Anagram: Too Much Sugar/ Hug Our Mascot

        The title has it about right, ladies and gentlemen, I went to a party for my nephew James, 4 years old and happy just being a

Toys for Boys

Toys for Boys

dude.  I ate all the food on earth and had enough sugar to kill your average human.  Lucky for me I’m slightly above average, or else that would’ve been my ass!  Seriously though I was out, had fun hanging with the kids.  Everybody had fun, and right now I am still buzzing from all the sugar I had before.  I’m thinking of downing some painkillers just to handle the inevitable crash that’ll happen in a little while. 

    The little guy got a million little toys.  He got a boatload of Matchbox Monster truck stuff, He got a bunch of Thomas the Tank engine stuff, a few toys, a few books.  He got a lot of other stuff.  His favorite toy was not something he got as a present but one of the lil party favors they were handing out to all the kid.  A little glow stick with a connector that makes it a little glowstick, i dunno, necklace type of thing.  He was the Happiest little dude I have ever seen.  He was happy when he was beating the tar out of the little gravedigger monster truck pinata that were my brother James picked up for his sons birthday.  He was happy when his father and I were indoctrinating the child.  “Repeat after me, James, Flyers…”  “Flyers…” “SUCK”  “SUCK…hehehehe”  He was just loving every minute of just being a four year old.  That kind of joy, that happiness just being in the moment with a few simple trinkets, that is something that an adult could really learn from. 

     Happy Birthday James!   


    Onto slightly more weighty issues. 

       The joy that is the situation with Iran’s Nuclear facilities has been thrown into rather more sharp focus lately.  The Iranians are capable of making a nuclear weapon, so say senior staff  members of the IAEA.  They apparently have been working on a weapon since approximately 2002, which is kind of surprising, seeing how the U.S. said in 2007 that they weren’t capable of building a weapon and had given up working on one in 2003.  The report does state that this conclusion is tentative, but nevertheless this is a somewhat startling revelation. 


Toys for boys

Toys for Big Boys

   More startling is the fact that the outgoing head of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, has tried, and been successful for a while now, to squash this report and keep it from coming out.  Read this, and this, and in particular check the date of release of the second document.  Now I am unsure if that is an internal release date, or if the document was released to the general public at that time.  

     One wonders why this didn’t get more press, it should have.  Maybe this got press, but I am having trouble recalling much of any coverage on IRAN GOING NUCLEAR out there on the news last year.  It would have been a HUGE political football during the campaign.  You’d figure that would have gotten more press, until you take into account Mr. ElBaradei and his Pro-Iranian stances.  He has been a stalwart in some areas, a good man, doing much for nuclear nonproliferation, but he has time and again turned a blind eye to Iran in his tenure as head of the IAEA.  Anything that happens with Iran and nuclear weapons here is clearly and directly on the head of Mr. ElBaradei.

    The hardest part of building the weapon is enriching the uranium to make the warheads out of, and the Iranians  have already learned how to do this, with the unwitting help of Mr. ElBaradei and his non-action on Iran and it’s nuclear intentions and capabilities. More on this as it becomes available.

    Boys and their toys.  What can you do as a citizen but shake your head and ask why this is happening?


     That’s it from here, except the viddy.  Part of the time at the party we were watching sports, mostly The Notre Dame – Washington football, but there was also some Ranger hockey.  That is what I wanted to watch, to be honest, and I caught a few minutes of it there.  Twas nice.  It was even better when I got home and watched the Rangers soundly beat the Ottawa Senators 5-2.  It was a very well played game, not perfect but well played.  Highlights were Michael Del Zotto’s first NHL goal, which turned out to be the game winner, the play of Marian Gaborik, speedy smart player as always, and of  course the magnificent play of King Henrik, and a happy little fight at the end of the Game between Aaron Voros and Mike Fisher.  Aaron whupped his ass, Fisher fought hard, but Aaron beat him, and beat him but good.  But you be the judge.  Watch and Enjoy

    It was one helluva home opener for the Rangers.



Today’s Nuggets, By Albert Einstein, Via wikiquote:  The position in which we are now is a very strange one which in general political life never happened. Namely, the thing that I refer to is this: To have security against atomic bombs and against the other biological weapons, we have to prevent war, for if we cannot prevent war every nation will use every means that is at their disposal; and in spite of all promises they make, they will do it. At the same time, so long as war is not prevented, all the governments of the nations have to prepare for war, and if you have to prepare for war, then you are in a state where you cannot abolish war.
This is really the cornerstone of our situation. Now, I believe what we should try to bring about is the general conviction that the first thing you have to abolish is war at all costs, and every other point of view must be of secondary importance.

I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

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