Anagram: Happy Morons Day!!/ Many Happy Odors!!

       Not the greatest anagram, used the word happy on both ends, but it gets the point across.  There were a great many idiotic things I heard this day, and frankly they all stank to high heaven, so now you know where the title comes from.  A few of the stupid things that I look at here today:  The Senator from Honda (Shelby) talking crap about the Presidents Birth Certificate, Cheering Death by Cancer with Sen. Bunning, Idiocy from Darren Issa….again, And going Non Political, The New York Rangers fired the best coach the team has had since 94…because the guys on the ice sucked.  Great. Just F****** great. 

      Politics First.  A Video from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Darrell Issa, The Representative from Idiotville, as usual, sticking his foot in his mouth. 

       I don’t know that I have to write much here about the above,  he was, his usual stupid self.  He said it was nice to see the president joining the moronRepublican party in looking for waste and fraud.  Please, Darrell, we Dems have been there just as long, if not a great deal longer than you Republicans.  But, the serious stupid really starts at around the 3:45 mark of the video.  Issa here blames Nancy Pelosi for calling for a conference decision before a conference.  Stupid on it’s face, maybe he meant she knew she was going to get what she wanted because she had a majority going in.  He also says the President didn’t reach out from the beginning just before making that statement.  Patently false.   And just an aside here, he does that annoying thing that Republicans do when referring to the DemocratIC party, being subtly demeaning by not using the name of the party properly, namely calling us the Democrat party.  Yer missing the last 2 letters there, buddy.  Two can play that game, Darr. 

       The republic party rep. dropped a real stupid on the world. Reiterating the lie that there is a Light rail “To sin City”in the Stimulus package, trying to get stupid people to buy into this fake republic party propaganda that there is some train from Disney Land to Vegas in it. It did my heart good to see Dave Shuster shove his lie right back down his lying republic party throat. Issa Fights for it to the end tho. 

   The Mag-Lev the republic party rep. talks about is a train that has been in the works and has been talked about for years, from as early as the 1980’s, and is not only not in the Stimulus, it is far from being done in non stimulus legislation.  There still needs to be an environmental impact statement on such, though one was talked about for such a project… 2 ½ years ago. 

    The problem with the Rep. here is that he doesn’t think we have access to this Information.  We do.  Moron.


Idiot     I don’t even want to talk about that asshole Shelby. But I will, in general terms, and I will lump in Sen. Jim Bunning here as well.  These two republic party players are really pushing their luck here.  Shelby has again brought questions that have been answered about the presidents Citizenship to the fore, by mentioning them, despite the fact that the authenticity of said document has already… documented.   Sen. Bunning is perhaps the most heartless bastard in the senate for the crap he spouted about Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  He said there will be a new Conservative justice in real soon because Justice Ginsberg  has “Cancer. Bad Cancer… the kind you don’t get better from.” 

    One Brainless, the Other Heartless.  THAT is the true face of the republic party.  Morons.


    I was truly annoyed at the morons in the world of Politics, and turned to the world of sports….and found myself playing spot the moron there as well.  My favorite team, The New York Rangers, who are playing some real crap hockey, thanks to some truly sub-par performances by the entire team,  All Stars, stars, and grinders alike, did what many organizations do, and got rid of the wrong person.  The Coach.  Tom Renney was fired today.  It would have made more sense, with the trade deadline fast approaching, to get rid of some of the dead wood and send it to other teams.  A Good man who did what he could with the players he was given was fired today.  This team has, for years had long stretches where they just didn’t score, either on the power play, or even strength, or both.  This was another such stretch, and this time Henrik Lundqvist also happened to be in a slump.  So Fire the coach. 


     One last Viddy and I am done.  Avert your eyes if the site of Dennis Potvin in his underwear Annoys or unsettles you, but if you are a Rangers fan, this song goes out to you.   POTVIN SUCKS!

    …And to think I didn’t mention once the stock market tanking yet again…until now.  That’s It for me.  Later. 

Today’s Nuggets, Via   As to Taxes, they are evidently inseparable from Government. It is impossible without them to pay the debts of the nation, to protect it from foreign danger, or to secure individuals from lawless violence and rapine.  Alexander Hamilton

A just security to property is not afforded by that government, under which unequal taxes oppress one species of property and reward another species.  James Madison