Anagram: Cartoonish/ Nacho Riots

        I am in a very relaxed mood tonight.  No railing about the world of politics.  No international intrigue.  No sports silliness.  Just a few happy and relaxed cartoons.  These are a few of perhaps the best cartoons ever. 

     A very early animated short made in 1914, Gertie the Dinosaur was made before the use of cel animation.  Good stuff too, even though it is rather simplistic by today’s standards.  Not bad for a cartoon drawn by 2 people nearly 100 years ago when almost no one had done this before. This is actually only about ½ of the original cartoon.  The complete piece is approximately 12 minutes long.

    Next up , Droopy, in the cartoon Northwest hounded police.  Classic  stuff, I grew up watching this cartoon and other Tex Avery classics.  The man was an absolute genius.  The attempts at escape, the reactions when droopy shows up no matter where Joe (the bad guy) goes  are absolutely brilliant.  I’ve watch some more recent animation and I tell ya, they aren’t as good now as they were back when Tex Avery was cartooning here in 1946. 

    A bit more serious here with this toon.  Just watch, this is a great cartoon.  An absolutely incredible cartoon adaptation of 1953 of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart”  Voiced by James Mason.   

    And now, the first ever animation, Fantasmagorie, created by French Caricaturist Emile Cohl in 1908.  

    Last and definitely not least, and the most recent of today’s cartoon installments, 1988’s  “The Cat came back”.  As i recall, this was one of the first cartoons I ever saw on Cartoon Network, along with an Anime piece titled  “Vampire Hunter D”.  

 That’s it from here. I’m out.

Today’s Nuggets, Via wikiquote:  For any one of you lilly livered bow legged varmits care teh slap leather with me, in case any of ya get any idears, ya better know yer dealin with. I’m tha’ hootiness, tootiness, shootiness bob tailed wild cat in the west. [fires his guns at the ground, levatating himself for a second] I’m tha’ fastest gun north, south, east, andddd west of tha’ pecos.   Yosemite Sam

Okay, I’ll shut up. Some fellas have to keep their tongues flappin’ but not me. I was brought up right. My pa used to tell me to shut up and I’d shut up. I wouldn’t say nothin’. One time darn near starved to death. WOULDN’T TELL HIM I WAS HUNGRY!!  Foghorn Leghorn

I may be a craven little coward, but I’m a greedy craven little coward.  Daffy Duck


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