Anagram: The Party Of Whine/Thief Won Therapy

      I have to laugh.  Green Golf Carts.  This guy Pence is funny. Stupid, but funny.  Does he think we can’t read?  This guy is out of his head.  But then again, Pence always has been a butthead.  Voting no is Saying yes.  That’s what he’s telling you.  NO = YES. Almost Orwellian, mister Pence.  Orwell’s Characters were generally intelligent though, you….not so much.

   Like I said, I have to laugh. I really do.  I am listening to Sen. Tom Coburn talk about the Stimulus package, and the man is an

The Face of The Republican Party

The Face of The Republican Party

absolute weasel.  “Look at your children tonight, there will be a little less glimmer in their eye tonight.  We are taking away some of America’s freedom tonight.”

     ROFL.  I had no Idea Tom was a comedian.  Whining like Helping America create jobs is in some way an EVIL THING THAT WILL STEAL OUR FREEDOM.  Nonononononono.  Tom.  Tom. TOM. Listen, bro.  The Fisa Revision did that.  The Patriot Act did that.  The Stimulus is, or was, before the Democrats decided to play nice and let the Republicans toss in some stuff, mainly a bill to help Americans get out of this multi trillion dollar hole that we are in. 

    And Do you know what I liked even more? I turn on C-Span 3, and there he is as big as life, Boehner the Complainer, saying, “You know, we aren’t the party of no…”Just Like Pence did in the Video above.  I hear this and I laugh.  Hard. If you aren’t the party of no, then why did you vote no on a bill to HELP AMERICA?  ALL of you Republicans, From Eric “Can’t” Cantor, to Adam “Howdy Doody”  Putnam, to more respectable reps, Like Jerry Lewis and David Dreier voted no.  It took Major surgery on the bill to get three Republican senators to vote on this bill.  How the hell are you anything BUT the party of no.

     Something has to be done.  You add things to the bill and then say it isn’t enough, then say you didn’t get to be in on the process.  You WHINE.  Shut up and get out of the way, you Republicans aren’t helping America if you stand in the way of progress.  And if you think being a partisan roadblock is helping America build a better future, then maybe the problem here is that you still work on your old paradigm, the way you Republicans have worked since the days of Newt Gingrich, embodied in four words.  “Party First, Nation Second”

   The Senate is currently voting on the Bill.   Watch it here now.

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