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       This One is gonna have some office crap from my job on it, so if you have a life, RUN!!!!!  There are a few things I want to talk about, and I No Bullsh*tknow that the audience I want to reach can be reached this way, so here I be reaching . 

    Days off,  and why autonomy on some matters for the mere office mortals is a good thing.  This goes out to the office manager, Mike.

        The things you hear in offices are amazing, if for no other reason than the oddball rationalizations and occasional blistering stupidity they offer.   Example.  There is a guy in our office, we shall call… “A”.    “A” takes one day off a week, every week until he runs out of days and then goes the rest of the year without having any.  Why? Who knows, but they are his days, right? Apparently not, despite the fact that they have been for 30 some odd years.  Now, from what I hear there is going to be an office-wide change, because this is wrong.  Wrong how? The rationalization I was given here is that there are people who have less days (new blood in the office, AKA $%^&$%^# rookies) can’t do it, therefor it is wrong. 

   Like I said, Oddball rationalizations. 

     Now, I looked up the vacation day rules in the staff handbook, and while it suggests that people take their time in week long blocks, it in no way makes it mandatory, and in fact states that it is up to the discretion of the supervisor in question.  Note the lack of the word Manager.  Supervisor.  There is an important distinction there that needs to be paid attention to.

     There has never been an issue before.  For as long as there has been a copy center, everything has been just fine. Until now, despite the fact that nothing has changed except the guy making the decisions.  Sounds to me like it’s the guy making the decisions who has the issues here.      Now suddenly we are binding the mouths of the kin that tread the corn.(yes that is a biblical quote coming from me.)  The thought strikes me that the entire concept of  making everyone take days in blocks is reinventing the wheel.  The friggin thing is round.  It rolls.  Leave it the hell alone.  No harm is done by leaving this particular thing the way it is.  And if you see one, you are rationalizing again.  You really need to work on that, boss.  Yer a good guy.  Be a Good guy FOR the people who work under you, not just for the guys above you.  Fixing what isn’t broken just makes you a pain in the ass.   Don’t be a pain in the ass, please?

      Just because you have the authority to alter things to make them the way you want them, does not confer upon the things done in that vein the status of “sound judgment”.  Leave it alone, Mike, Just leave it alone, the office will be just fine if you leave us the autonomy to call when and how we take our days.   How does it harm anything to take a day when we so choose? And DON’T RATIONALIZE.   It’s unnecessary silliness and just plain dumb. A few words which I think bear noting, from the writer Stephen Ambrose.    

Chickenshit refers to behavior that makes … life worse than it need be: petty harassment of the weak by the strong; … insistence on the letter rather than the spirit of ordinances. Chickenshit is so called — instead of horse — or bull — or elephant shit — because it is small-minded and ignoble and takes the trivial seriously.My Three American Balls

    This stuff with the days off here is pure, unadulterated chickenshit.    If you let us run our own affairs, there is that much less bullshit for you to deal with, Mike. That makes your life easier by putting our affairs back in our hands, where they actually belong, does it not?  Let us handle us where it makes no real difference in the job actually getting done, so you can get on with your other work.  Micro managing is stupid in this case, I think.

    Talk about sound judgment, I just called my boss a pain in the ass  in public and, rightly I think, equated his thoughts here to chickenshit, and I wasn’t joking.  Ah well, there goes the raise.  So what, someone has to have balls around here.

    To be truthful, Mike is a good guy who by and large gets it right, but I have to hit him on this because it is so needless, so utterly unnecessary. 

   Next blog I will focus on the world at large. No Quotes this time, No Videos, No Playing around. 



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