Anagram: Anything So Severe/ Nothings Ever Easy

       Couldn’t find any viddy’s on tonight’s Yankee game, so here’s some joy from the late great George Carlin, on the differences between Baseball and Football.  Classic stuff.

     Yankees Lose.  ThEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yankees Lose!  I said this World Series was going to go 6, but I never thought I’d be unhappy about it before now.  A.J. Burnett Sucked out loud today, and to be honest, I really couldn’t watch after those first two innings.  I say that to you, and you have to understand that I didn’t watch the first two innings because I was busy running around and missed it.  I think I actually watched about ten pitches the whole night.  Usually when I watched It was a mess.  Someone on Philly would get a hit, or if the Yankees were batting they f***** up.  The clearest example of this was in the 9th inning.  Jeter at the dish.  I turn around to see what’s happening, and lo! and behold!, he grounds into a double play. Turn it off for a minute, Damon singles, turn the game on with Teixeira up, he strikes out to end the oldyankeeoutsidegame.

     At least the Yankees, who were out of this game early, came back and made a game of it.  The hitting picked up some in the eighth and ninth, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the horrendous start by Burnett, the Yankees only gave up 3 runs after he was pulled. 

     My wife wants him cut from the rosterbut i tell you I wouldn’t go that far.  The Yankees wouldn’t be in the world series without him, and he has pitched some good games for us including a gem in game two.  Yankees fans are going to have to wait and see what happens when Pedro goes up against Andy Pettitte on three days rest on Wednesday, though.  Should be an interesting matchup.


     Election news you may not be up on.  There are two ballot initiatives here in New York. 

     B.I. 1 is an offer of a land trade between New York State and National Grid.  National grid will give up 10 acres of land in one portion of Saint Lawrence county for the use of 6 acres in another portion, so National Grid can build power lines to update the grid in that area.  The ten acres must be agreed upon by the state as being at least equal in value to the land being given up before N.G. gets the land.  If you are interested you can read about it in the actual Board of elections certification for both ballot initatives here.

   If we get more land then we give up, and the people of the state get a better grid, who am I to quarrel.  I will vote yes on New York Prop 1.

   B.I. 2 is an attempt by the state to give prisoners the capacity to voluntarily do work for non profit organizations.  Right now state and local inmates may not work for anyone but the state “and it’s political divisions and public institutions” as mandated by the state constitution , this B.I. would simply expand the work the inmates do to include non profit organizations. 

    There is no reason that I see at all to vote against this measure.  It is meant to expand the amount of work we get out of state and local prisoners.  Not a damn thing wrong with that.  I will also vote yes on New York Prop 2.

  To read about these ballot measures and others, go to

   As for the mayoBush_bloombergral race, I will be voting for Bill Thompson.  Bloomberg isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but his term is up, his time is to have expired, and he is only here by virtue of him going out of his way to alter the city charter so he could grab a third term outside the consent of the voting public.   I was not, am not and will never be a fan of term limits, but these term limits were the law, until King Mike decided it was time to change that.  Yes the city council was also in on it, so they share a portion of the blame, but this election should not be about Mike Bloomberg, yet it is, because he decided the will of the people was wrong and got the city council to bend the rules especially for him.

     That is wrong, and on the strength of that, and that alone, do I say no to Mike Bloomberg.  I will be voting for Bill Thompson because the will of the people here has been subverted by the will of a multi-billionaire who wants to be King for a few more years.

    As for the other races, I will be voting for John Liu for comptroller and Bill DeBlasio for public advocate.   The little I know about these two men outweighs the nothing I know about their challengers, Joe Mendola(for comptroller) and Alex Zablocki(for public advocate). 

   The little I know about Liu and DeBlasio?  Liu is a multi term member of the city council from Queens, and the first asian to serve on said council and has been endorsed by, among others, the firefighters union, teamsters  and the UFT. Bill DeBlasio is a former regional director of HUD, but may be more well known, in political circles at least, as the former campaign manager for Hillary Clintons first senatorial campaign. 


    That’s about it, folks.  Don’t forget to vote tomorrow, wherever you are.   Have a good night.

Today’s Nuggets, by Alexis De Tocqueville, via wikiquote:  The best laws cannot make a constitution work in spite of morals; morals can turn the worst laws to advantage. That is a commonplace truth, but one to which my studies are always bringing me back. It is the central point in my conception. I see it at the end of all my reflections.

In the United States, the majority undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity of forming opinions of their own.

The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.


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