is cut off millions of women from a medical procedure that they would in all likelihood need more than any other group of women.  Among other things, the law of unintended consequences comes into play here, Mr. Stupidak.

And don’t forget, November 15th is  “Clean out your refrigerator day”. I mean it.  No, seriously!  Click here for proof!

I’m surprised Lou Dobbs hasn’t joined Fox news yet. Or maybe he has and I just missed it.


Nov. 15th  WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!  New York state is weeks away from running into Bankruptcy!  Not that this is news, it isn’t, the states finances have been a mess for a while, I didn’t realize it was quite weeks away from running out of cash.  JUST LIKE ME!  YAY! Well, OK, maybe not weeks away for me… I may be in better shape financially than NYS.  

Robotic Hamsters?  If you spend the money on all 4 hamsters and the playsets for it, it’s more cost efficient to just get a real one.  Admittedly, when the child you buy it for loses interest, at least you don’t have to flush the toy down the toilet, just your money.  Pluses and minuses on both sides, I guess.


Nov. 16th  Sent out a few resumes, and I am awaiting a response.  A response would in fact be nice, but I’m not expecting any.  I have sent in stuff to tons of people over the last few months and I’ve gotten zip, zilch, nada back in terms of actual response.  Even staffing agencies don’t call back.  They say they have my info, they say they’ll call when something comes up.  Nicht, rien, nyet.  Dammit.

Cesare Bonizzi, The metal monk has retired.  The devil he claims, went to his head.  Toss on some slayer later, or if you can find it, some Fratello Metallo (Cesare’s former band) and thrash in his honor.


Nov. 18th  If you don’t completely lose your mind once in a while, it is certifiable proof that you don’t have one. 

After the beating the job market has taken recently, there are places now that have the FUCKING NERVE to offer even LESS money than they did before!!!  $9 an hour for a copy guy in 2009! Full Time!  They didn’t offer that little for that position 15 years ago to trainees!  How the screaming ass FUCK is anyone supposed to live on $9 an hour?  I should go there, just walk in with a bag full of cat shit and smear it all over the owners face for that weak ass offer.  I’d rather starve and die and take the fucking world with me.  Fuck YOU, you CUNT!

I can feel the love, can’t you?  🙂


Nov. 19th  RANT, MOAN SCREAM, BITCH, YELL, RANT, SCREAM, YELL… seems to be about all I do, right?  Not really.  Most of the time I’m pretty relaxed, I think. I do like getting keyed up for the writing though.  It’s fun to just BARK AT PEOPLE.  I like to think of myself as a surly curmudgeon in training.  A younger version of John C. Dvorak, without all the messy conservatism, but with 50% more pontificating!  🙂




Nov. 21st    Your favorite Rhino is having a blast yelling at the television right now.  Football game? No.  Hockey? Nopers.  Uglier than that.  I’m watching the U.S. Senate.  John McCain is a complete Idiot.  Orrin Hatch is a moron.  John Kyl is out of his mind.  “The cost of the bill over a real ten year period.”  This bill may pass the house and pass the senate, but it will not pass”  I’m afraid that this bill may be socialist”  Each of these quotes were actually said on the floor of the senate.  Are there fake ten year periods out there?  How the hell will a bill pass the democratically controlled senate and the democratically controlled house, and not get signed by a Democratic President who campaigned in part on health care reform?   Socialist?  I have beaten this horse half to death over the better part of a year.


Nov. 23rd  A New Toy! …well, new to me anyway.



Wait… If consumer spending dropped, does that not denote a lack of confidence SOMEWHERE…along with an obvious lack of cash.  Wall street has reacted positively to this news.  The market is down 69 points.  Joy.  And that consumer confidence # they were touting there?    It’s at the same place it was in September of 2008.  You remember 2008 right?

The market should take some solace in this little fact: Corporate profits in the third quarter posted a sharp gain to $1.181 trillion annualized-up from $1.031 trillion the prior quarter. Profits up by $150,000,000,000.   I don’t expect the market to stay down, in large part because of that last bit there.

If you get a chance, find intelligence squared on tv and watch it. Or check it out here.


Nov. 26th:  Happy Thanksgiving !!!


Nov. 28th:  Does anyone really give a shit about Climategate? We know something is fucked up with the environment, that sea levels are rising.  If people who are doing a small portion of the science here fudged some numbers, nail those assholes to the wall.  But don’t throw all the information that we have taken in during all the years out the window.  Throwing out the baby with the bath water makes no sense in any way.  And even if we aren’t to blame for global warming, if we are completely blameless in this (highly unfucking likely), it does no harm, and does in fact a great good to try and set high environmental standards, and it will create millions of new jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars of industry for America, and the world.

     And if you don’t like that, you are a fucking anti capitalist Nazi cunt.


Nov. 29th:  There is good news.  There are people out there with money and the did more shopping this year than last year,½% more than last year.  Happy economic news on the home front.  

There is not altogether unexpected bad news.  Apparently then Def. Sec.Rumsfeld and Gen. Tommy Franks, afraid of backlash from the locals in Afghanistan, let Osama Bin Laden slip through their fingers, according to a Senate report due for release tomorrow. JOY!

Ain’t life wonderful?!


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