Anagram: Counterpoint/ Inept Contour

       Today was an odd day for me.  To begin with I woke up…always a good way to start, beats hell out of not waking up…but I digress.  I woke up, The Thinkerturned off the alarm, and did something I never EVER do, I hit the snooze on the alarm and told myself “five more minutes”…and was completely surprised that when I woke up 2 hours had flown by.  Apparently I didn’t hit the snooze, I turned the alarm off completely.  Oops and other such statements.

      Followed that up by not doing something that I normally do when I wake up, which is look for a job.  I haven’t stopped looking or anything unhealthy like that, it just honestly never crossed my mind.  I have no idea why.  Looking at e-mail, checking out how many hits this blog got, playing pogo, listening to roadrunner radio, checking the news. I did all of that.  For some reason I just didn’t look today.  I wasn’t trying to avoid it, for some odd reason it just never crossed my mind to look. 

     Next up, I didn’t run today.  I thought about it, got dressed and read to run, walked out the door.  Didn’t happen, My right leg is sore, and it bothered me walking down the street to the post office.  At that point I cancelled today’s run.  Pain I can handle, pain I can accept, it is part of being a runner.  But there are different kinds of pain, and different levels of it.  Sore and limping prior to actual exercise today was my body telling me to slow the hell down.  I might run tomorrow, but I might not run again until Monday, we will see what happens tomorrow.  If I don’t go tomorrow, I’ll just take the whole rest of the week off, rest and heal and be done with it.  I’ll enjoy sitting on my ass gaining weight  and eating too damned much!

    I also played the guitar a fair bit today.  I really haven’t been playing all that much lately, and that isn’t good.  It was a conscious effort to play, and unlike what was formerly my normal approach to playing, I played a lot of actual music and only a few exercises, rather than the other way around.   It used to be that my warm-ups would involve a lot of alternate picking exercises, scale exercises, modal exercises and the like.  Today was a lot of 12 bar blues, futzing around with some old songs of mine finger-picking…though I did mix in a few arpeggio exercises. A wee bit of  Gmaj7 to C maj to d5/b to E sus4.  A wee bit of G maj to C add 9 to G5/f  to F add9. Trying to make some beautiful music, and frankly I wasn’t all that bad.  Not great, the rust showed in my playing, but it was there and it was good.

     All in all though, it was a very bizarre backwards day.

     Ya know, I have a viddy camera and a youtube account.  Maybe, if i can work out the sound issues I have with the Microsoft life cam at some point (it doesn’t pick up the sound of the acoustic very well) I’ll start recording some of my stuff and first put it on youtube, then put it here.  Just for a goof.  The only two issues I have with that is that: 1) I would be insanely critical of my playing, and 2) I’d have to show my ugly f****** face, not something I would exactly look forward to. 

     Enjoy a viddy,  a guitar lesson, pretty good stuff actually, from a man named Tom Hess.  Never heard of him before but he knows his stuff.


    That’s it for me.  Later!

260px-A_guitar_ubtToday’s nuggets, Via wikiquote:  Every sound perceived by the acute ear in the rhythm of the world about us can be represented musically. Some people wish above all to conform to the rules, I wish only to render what I can hear.  Claude Debussy

Melody is the essence of music. I compare a good melodist to a fine racer, and counterpointists to hack post-horses; therefore be advised, let well alone and remember the old Italian proverb: ‘Chi sa più, meno sa— Who knows most, knows least.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.  Frederic Chopin


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