Anagram:Twitter Sucks/Ticks We Trust

       Before I talk about how I voted today, i want to apologize to those who i 800px-ceratotherium_simum_kwh_2told I would be on twitter.  I can’t do it.  It’s just overloaded, or my systems just can’t handle it, and I have a choice of a few computers to choose from, just can’t get it to work right.  When in IE, the damned thing freezes up every 5 seconds and then crashes. Firefox just teases me.  It seems to work fine, but for some reason won’t let me twitter.  I can’t enter anything.

    A complete waste of my time.  Screw twitter.

    As for Voting, I voted as follows.  Staten Island, New York.  61st district.

     President: Barack Obama/Joe Biden                                 obamadebate

     House of Rep: Michael McMahon

     Supreme Court Justice:  Judith McMahon

     State Senate:  Joe Pancilla

     State Assembly: Matthew Titone

    Yes On prop One.  I didn’t know about prop one, even though i follow this stuff closely.  It is a proposition about getting injured war vets expanded benefits in the form of additional credits on competitive civil service exams.

    To look at a sample ballot, click here

    Other cool stuff.  For the first time in my life, I was asked to do an exit poll.  Same for my wife.  simple stuff, just wanted to know who we voted for.  I was expecting a bit more, but it was still nice.   Looked at his sample. Everyone had voted so far for the McMahons and Pancilla and Titone, and only two votes for McCain.  He did not ask about Prop one. 

      Poll numbers are beginning to trickle in.  Watch MSNBC, or CNN or FOX or whatever network you normally watch to check it out.  Indiana looks close, Kentucky Not so much. Both states have 1% in, and Obama has a narrow lead in Indiana, and McCain is up in Kentucky.

   I’ll be here dropping bombs as i see fit, but I’ll be on a fair bit more than i will here.

    Catch you later, and if you haven’t voted yet, GET CRACKIN! GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

    A Video from  A man who wants to see the end of the electoral college.  Enjoy.

     I’ll be back.  See Ya Later!

3 thoughts on “Anagram:Twitter Sucks/Ticks We Trust

  1. You do realize that when this is all said and done – and the lawyers have retallied half the nation because we’re split right down teh middle on these two – that nobody wins.
    Grandpa McCane aside, when did every major network decide to start kissin’ Bam’s azz?
    I miss an email?

  2. Well – we are done baby! Bam just stole Ohio. Put a fork in Grandpa McCane it is OVER!

  3. Gonna answer both comments at once. Right down the middle? where’d you get that from? The problem you see here is with the electoral system itself, I’ve commented on this before.

    Obama wins N.C., and gets it’s 15 votes despite only winning by 12,000 votes. giving individual districts distinct votes would make the electoral college much more closely resemble the electorate.

    McCain got 1/3rd of the votes in California, and yet doesn’t get one Electoral college vote.

    THIS is where people get nuts and start talking like there is a conspiracy. THIS is what we have to fix. But it never gets fixed. Why? The party in power just got put there using the system. Why would they tear apart a system that just put them in power?

    As for the “theft” of Ohio…a 200,000 vote majority, where one candidate gets most of the population centers, but loses the vast majority of the lesser populated portions of the state, gives him the state. That isn’t theft, it is the way the system as it is put together works.

    And remember One thing, your right to vote comes from the states, not the constitiution, so the individual states have to fix these issues. Nebraska and Maine have split electoral votes, and if the rest of the nation would take up their system, the Electoral college, and hence the vote and the presidency would much more closely fit the views of the American people in general.

    I’ll talk to you later.

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