Anagram: Exceptionalism/ Policeman Exits

     A few points about Mr. Limbaugh’s words here.

     I don’t really think Rush is that big of a deal, and I think in the first 22 seconds of this interview Rush is absolutely correct.  He is made to look

 80 pounds ago

bigger and more important than he actually is by the words and inflammatory statements of his ideological enemies than he is simply on his own.  He is a great entertainer, by all accounts, and a very outspoken man, and help given to him by drawing attention to him simply makes it possible that more people will espouse his views by increasing the amount of people who listen to him.  His ideological enemies, by speaking about him, make him stronger.  His ideological enemies here are being foolish. 

     I for one am not his ideological enemy, we are two men walking a wide path towards the same goal and the same future, a better America and a better world.  We disagree about how to get to our destination, but regardless of our disagreements, we walk the road together.  There is room enough for all on this road, I won’t begrudge the man if he thinks the path we travel isn’t the right one.  Chastise and rebuke if he is abusive, reproach if he is wrong, but tolerate otherwise.

      He does show a great deal of bombast, and maybe just a little rudeness with his interviewer, and to his critics, whom he calls “impotent and powerless”  Now I can’t entirely agree with the man here, because his words would only be true if his opinion was the only one voiced.  The act of rising up against a voice, an opinion, that you(or anyone) think is wrong is a powerful and empowering act. If one person doing it makes them more powerful, how much more so if millions do it, like the vast majority of Americans who know your show is on and do not listen?  Pure Bombast from the Mr. Limbaugh, and the “Impotent” statement is true to what I have learned about the man, which is that he is always loud and usually wrong. 

    He talks of the statement of his, “I want Obama to Fail”.  He wants the Presidents policies to fail, but he wants America to succeed, and if America follows President Obama’s policies it will begin to walk down the road to failure.  Here’s a simple group of questions following a line of thought presented, I think, by Mr. Limbaugh.  How can America succeed if the policies of its leaders fail? If Obama fails, does that not harm America? How does harming America help America succeed, either long or short term? How can you be sure that your vision of success is the right one? Your vision of success is the same one that Wall Street has, and that vision has cost us trillions of dollars and greatly damaged America’s financial infrastructure. Confidence in your vision does not mean it is the right vision for the rest of America.

    He was most wrong in this video at the end of it, in his assessment of John McCain and what McCain was supposed to be able to do, as far as his supposed capacity to win the moderates and independents and be able to work with the Democrats.  I followed that election process much closer than most I think, and I have to tell you that he was NOT that guy.  The Maverick was only known for one piece of legislation that worked with a member of the other side of the aisle,  McCain-Feingold.  Besides that, the man was very much the party regular, never voting with the democrats, rarely working with them, and being loyal to his republican allies. 

     The ranks of independents swelled during the last 2 years of the Bush administration due to the Party’s inability to connect with America, Because of Katrina.  Because of Iraq.  Because of the damage done by economic crisis.  No one thought that McCain was going to be able to bridge that gulf.  No One with any brains in their heads anyway, especially after his statement that “The fundamentals of the economy were strong”.

    Does he think we forget that quickly, or does he think that revisionism this soon after the election is acceptable?

    I’ll give him this much, he’s entertaining.  Wrong about a great many things, but entertaining.


    Rockies lost.  Oof.  They could have extended to a game 5, but Huston Street couldn’t find the strike zone when he had to against Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, and ended up walking Utley and then had to groove one to Howard, and Howard almost took him out of the park and knocked in two runs, enough to give the Phillies the win and a spot in the NLCS. 

   One more real quick sports shot.  Don’t look now hockey fans, but the New York Rangers are tied for first in the Atlantic Division.  It’s early, but the team looks REAL good so far.  We’ll see how things go as the season progresses.  I see no reason to alter my NHL predictions just yet.


   That’s it from here.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, from Wikiquote:  I do not know which makes a man more conservative — to know nothing but the present, or nothing but the past.  John Maynard Keynes

Revolutionary movements attract those who are not good enough for established institutions as well as those who are too good for them.  George Bernard Shaw

If the human intellect is allowed to impose a preconceived pattern on society, if our powers of reasoning are allowed to lay claim to a monopoly of creative effort… then we must not be surprised if society, as such, ceases to function as a creative force.  Friedrich August von Hayek

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