Anagram: Actions Demand Planning/ Tap Dancing On Landmines

        The First viddy today is Kevin Nealon talking about how he got his SNL gig.

      Failing to plan is planning to fail, or so the saying goes.  

       I have a plan to get a job through a sustained and coordinated plan of attack, by generally saturating a variety of workplaces that I know need people with my resume, along with hitting several agencies simultaneously, and placing several applications in with the City of New York, for paid trained apprenticeships in lines of work that I have no experience at, but which none is needed. Middle_Age-road

    The last is the one I’m gonna hang my hat on as being the most likely to succeed.  It may also pay the least at the outset, but also offers a career instead of just a job.  Copy center work, while busy, hard work, has shown itself to be less than fruitful for me.  One promotion in 22 years and usually the lowest pay in whatever office you work in is not something that exactly brings joy to the heart when thinking of going in to the office. 

    I’ll do the work, and be thankful for the job should the best opportunity to work be in another copy center, but I am going to look away from the office and the copy machines to see what opportunity that provides.  I don’t want to look back and ask “what if..” from this point in my life.  I want to know that I tried my best to do my best for my wife and myself and any future children that may come around. 

     That’s it for My plan.

    Let’s look at another plan, this one a Bit larger.  Tim Geithner and the Toxic asset plan.  Perhaps the one plan that wall street and the rest of America has been waiting for.  We get to find out the specifics on this plan tomorrow at 8:45 am, timed to sink in on wall street so it affects trading. 

     I really hope Tim gets this one right, and has a lot of detail for the wall streeters, or they are gonna crap themselves, and the markets gonna crap right along with them.

     There is supposedly a two tiered plan here.  The first part is going to be 5 separate government and private sector combos that will buy mortgage backed assets, with the gov. going in dollar for dollar with every dollar spent by the private sector. 

     The second bit will be another private/public venture, this one funding purchases of bad loans from banks. 

    Now this is only part of themoney1 bigger plan, which is a combination of the stimulus plan, the omnibus spending package,  The foreclosure mitigation plan, and…well… almost everything else that the Obama administration has done since taking office.

      I really hope this works, both short and long term.  Personally i think the long term has a better shot at working than short term, if for no other reason than that these guys on wall street are notoriously fickle, and by and large republican.  They will look at an attempt to mix government money with private funds to do this as an intrusion into business and I guarantee that at some point Monday the word “socialism” will be bandied about by some thick headed numb-skull who doesn’t know what the word means.

     You, who have read my work, know how I feel about the word.  Those who don’t, type in the word socialism in the search tool at the bottom of the page and learn.  But I digress…

    …Long term, all this spending should have both positive and negative effects.  Positive? The economy will be safe. A blanket statement, yes, but one I believe in. I am confident that America will come out of this strong.  Negative? Inflation will in all likelihood be a bitch.  But then again, we should have all expected that , with the amount of money that was pulled out of the system, it had to be replaced somehow.  Tax cuts weren’t gonna do it.  Shrinking government would not make the private sector more productive, we had to replace as much as possible as we could, out of our own pockets, to replace the money that was taken out by the investors who ran like hell away from the market, and took out ½ a trillion dollars in an hour and a half on one day last September, making it necessary to create tarp in the first place.   THAT’S where the trouble began.  And what caused that? The failure of Lehman, brought about by?… Hank Paulson.

      A second viddy, a few quotes and I am done. 

  This video, from late last September.   Nouriel Roubini on CNBC, talking about the first bridge loan to AIG.  Note the use of the word socialism, it still annoys, even from someone, who, like Dr. Doom here, I generally agree with.  It is closer to the reality of the meaning of the word than most people get, but Mr. Roubini is in full paranoid mode here as well, which makes the use of the word somewhat more understandable:

   That’s it for me.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, by Erich Fromm, Via Wikiquote:   The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.

We consume, as we produce, without any concrete relatedness to the objects with which we deal; We live in a world of things, and our only connection with them is that we know how to manipulate or to consume them.

2 thoughts on “Anagram: Actions Demand Planning/ Tap Dancing On Landmines

  1. Good luck in getting a job. I,too, know firsthand how hard the situation can be.

    I just wanted to point out something that struck me as being hilarious, although you may not think so:

    When I first read your headline, I saw “Demand Planning/Lap Dancing . . .”

    But then, I’m really, really tired.

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