Anagram: One Hundred Thousand Served/ Sudden Thunder Overhead, Son

         I’ll start this one out by thanking everyone who has visited this blog.  Today this blog went over 100,000 page-views.  Nice.  I think it’s a milestone. Enough about that though, onto the news.

        If you are the senate, and you have seen the greatest financial crisis in the last 80 years happen on your watch, I think at some point you senate_large_sealwould have to do more than just legislate us out of trouble.  You eventually have to look into why the damned thing happened in the first place.   Which is exactly what they are doing. The measure to form a commission to look into the financial crisis passed 92-4 as part of legislation to expand U.S. power to prosecute financial and mortgage fraud. The only 4 senators to vote against were Senators Bunning, Grassley, Kyl and McCain.  To me it speaks volumes that this amendment was voted for by both sides of the aisle, but there is the curious footnote that the bill this was attached to, S. 386, was actually co-sponsored by one of the men who voted against the amendment.  Chuck Grassley, a co-sponsor of the “Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009” voted against this bill.  I am looking all over for a reason why, and frankly I can’t find one. 

     Curiously he did vote for, no lie here,  To modify the definition of the term “obligation.  The “Obligation” amendment was, incidentally put forth by, Yep, one of the other men who didn’t vote for s.386, Sen. John Kyl.

    I am sure that there is something in the second which has to do with the curious vote here.  I am missing the connection, but I will get it, and if I remember to I’ll come back here and tell everyone what the hell it was about.  Perhaps this has something to do with the cost of the additional anti-fraud measures. I did not get to watch the proceedings, so i don’t know.

    But despite the few issues I just mentioned, the Commission is now official, or will be after the president signs it into law.  I am happy about this, because i want to see who will get dragged up to the hill to testify about this debacle.  I want to know who will be held responsible, although i think i know the answer to that question, or at least who will blame who at any rate.  We all know the republicans hate taxes and government, despite being responsible in some fashion for both on a great many levels, so they will blame tax rates that are too high and government that didn’t do the job (not them mind you, just those OTHER government guys).  The Democrats will blame runaway corporations and lax regulations brought on byWinter Landscape, you guessed it,  poor republican management.

     Frankly i think they’re both right.  Let’s just hope these people are smart enough to know that we are watching and paying attention, and that we won’t accept simple scapegoating.  Just pointing a finger and saying “TAXES” or “BUSINESS” are responsible won’t cut it.  We need to see a government panel that will be able to look at all sources and rather than find an answer that everyone wants, actually finding the right answer, I.E., exactly what decisions were the most destructive to our present, so that in future we can steer clear of the wrong that happened.

    That’s it for this subject, and this blog, except for the usual second viddy and quotes.

      I am going to go to a different subject, but stay in the legislature here for there second video, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talking to the house foreign affairs committee about the torture memos.

    That’s it for me, Later!  I Hope I’m writing here to see 1,000,000 page-views. 

Today’s Nuggets, Via wikiquote:  Unfortunately, throughout the housing crisis we’ve seen innocent homeowners who have been victims of shady mortgage lenders and unscrupulous individuals who have used a down market to line their own pockets at the expense of others. This bill is designed to send a message by revising our laws to ensure criminals are brought to justice and that law enforcement has the tools to uncover these fraudulent schemes and go after the bad actors. Criminals should be put on notice that ripping off homeowners and taxpayers won’t be tolerated.   Sen. Chuck Grassley 2-12-2009

I don’t know every answer to every question, I can’t, I couldn’t possibly, no one could. Anyone who says they do is expanding the truth. However, I know that, combined, our brains can solve any problem.  Leo Laporte

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