November Running Commentary, Part II

   Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the second of two parts from the page “Running Commentary”, this section having been posted from Nov. 16th through the 30th.  Enjoy!

    Mon., Nov 16th:  ARGH, One more day without, dammit.  I’ll start back up tomorrow.  Splitting headache that won’t go away is keeping me off the road today, foot is 100% though, there is that much good news.  I’m back out on the road tomorrow, regardless.  My promise.  I never break a promise.

    Tues., Nov 17th:  5.7 miles in 47:33.87, an 8:20.67 m/m pace.  51 degrees, partly cloudy, no wind.  Any day when you can get out and run is a nice day for a run, and having not been able to run for the past 5 days, I’m pretty damned happy to be out and about again.  I wasn’t thinking about pace, stride, form, or any of the other stuff.  I just went out there to sweat and have fun pounding the asphalt.  Nothing sore, though I felt the left soleus tighten up a bit on me early.

    Wed., Nov 18th: 5.2 miles in 43:00.79, an 8:16.30 m/m pace.  48 degrees, cloudy, no wind.  Left soleus was sore and almost got me to stop before I was 30 seconds out, but I figured it would get better as I went, and it did.  I have some calf tightness, but i always have that.  The 8:16 is something of a surprise, I was expecting to be slower today. Beautiful day for a run in the park. Longer and slower tomorrow, 1 hour minimum … if I have it in me and have the time, we’ll see.

    Thur., Nov 19th: 9 miles in 1:15:47, an 8:25.22 m/m pace.  51 degrees, cloudy, rain/drizzle, winds a bit gusty at times.  Nothing was sore before the run, or is sore right now… well, the soleus was a hair cranky when i stepped out, but nothing serious.  That made this run an easy one to do.  Didn’t push hard, but that wasn’t the point of today’s run.  I wanted to just head out and do an easy run with some distance in it, to get me acclimated to longer runs again. That this is my favorite type of run weather made it that much easier.  This was a FUN run.  SPLOOSH SPLOOSH BAYBEE! 

    Fri., Nov 20th: 5.85 miles in 48:50.78, an 8:20.98.  54 degrees, partly cloudy and windy.  Sore before and after the run, during, not so bad.   Today I had to stop the run short due to circumstance.  My park path was blocked by 3 trucks and a car, taking down parts of trees at 1:30 in the afternoon.  They blocked off a 1/4 mile of park to take a tree down. Good run otherwise.  I had scheduled today for 7.6, but the parks department had other ideas.  I could have gone around, but that would involve stopping, doing a ½ mile turn just to get bac…It would be a hassle. I decided to just workout today and run longer tomorrow. WORKOUT:  50 push-ups, 50 squat thrusts, 75 crunches, 600 deep knee bends.

    Sat., Nov 21st: 7.1 miles in 58:44.34, an 8:16.38 m/m pace. 45 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  My right calf and soleus are sore, otherwise no worries.  Curious because it has been the left one that has been bothering me lately.  I pushed hard in a few spots, but only a few, on the third park lap, when the soreness I was feeling went away and I felt like I could push harder.  I wasn’t thinking of doing anything but ”keep moving” out there earlier than that.

   November week 3 mileage: 32.8 miles   November mileage so far:  95.4 miles

    Sun., Nov 22nd:  5.7 miles in 45:10.19, a 7:55.47 m/m pace.  50 degrees, partly sunny, some wind.  This is as fast as I am capable of going right now.  I left it all out there on the road, and it felt good.  I have been faster, but surprisingly not all that much. A quick note about my time:  I have put my run numbers on facebook before, where my distance estimations were off, and it threw the times i put down off.  Example: This run before i recalculated distance(I used to think this 5.7 miles was 6 miles), would have been a 7:31.69 m/m pace.  Regardless, I was ZOOMING out there, and my calves are  toast right now.  Gonna stretch,go workout, and watch the Giants/Falcons game.  GO GIANTS! WORKOUT: 60 push-ups, 60 squat thrusts, 100 crunches, 800 deep knee bends.  Easy workout made tough with what appears to be a strained right teres minor.  Hurts to turn my head or look down, but i managed to go non-stop for 33 minutes.

