Anagram: No Sleep For Me/Omen of Lepers

       Caffeine and sugar is what I’ll be surviving on tonight.  That is normally the case, but it is going to be



even more important tonight.  I’m working on much less sleep than usual, and have a sinus induced headache that i haven’t been able to shake since i first got up around 7:00am. Pain and drowsiness won’t stop me from doing what I do here though.  Time to get to it.

     Nothing to worry about in Utah for John McCain, but i just ran across a curious story that tells that Barack Obama is actually gaining ground in Utah.  The Deseret news article talks of 32% of the people of Utah now saying that they would vote for Barack Obama, while only 57% would vote for John McCain leaving 11% of the populous undecided.  Not a big deal, you say? That last time a Democrat won this state was when LBJ won Utah in 1964.  The closest any Dem has come since then was Jimmy Carter in 1976, who “only” lost to Gerald Ford 62.3% to 33.7%. That extra 5%, and possibly more, sounds like a few pissed off mormons not letting McCain off the hook for screwing Mitt Romney twice.

     In Other news, Barack Obama’s Aunt Zietuni is a bad person.  OK, really she isn’t but apparently she is here in the states illegally.  She applied for political asylum here in the U.S. but it was not granted and she was instructed to leave the country.  She hasn’t left yet.  That was several years ago and she’s still here, living in Boston.  According to the report that I am reading on this story, Sen. Obama has done nothing to assist her, and was in fact unaware of her immigration status.  She has given a total of $265 to the campaign the story went on to say, but that money is being given back because it is against the law for foreign citizens and immigrants without green cards to give to political campaigns.

     Still, they should either toss her ass out or give her a second hearing, if it’s called for. 

     Next Up, A Lamborghini with a Gun Rack.  Nice.                                

      Italy.  A nation of Speeders, is about to get caught.  Check the new Cop car!  Well, this is a picture of an older Lamborghini cop car, from Britain in 2005.  If you want to see the new one, click here.  If you read the story you see that the car is equipped with a gun rack for those times when high speed chases aren’t exciting enough and you want to shoot at people while driving 200 M.P.H., and that pistol just won’t cut it. 

       It is also equipped with an organ transplant cooler, for those times when you are dumb enough to actually be tempted to use a weapon while driving at 200 M.P.H. and accidentally shoot yourself in the pancreas, because that bullet will hit the wall of wind created by that 200 M.P.H. driving speed and ricochet right back into the car.

     Addendum 1: Extra Pancreas Not Included.

     It’s so much easier to wait until they wreck and THEN shoot them, just ask any New York Cop. 

    Addendum 2:  Not trying to say New York cops are bad, just having fun.  Don’t shoot me, You’ll only piss me off… and get blood everywhere.  You wanna clean that mess up?  I Sure don’t!   But I digress…

    A Viddy, A few quotes, and I am done.

    A video featuring Arlen Specter and Alberto Gonzalez talking about Habeas Corpus: 

    That’s about it for me.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets:  We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution.  Abraham Lincoln

The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.    Mark Twain

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