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       Sometimes it takes forever to find a good zarking title for one of these things.  This one took hours… kinda.  Feel the love with keyboard cat before we go any further.

       I had initially started this blog around 1 pm, almost 10 hours ago.  I was looking at a story on bloomberg, while I was watching the market 450px-Jon_Corzinedrop like a stone.  It’s story about how New Jersey was paying almost $1,000,000 a month to Goldman Sachs due to a deal struck while McGreevey was governor.  Apparently the state sold one third of a billion dollars worth of bonds, and the $940,000 monthly payments keep on going until 2019…

     But I got distracted with a little bit of necessary work around the house, and never got to writing the piece.  It is not the kind of story you want to read if you happen to be a resident of New Jersey. And unfortunately it  won’t get the full treatment here.  However you can read the bloomberg story here. The one good thing is that it looks like the Corzine administration and Goldman are trying to work out the best way to pay off the debts involved here with the least damage to New Jersey taxpayers. 

   Good luck with that.


    More Keyboard cat for you!

   Yes it’s an old meme, but I’m an old fart, and dammit I like it.

     I’ve gotten off track here.  After reading the story, and getting ready to work on it and then getting distracted and not doing it, I realized I had a bit more work to do, and got to it.  Some of that work was looking for work.  A token effort tis true, after all, I really don’t think I’m gonna get many bites on job offers at 3:30pm on a Friday afternoon, but I figure why the hell not, If anything, my resume will be the first one in the pile the people I sent my resumes to when they actually look on Monday morning.

    Then I dawdled a bit.  I still had doing the blog early on my mind, but i ended up playing a few games on facebook and pogo.  OK a lot of games on facebook and pogo.  Canasta, vampire wars, trivial pursuit daily 20, My Heroes Ability.  Several more.  I was less distracted by the games as concentrating on the games and completely forgetting the blog.


  800px-MarkPincusJI1  But I did read a story, again on (amazing what you can read up on while watching the market take a healthy crap) about a few companies that make games for facebook, and social gaming in general from a business perspective.  One of the companies is the one that created the games Vampire Wars, My Heroes Ability and several others.  The story is about the profit generated by Zygna (whose CEO, Mark Pinkus, is pictured at left)  and other online gaming systems, and how much money they expect to have rolling in in future.  A few numbers stuck out for me.  Like the fact that facebook gamers are nearly double that of total users of the Nintendo Wii. 100,000,000 game playing users, and that number is rising.  The other number that caught my eye was the profit expected here from the social gaming market.  $2,000,000,000 annually by 2012.  Right now, the company Zygna is expecting to make around $100,000,000 this year

    So, while I, and a few hundred million other people, play games on Facebook, maybe, Just maybe, we should consider buying stock in a few of these companies. And if  they haven’t gone public yet, look for the names Zygna and Playfish, and if they get bought out, buy into the companies that buy them out.  There is a apparently a HUGE market here. 

     Hell, maybe while I waste my time playing these f****** games I can make a few bucks on them.   Stranger things have happened.


      This exercise in futility then came to a head around 11:00pm, when, after all the game playing, eating, working, butt scratching, Monty Python watching, farting, and excuse making, I finally decided to get my ass over to wordpress and write a blog.  The contents of which you have just read.  Oof.

     You wasted 5 minutes reading about how I wasted 10 hours not writing. 

    I would like to formally apologize for this blog.  Unfortunately I am horrible with being formal, so you’ll have to accept this shitty apology instead.  At least you got a few viddys to watch.  One more for you, and again I go to keyboard cat to bail my ass out here. THANK YOU KEYBOARD CAT!

That’s it from here.  Later!

Today’s nuggets, via wikiquote:  Our minds must have relaxation: rested, they will rise up better and keener. Just as we must not force fertile fields (for uninterrupted production will quickly exhaust them), so continual labor will break the power of our minds. They will recover their strength, however, after they have had a little freedom and relaxation.   Seneca The Younger

Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the contexture of the web.  Marcus Aurelius


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