Anagram: The Nexus Of The Crisis/Thus, Fix The Recession

        Me being me before the news. 

       Curious how I find these titles.  I was listening to two things on the hour and a half commute home from work this morning.  One was Metallica, the second the news.  The last song happened to be a cover of B.O.C.’s “Astronomy”.  “The Nexus of the Crisis” just happens to be a lyric in the song.  Turn off the music, turn on the news, and what are they talking about when I turn the radio on?  The Stimulus and the recession and the stock market.  This particular line stuck in my head all the way from then til now, and i decided to anagram it, knowing I’m going to talk about the stimulus and the fiscal and political issues of the day, as is my want in this space.  The lyric and the anagram fit too well, i HAD to use it.

      Here’s a video for you, John Kerry, talking on the Senate floor a little while ago, about the Republicans suddenly now saying we need to do something about housing when they did nothing about it when the Dems put it in a bill last year, asking essentially “where were you when we needed you?” (note: video changed due to previous viddy being taken down due to violation of terms. changed 1/17/10)

   When I listen to what is said on the floor, it makes me think that this bill won’t pass.  The bill needs 60 votes to pass, and from everything I

Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback

have heard, every Republican I have heard speak has spoken against H.R.1.  Every single one.  I just finished listening to Sen. Sam Brownback say  “what happens if we need more and we have spent all of our money on this stimulus?”  That was one of his major points, the other being  that if we don’t get a dollar and half to two dollars for every dollar we spend here we should not be spending it. 

    If Sam waited until he was sure he would make a buck and an half or two bucks for every dollar he spent before he spent any money he would neither have spent any money nor have anything.  The aim of the bill here is to spur spending by putting the massive engine that is our government to work to help us get the economy moving again,  and if we waste time with cute little ideas like the half baked one that the senator from Kansas had here, it won’t get done.        

     Which seems to me to be the Republican plan. Destroy the capacity of the Democrats to fix the economy by planting the seeds of doubt, and using half baked propaganda to make it sound like this bill is loaded with bad stuff that is both unproductive and unnecessary. 

    We need spending to kick start the heart of the economy.  This is a Spending bill.  Every time the Republicans shoot an arrow into an idea, no matter how small, that an appropriation in this bill is “pork”, they win.  And America loses.  How?  Because all of these little projects infuse cash in places that need it, from energy to green buildings and everywhere in between, cash that communities need to function, cash to help open up job markets where there are no jobs, To give help to those who need it, and by helping them, help America get back to being the great nation it was before the Republicans screwed it up. 

senate_large_seal    And don’t think people have forgotten that.  We Americans may be fickle, but our memory works just fine.  Senators Brownback , along with senators like John McCain, a vocal dissenter against the stimulus package here, and Jeff Sessions, these “Fiscal conservatives”,  they all call themselves that BTW, even the “mavericks”, are the ones who pushed forth the spending bills and cut government revenue during the Bush administration that cost us TRILLIONS in debt and made the scope of this catastrophe as big as it is.  They talk now of keeping the deficit down, but it was they who put us in this mess with the most irresponsible spending in the history of this country and created this super-massive deficit that we DEMS have to fix now. 

      And a thank you to Sen. Sessions (who had a chart with deficit numbers on it in the TRILLIONS, neatly forgetting to note all the deficit spending he and his cronies did, and also neatly leaving those numbers OUT) and all the other conservatives, for making the deficit as large as it is, and THEN bitching about the deficit after your party is out of the White house, you irresponsible bastards.

     You Republicans broke the economy, We Democrats have to fix it , and we ARE fixing it.  Stay out of our Damned way.  We know economics, you don’t.  If you did America wouldn’t be in this mess. 

   BTW, news is out that an agreement has been reached between a few moderate republicans and the Democrats on the stimulus.  I’ll believe it when i see it, not before.  I don’t trust these republicans, not on the subject of the economy.

     A speech from the floor of the senate today by Senator Boxer. 

   I urge senators from both sides of the aisle to face the nexus of this crisis, and thus, fix the recession and vote for this legislation. 

   I yield the floor and note the abscence of a quorum.

Today’s Nuggets, By Samuel Johnson, via Wikiquote:   Some claim a place in the list of patriots, by an acrimonious and unremitting opposition to the court. This mark is by no means infallible. Patriotism is not necessarily included in rebellion. A man may hate his king, yet not love his country.

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed.


2 thoughts on “Anagram: The Nexus Of The Crisis/Thus, Fix The Recession

  1. All this talk of asses vs sickophants… relax. More importantly, what did you think of new Metallica?
    Death Magnetic is FANTASTIC. After a lifetime they finally get back to thier speed metal roots…

  2. Relax??? NEVER!!!! Well…Ok, but Only for a minute, Then i have to go Freak the F*** out again!! LOL

    Death Magnetic is Metallica’s best Album in 20 years, Ripping Goodness from One end to the other.

    Got it for Christmas, I’ve been listening to it Every single day since. Burned it to MP3 and i listen to it all the time. It’s the Soundtrack to my commute.

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