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    Nothing particularly ambitious with tonight’s blog.  Really don’t feel like saying much. so I’m just going to toss a few viddys at you.

   The One name that I, and I am sure that a great many of you have also heard mentioned as a possible successor to Justice Souter Is 2nd circuit court of appeal judge Sonia Sotomayor, who was nominated to her current spot by Former President Clinton.  But, at last count, there are as many as 43 different people who may be viewed as potential nominees for the seat.  Now not all of them would on their face fit, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Senator Bob Menendez,  But the names mentioned most are Judge Sotomayor and 7th circuit court of appeals judge Diane Pamela Wood.

    Justice Clinton DOES have a nice ring to it though, and she does have the mind for it… but she’s got a job already, I don’t see it.  It would be nice though. How the people over at wikipedia got her name on this list I have no idea.  I could find nothing saying anything with her and the supreme court in the same sentence.  Go fig.

    This is from yesterday’s Rachel Maddow show.  It is about hate crime legislation currently going through congress, titled the Matthew



Shepard.  At about the 2 minute mark, you hear a woman speak from the floor of the house of Representatives.  Her name is Virginia Foxx.  She states what can only be called an outrageous lie.  She claims, despite court evidence and statements to the contrary, that the person the hate crime legislation is named after was in fact attempting to commit a crime, a robbery.  The story as it happened is that he was lured by two men who pretended to be gay, then tortured and left for dead because he was gay.  He died five days after the incident.

      This is what the republican opposition is reduced to.  Flat out lies stated as fact on the floor of the congress.  And on top of that she said this with the victims mother, Judy Shepard in attendance. 

    Virginia Foxx, you win the ASSHOLE OF THE WEEK award! Congratulations, asshole! Here’s a toast to you, Rep. Foxx…let’s all hope that you lose your next election so we can have someone with heart represent your corner of North Carolina.  Too bad we have to look at your ugly mug until next election cycle. 

    I’m almost done here, except another viddy and a few quotes.

    This last viddy is of Justices Breyer and Scalia speaking on constitutional interpretation.

  That’s it for me.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, via wikiquote:  Civil liberties had their origin and must find their ultimate guaranty in the faith of the people. If that faith should be lost, five or nine men in Washington could not long supply its want.   Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson

Justice and equity are neither absolutely identical nor generically different. … If they are different, either the just or the equitable is not good; if both are good, they are the same thing. … For equity, while superior to one sort of justice, is itself just … Justice and equity are therefore the same thing, and both are good, though equity is the better.
The source of the difficulty is that equity, though just, is not legal justice, but a rectification of legal justice. The reason for this is that law is always a general statement, yet there are cases which it is not possible to cover in a general statement.    Aristotle

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