Anagram: Just Another Day/Trashed Aunt Joy

        The Market lost 143.28 points, or slightly over one and a half percent today, and five percent this week after a holiday inspired bull run that recession-down

added around 1500 points since around thanksgiving, in large part due to concerns that the global recession is worsening, fed by economic data on the Jobs front. 

    There is the ongoing Blagojevich story.  The happiest governor on earth was impeached by the Illinois State legislature today, and what does the man do? He holds a press conference, references the golden rule, and quotes Alfred Lord Tennyson.    You know, I can get behind those last two things.  Tennyson is cool, and the Golden rule is something we should all follow, but when placed in the context of the man and the events surrounding the Senate seat that he tried to sell, it rings just a little hollow, ya know?   It’s good that he reads the classics and know what is taught in Sunday school, but it is the application of those lessons into everyday life that this man needs to work on a bit more.  It is not enough to know the words.  The meanings must be understood, lived by, and applied in everyday life.  He clearly missed that part.

      And can I get a BURRIS FOR SENATE from anyone out there?  Anyone?

    Then we have Sarah Palin intruding into our world once again.   In a nine minute video with the words “” splashed across the bottom, she rails against the media.  That media also would seem to include bloggers who said that she was not the mother of her youngest son.  Look we all knew that wasn’t the case, and that she was the mother from day one.  We aren’t stupid.  But she claims to still be getting phone calls at her office about this. 

     I get phone calls from idiots too, but usually they are trying to sell me crap I don’t need.  Lucky me, I guess. Maybe Governor McCheese needs to do whuscurrency_federal_reserveat I do.  Let the calls go to the answering machine.  Then delete everything you don’t want or need.  Hmm … Maybe they don’t teach governors how to use phones properly in Alaska. 😛

          The Judge in the Bernard Madoff case will rule Monday whether the rotten crooked thieving bastard can continue to stay out on bail or whether he actual gets to cool his heels in an 8 x 10 cell.  There had better be a jail cell waiting for this evil bastard, or there had better be armed violent anger in the area heavy enough to warrant suspending habeas corpus for a few days if he stays only under house arrest.  If he can stay out after mailing over $1,000,000 in jewels and valuables to family and friends in direct violation of his bond, someone needs a severe ass whipping, and not just Bernie Madoff.

     Just in case you thought the shooting was over, seeing how it’s not really being covered anymore, or not nearly as much as it was last week, they’re still going at it in the Gaza Strip.  Israel and Egypt are far apart on plans for a cease fire, and Ehud Olmert says the U.N. Security council resolution calling for an immediate cease fire is unworkable.

     Love? Peace? In the Middle east?  LOL….Not in this world, they’ll shoot each other until they run out of ammo or people to shoot.  And new people and ammo show up daily, or at least it seems that way, doesn’t it?

      That’s about it from me.  A viddy, a few quotes, and I am done.

      Jethro Tull, Minstrel in the Gallery:

   That’s it from me.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote:  An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.   Mohandes Gandhi

Then some one spake: “Behold! it was a crime Of sense avenged by sense that wore with time.”  Another said: “The crime of sense became
The crime of malice, and is equal blame.” And one: “He had not wholly quench’d his power; A little grain of conscience made him sour.” At last I heard a voice upon the slope Cry to the summit, “Is there any hope?” To which an answer peal’d from that high land, But in a tongue no man could understand; And on the glimmering limit far withdrawn God made Himself an awful rose of dawn.   Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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