Tales of Brave Ulysses

     Pleasure before business. 

     Usually when I post these viddys, they get taken down by Youtube shortly afterwards.  Nevertheless I will make the attempt.  Cream live from the smothers brothers show in 1968.  Enjoy.


  A pic of the lower 9th ward  1,836 dead, 705 missing.  $90,000,000,000 worth of devastation.  Laid at the feet of the Army corp of engineers.  In federal court in New Orleans today, U.S. District Court Judge Stanwood Duval Jr. ruled in favor of 6 plaintiffs, one business and 5 individuals, who argued that lack of oversight by the  USACE led to the flooding of the ninth ward and St. Bernard parish.   The case clears the way for 100,000 other claims, according to the bloomberg report.

   Many in the area have said that they thought that the reason  the ninth ward flooded was because of neglect by the USACE in maintaining the levee.  That I cannot speak to.  I am not from that area, and will not bash in either direction.  I will leave that to those who live there, and the dead and missing stand in mute testimony that whether the judge in this case is right or not, something went horribly wrong, and this, right or wrong, is the long awaited first step in a lot of peoples lives to help them get back what they lost that fateful day in 2005.

   Mind you, from what I am hearing, the judge is right to hold the USACE accountable here.  It was the corp that dug a navigational channel,  the MRGO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet), a canal which was “designed to provide a shortcut from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico“.  This ultimately funneled the storm surge, made it 20% higher and doubling it’s speed, according to a study done by LSU. 

     Clearly not their intent, but you are responsible for what you do, regardless of you’re original intent. 


     I’ve been talking to people again.  And you know that always causes trouble.  Drama seems to follow in my wake, no matter where I go.  This is just a quick run through of what was said between me and a few other people on face book, talking about the President. 

    I ran into a woman on-line who said Barack Obama is a Muslim.  AGAIN with the ass-clowns.  Claimed to have a viddy with proof.  Since I like to think of myself as open minded, I decided to watch.  And besides the one piece where the President, in a memorable gaffe, said he was Muslim while talking to  George Stephanopoulos, there was nothing in it which shows him to be Muslim. There were no other rea… Ya know, rather than tell you about it, I’ll let the viddy speak for itself.  Take a good look at what the right wing-nuts call proof that the President is a Muslim.

   If that is the absolute best you can do, you really do need to try harder.  This is weak from one end to the other and everywhere in-between.  Repeated playing him speaking a few words with the proper inflection for the language spoken isn’t proof of religion.  Having a Muslim father isn’t proof either.  The only spot where you could even come close to saying he says it is in the clip where he is talking to Stephanopoulos and misspeaks, and most of us have seen the entire viddy on that and have dismissed it. 

    Most, not all.   The wing nuts’ll hold onto any old thing that validates their beliefs.  But then again, I think most of us are guilty of that on some level at some point in our lives.  But not with this kind of tenacity.  She says this video is proof of his being a Muslim, and my not believing he’s a Muslim after seeing it is proof that I am in denial and called me stupid.  You tell me? Am I in denial?  Am I stupid? I’d really like an honest opinion from someone who hasn’t watched the viddy before whether it constitutes a proof of his belief in Islam or not. I don’t see it.

    She even asked me to prove a negative (silly rabbit), and said that he has said in “many interviews” that he is Muslim.  If anyone out there has anything on that, drop a link in the comments section and I’ll go over it and talk about it in a later blog.

     Oh, BTW, this discussion started with my wife saying she thought it was kinda scary that people on the right are selling bumper stickers and T-shirts in reference to the President that have a passage from the bible, PSALM 109:8 that reads:

“Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”

     I think it’s anti-social and crude, but she seems somewhat concerned that it promotes violence against the President.  Which it does, kinda, but again, it’s a free country, and it’s only criminal behavior if you actually make threats or take a shot at him.

     But it is wrong regardless, even if it isn’t illegal, it is immoral to use inflammatory language like this against another person.  It isn’t the Christian thing to do. Christianity is supposed to be about love your neighbor.  The crap spouted here isn’t Christianity, it has nothing to do with being Christ like, or even being a good person.  It is an easy way to get away with anti-social behavior and hiding it in a religious context, every bit of it.  Her calling the President a Muslim, the whole psalm 109 thing, all of it.

    What can I do, though? I have to fight this whenever and wherever I see it.  If I allow ignorance to flourish, I am personally to blame for anything that happens as a result of that ignorance.  And like hell will I allow that to go unchecked.  Hell no.


   More music before I depart.  I haven’t had a chance to play guitar yet today, so some joyous guitar music for you. From the master, Andres Segovia.

Today’s nuggets, Via wikiquote:  Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. Education & free discussion are the antidotes of both.  Thomas Jefferson

As it is necessary not to invite robbery by supineness, so it is our duty not to suppress tenderness by suspicion; it is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust.  Samuel Johnson


One thought on “Tales of Brave Ulysses

  1. Thanks for posting the Obama-Muslim video, Mike: it’s a real eye-opener! What a mish-mash of (very) poorly edited, totally out-of-context remarks. Using these techniques one could “prove” that the pope himself is a Muslim! God bless America–somebody has to!
    The mosque that Obama is shown visiting, by the way, is one of the wonders of Christian ecclesiastical architecture: it was built and for almost nine centuries functioned as the Cathedral of St. Sofia, in Istanbul (formerly Constantinople, the centre of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. IT IS NO LONGER A MOSQUE, but a museum, operated by the government of Turkey. Has been since 1935. I’d like to visit it myself.

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