Anagram: Subtle Alterations/ Intolerable Status

       I am going to, over a period of a few weeks do a cleanup on this blog.  I have a number of videos that need to be replaced, and some pictures Hokusai_Dragonthat need to be changed up as well.  There’s are two simple reasons for this.  One is I’ve noticed that there are a bunch of music viddy’s I’ve [placed on this blog, that at the time worked but have been taken off for whatever reason.  Second was a question someone asked me in my comments, asked if a picture with the title “Open road”, perhaps the most often looked at pic anywhere on my blog, was from a stock photography site.  As i recall it was, but when i went to look for it, nothing.  So to be safe, I’m going through my image library and I’m deleting all the pics that I can’t identify as being used properly, and replacing them. 

    If you spot any viddys or pics that need work, drop me a line and let me know.

 No news or politics at this point.  I was going to do something on the White House correspondents dinner, but i did something that made it impossible to do that.  I missed it completely.  It was on C-span for several hours, and i missed the whole damn thing.  What was I doing? Well for one thing, I watched the Yankees get there asses whipped, AGAIN.  Man these guys suck.  But enough of that, it’s not like we didn’t see that coming. I also cleaned up some crap around the house with My wife, made dinner, fed cats, and watched a movie that I only break out once in a great while.  Shichinin no Samurai, AKA Seven Samurai, one of the best flicks ever made.  I really only fell in love with movies after i saw this for the first time, unless you count “Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure” and the like, and I think I was in my mid 20’s when I first saw it. 

          244px-Rocky_landscape_with_boatsHence the Seven Samurai Viddys and UKiyo-e Pics, which you will have noticed I have a predilection for anyway.

     That’s about it from this end.  Tomorrow is mothers day, so go see your mom and tell her you love her!

    Catch Ya Later!

Today’s Nuggets are by Robert A. Heinlein from the Book “Stranger in a Strange Land”, Via Wikiquote: I do know that the slickest way to lie is to tell the right amount of truth at the right time — and then shut up.

A desire not to butt into other people’s business is at least eighty percent of all human ‘wisdom’…and the other twenty percent isn’t very important.

A prude is a person who thinks that his own rules of propriety are natural laws.

Remind me to write a popular article on the compulsive reading of news. The theme will be that most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers.