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     I’m looking for work, and there are job openings out there, but no one calls back.  It happens, and I will find something, that isn’t the issue, it seems that the more I look the less I see out there on the job front.  My wife is now helping me do this, and in fact sent in some resumes to a few places that I probably normally wouldn’t have.  Places in new jersey, jobs where the job description is close to but doesn’t really match my skills.  Maybe I should have been looking there in the first place, but I tell you I am not enamored of the thought of going back to working on 800px-Xerox_stand_in_Mumbaicopy machines.

     Which is why I’m so happy that on Monday I’m going to be going to be looking into training in other fields, so I can have a career and not just a McJob.  Don’t get me wrong, any work that pays the bills is fine by me, but just the thought of going back to those benightedly useless tree killing pieces of shit that do no good for anyone anywhere, and make it possible for the people who work them to just barely make ends meet, makes me wretch. 

    A lot of good people waste their lives working in offices, and I’ll be damned if I stick around and do that for the rest of my life.  My wife deserves better from me.  The World deserves better from me.  I deserve better from myself. 

     That said, I’ll go back to it if I have no choice.  Temporarily though, not permanently.  I’ll gladly break rocks in the sweltering heat and the frozen tundra for the rest of my life before contemplating working in a copy center as my main source of income.  Better to die burnt and blistered on a God forsaken rock shoveling shit than go back to that. 

   Just filled with happiness today, ain’t I?  🙂


800px-serengeti_lion_running_saturated     I’ve been filling time until I can get myself work again.  Running more, much more.  Eating more, much more.  Starting fights online, if you read my previous post you know what I’m talking about.  The running is perhaps the easiest for me to do.  Sure I beat the hell out of my feet and my legs, but so what? I also make myself stronger.  I now run longer distances, much longer than I used to.  Time was when the most i would do, absolute maximum would be 40 miles in a week, and this year I hadn’t hit 30 miles a week up until last month.  Been racking up the mileage this month though.  Been working in 2 and 3 day blocks, with one day off in between.  Just finished a 2 day block where I ran 26 miles in those 2 days, and the previous 3 day block, I ran 32 miles.  58 miles in my last 5 run days.  This time 2 months ago, I would be lucky to have run 25 miles in that time.  

     And I took today off and I’ll have Saturday off, so it’s looking like tomorrow may well be another very long run.  Might go 3 hours, just to see if I can do it.  That would be, if I have my times correct, 22 miles tomorrow.  We’ll see. 

    But that’s OK.  I have been taking cold baths afterwards to heal up faster and I tell you it works wonders on my legs.  No worries. And I am actually gaining weight because I am hungry as hell after these long runs, and I eat like a damn pig. 

    The fights online are almost as addictive as the running and eating are.  I actually registered with the newspaper the Kansas city star just to fight with people.  I saw an article there on Jimmy Carter bringing up the race card, and there were these people saying he’s an idiot and he has no idea what he’s talking about and Obama got all these white votes therefore there is no racism.  That kind of happiness.

      A short aside.    

    I will not say every bit of anger at the current administration is race based.  It clearly isn’t, but the undercurrent is there, and it isn’t inconsequential.  Witch doctor photos, the birthers, Rush Limbaugh’s racist rants, these things are part of the discussion, and they are racist.  Denial of racism doesn’t make racism go away, it just covers it up for those who want it covered up.  And what happens when you fight on the side that has this as a weapon in it’s arsenal is you get pegged with the tag  “racist” yourself, like it or not, true or not, because you stand with those who are racist. 

     Back to the fighting.

    I don’t mind if you think he’s an idiot.  It’s a free country, speak your piece.  Now the other stuff I have an issue with, so I went out of my way to register with this newspaper just to mess with these people.  I walked in and picked on quite a number of people.  They called me moron, they hated me something fierce.  I didn’t mind.  Let’em yammer, ain’t no skin off my ass.  They were yelling about Van Jones and Professor Gates.  Peripheral issues at best, I thought, and told them so.  They called me more names.  LOL says I.  Old issues say I.  If you can’t see inherent racism in white people yelling about black people (Jones and Gates) who have nothing to do with the main issue (Jimmy Carter, the alleged idiot, talking about how there’s still hate in America), then you are blind.

       They didn’t respond to that last bit.  Gave’em something to chew on, and I don’t think they liked the taste of it, either.

     If you are going to hate, Own it, be it, Live it.  Don’t run in fear from the truth your own emotions confront you with.


      That’s about it for me, except the quotes.  Later!hagakure

Today’s nuggets, by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Via wikiquote:  It is not good to settle into a set of opinions. It is a mistake to put forth effort and obtain some understanding and then stop at that. At first putting forth great effort to be sure that you have grasped the basics, then practicing so that they may come to fruition is something that will never stop for your whole lifetime. Do not rely on following the degree of understanding that you have discovered, but simply think, “This is not enough.”

By just one single word martial valor can be made apparent. In peaceful times words show one’s bravery. In troubled times, too, one knows that by a single word his strength or cowardice can be seen. This single word is the flower of one’s heart. It is not something said simply with one’s mouth.  A warrior should not say something fainthearted even casually. He should set his mind to this beforehand. Even in trifling matters the depths of one’s heart can be seen.


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