No real reason for it

           Boy, ya gotta love this guy.  An idiot whom we all know and think is a complete loon is at it again.  I won’t name the douche-wad, click the links to play spot the asshole, but if you click here or the other link, and watch the viddies, you’ll see why I call this person an idiot.  The only reason I won’t give his name is because if I say his name and tell exactly what he did, I lend credence on some level to his clearly unscrupulous stupidity.  Any man who would use a rape analogy the way he used it here seems to me to be a man who would say anything just to keep his name in the papers and keep his name circulating in the press.

    An attention whore.  If I wanted to listen to an attention whore, I’d have my head examined, no one needs that kinda shit in their life.

  I don’t mind political dissent, but when it takes this form, it ceases to be political dissent, and becomes personal abuse.  Which I don’t mind either, but call it what it is, say you’re an asshole if you’re an asshole, don’t hide behind politics when you spew yer stupid. 

    Here’s some more joy about the assclown.


    As i put this viddy in here, I am still watching it.   So no commentary on it.   Maybe I’ll comment on it in the Rhino nuggets section after I’m done watching and listening to it. 


    I have a “why the f*** not” story for you today.      For those who think that America is corrupt and evil, stop that!  I just found a curious and interesting piece of news.  There is a group of people called Transparency International, which charts corruption in the form of  what they call their “Corruption Perceptions Index” which is a measure of domestic, public sector corruption that draws on over a dozen different expert and business surveys and reflects the  perceived levels of public sector corruption in a given country.

     The United States is the 19th least corrupt nation on earth according to transparency international, this year and in truth we have never finished out of the top 20, but have yet to crack the top ten. There was one stated reason for concern about the United States, and that is a perception of the public that the congress is the institution most affected by corruption.   On top of that, The United States, though finishing in a respectable second place in the Western Hemisphere, came in second place to….Canada.

  Ouch.  American Hosers and your evil legislators!    LOL!

     New Zealand is, according to these surveys the least corrupt place on earth, followed by Denmark, Singapore and Sweden.  Zimbabwe is moved up 20 spots on this list, from 166th to 146th place, and that probably has as much to do with the positive influence of Morgan Tsvangirai as anything else. The most corrupt nation on earth, for the third year in a row is….. Somalia! Afghanistan made a game try for last place, but it just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

   To be 100% serious though, this is after all a perception index created with business surveys. Don’t know what there agenda is, if there is any, and as a consequence I don’t know how serious you can really take it.  I really want to find out about this, but I don’t have time in this space to look up the surveys they used for this piece right now.  I’ll see if I can find the time to look into it later, and see if there is anything to this, or if these people are just bullshit.


  That’s about it from here. Later!

Today’s nuggets, via wikiquote:  Virtue runs no risk of becoming contemptible by being exposed to view, and it is better to be despised for simplicity than to be tormented by continual hypocrisy.  Seneca The Younger

 Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.  Marcus Aurelius

Final edit 1:16 am 11/18/09


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