    Mon., Nov 23rd: 6.4 miles in 53:56.33, an 8:25.67 m/m pace. 46 degrees, cloudy, windy.  This one was difficult but good.  My upper back is still sore, and it still hurts to turn my head and look down, so I had issues there.  The outside of the back of my left ankle is sore, first felt it around mile 4.  But ya know, I had more than enough to finish this run.  The slow pace helped.  I did push a bit near the end of lap 3 in the park.  This would have been a 5.7 milers like yesterday, but I decided to tack on the uphill run home onto the end of the 3 lap park run.  Workout: 1500 deep knee bends. couldn’t do anything else with the back acting up, really.

    Wed., Nov 25th:  7.6 miles in 1:03:53, an 8:24.34 m/m pace.  48 degrees, cloudy, drizzle, breezy.  My left soleus was very sore before I started and after I finished, but during the run it was fine.  The first half I felt like crap, and ran around an 8:35 pace, but things got easier after I got past the half way point, and as things got easier I stretched out my stride and sped up a bit.  The second 3.8 miles I ran in 31:16, an 8:13 pace.

    Thur., Nov 26th: 6.4 miles in 51:59.08, an 8:07.35 m/m pace.  51 degrees, cloudy, no wind.  Nice.  This run was initially going to be a 5.2 mile run, but got longer when I saw a race taking place in clove lakes park when I got close.  I ran the 2.5 mile hill circuit that circles the park instead, Along with the 7/10 of a mile run to the park and back.  Fairly fast as well today…well…faster than I was expecting, especially hill running when I haven’t done much of that lately.  The soleus issues I have been having seem to be getting a wee bit better, I’m still sore, but the level of soreness is decreasing.  T’was a good run.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    Fri., Nov 27th:  7.1 miles in 56:29.54, an 8:05.85 m/m pace.  44 degrees, cloudy, windy.   Not too bad today.  Cooler and significantly more windy for today’s run.  20 MPH winds gusting to 40 made this one a bit of a challenge, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  I increased my stride pace a bit out there today, not too much but I was pushing over 190 steps per minute.  I felt better than I have in a while out there today, it seems the  issue with the soleus has for the most part abated, to the point where I am essentially pain free.  Nice.

    Sat., Nov 28th: 5.2 miles in 40:46.37, a 7:50.45 m/m pace.  47 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  Nice.  Short, relatively fast run, in blustery conditions.  Winds were the story today.  15 mph winds gusting over 40mph seemingly blowing in my face the whole time, and when it wasn’t it was like there was no wind at all.  I don’t recall any wind at my back, pushing me.  Would’ve been faster had I had more tailwind and less headwind.  On a very positive note. there was no pain, no soreness!  Most excellent! The workouts, which I do every day, but only put here occasionally, are small and weak but they are helping.  I am feeling better out there on the road, I have less soreness, less injury, and my stride is getting longer and faster…at least it feels that way, and I won’t argue with that feeling.

     November week 4 mileage:  38.4 mile November Mileage so far: 133.8 miles

    Sun., Nov 29th:  7.6 miles in 1:00:25, a 7:56.97 m/m pace.  57 degrees, sunny, slight breeze.  This is a tale of 2 runs.  The first half was run at a nice, if unspectacular pace.  An 8:06 pace for the first 3.8 miles.  Pushed hard but not all that hard.  I felt good so I decided to see what I had in the tank and lit it up.  I ran the second half 1:11 faster than the first half, for a 7:47 pace.  An almost warm day, no pain or injuries to speak of, and a good night’s sleep all made for ideal conditions for a good run.

    Mon., Nov 30th:  5.2 miles in 43:03.72, an 8:16.86 m/m pace. 43 degrees, cloudy w/ wind and rain.   Between  rain, wind and a sore lower right leg, I decided to just take my foot off of the gas and take my time out there today.  First time i’ve had pain in a while, but it isn’t altogether surprising, because i’ve been pushing fast in comparison to my normal run speed.   One day off and I’ll be fine, and I have a day off scheduled for tomorrow. 

   November’s total mileage: 146.6 miles in 22 runs. 6.66 miles per run on average.   Not too shabby.

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