Anagram: Telephonic Adversity/ Heavily Scripted Tone



       There are days when talking on the phone is a happy thing.  Days when you hear things you want to hear, like when that call comes in at the office and you find out that that guy that you hate isn’t coming in because he fell on his head and back and hurt himself after he tried to impress some idiot with a front kick, and the picture taken of the fat toad provides fodder for a  snide remark, and he will from that moment on be known as  “Kung Fu Panda”.  Drunken Kung Fu moves, works for Jackie Chan in Drunken Master, not so much in the real world. 

     That was a good day for me.  It just felt good.  🙂

    Then there are days like today. 

      Looking for work online, doing several things at once and the phone rings. Go to get it.  It’s some telemarketer or something.  Pickup, hit the talk button twice, hangup.  Kills that call.  Realize I have a call to make, make the call.  While I’m talking on the phone i get distracted by some noises outside or some similar stupidity, lose where I am in the phone call and tell the machine I am talking to the hold on, lemme close the window…

    …DUH… Like the machine, or anyone who will be listening to the message will even know what’s going on on my end.  Oof. 

          I leave the message I need to leave, which is, BTW, to tell the people at workforce one I have my paperwork ready and I want to have a meeting with the proper people so I can get my voucher to begin my classes as a paralegal.  I’ve sent several e-mails already and have gotten nowhere, so I have to make a call and get a machine and impress them with my intellect by telling a machine to hold on.  Just Jim f****** dandy.

     Get a call back about an hour later from these people, and they want to know why I called, I tell them. They ask me to hold on and…    



They hang up on me. Joy.  Clearly accidental, but par for the course this day.

     The person calls back a few minutes later and after a “What happened?” from me, which went unanswered BTW, and we get down to business.  I am thinking I can get in and have this meeting tomorrow or the day after that.  I was scheduled for one of these meetings a few weeks ago, and they told me to come in the next day.  We ended up realizing then I wasn’t ready, talked through what I needed and that was that.  I figured this meeting would happen within 48 hours, tops.

     Try two weeks.  I’m not going to see them until the Monday after Columbus day.  Great, which means I won’t get classes started at the earliest until mid November.  At least I’m scheduled for the meeting.

    Only got hung up on once and was told I have to wait weeks when I want and need to get started on a new career ASAP.  I’ve had worse.


     Before this began, my wife and I had spoken, and we agreed that I should talk to the credit card companies and get some of the bills APR knocked down and maybe have the minimum payments dropped for a few months, to help and make things easier for us. We were thinking 4 phone calls.  Oof. 

     I, after the episode with the workforce people, just didn’t want to, and said as much.  My lovely wife, ever supportive said “But you said you were going to” “Come on hon, just get it done and out of the way” “You need to stop procrastinating.” “Just do it.” 

       There’s nothing like getting nagged to give me the sudden urge to go run a few miles.  Which I did.  9.2 miles. With hills.  They weren’t exactly easy.  Killed an hour and fifteen minutes doing that.  Then I came home, and made the phone call the right way. Grunting, breathing heavy,and sounding like I was really busy and would rather not be talking to them, which would be true.

    If I’m going to make calls I don’t want to make, I want the person on the other end knowing that I am unhappy with just being there with them in no uncertain terms.

      If only they would have hung up.  My day would have been so much easier.  The first and only call I made, to chase, about dropping my APR and minimum payments went swimmingly.  They didn’t budge, and i couldn’t make a dent in the mans arguments (you’ll see why in a second).  They found out I am, to use their term “upside down”, more going out than coming in, and because I am “upside down” they cannot offer me any programs to help me lower payments or the APR. My response was  “Am I really hearing that right?

     Let me say that again.  Chase wouldn’t help me lower my payments because I don’t have enough money coming in.  Let that thought run through your mind for a minute.  If only I had more money, they would… let me …pay… less?   

     If i wasn’t upside down, they would be able to work with me.  I just don’t get it.  I actually had to ask the guy on the other end, a guy named Dominic I believe, twice,  to repeat what he said. 

     And he repeated it.

      To his credit, he did give me a number of some credit counseling service.  Then he asked if I needed anything else.   I simply said “No. Thanks for everything.” he said your welcome and hung up.  I am now waiting for a response from that credit counseling service to see if they can help me.

     WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Isn’t that just the day I had planned out!

     Now, to be honest, I have had worse days, I really have, as a day in and of itself, this wasn’t all that bad.  The weather was nice, the run was hard but good, I couldn’t find a job, but I I tried and I won’t stop trying.  I got to watch on helluva ballgame between the Tigers and Twins, and the team I wanted to win won. 

    I’ve had worse.  I’ve had better too, but I’ve had worse.  Just venting a wee bit.  😛     A short viddy about the man who we have to thank for this crap.


415px-Sm_alexander_graham_bell_12Today’s nuggets, by Alexander Graham Bell, via wikiquote:  I am a believer in unconscious cerebration. The brain is working all the time, though we do not know it. At night it follows up what we think in the daytime. When I have worked a long time on one thing, I make it a point to bring all the facts regarding it together before I retire; I have often been surprised at the results… We are thinking all the time; it is impossible not to think.

I begin my work at about nine or ten o’clock in the evening and continue until four or five in the morning. Night is a more quiet time to work. It aids thought.


Final Edit at 1:59 am EST 10/07/09


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