Anagram: Chrematophobia/The Pariah Combo

       Chrematophobia: The fear of wealth, A fear of money, from the Grandiloquent Dictionary.

       First things first.  My Humblest apologies for not posting for the last few days.  I’ve been slightly busy with a variety of things and have not been able to post.  For those Interested in reading some stuff I wrote for another site that posted over the last few days, please visit my other blog at El-Co.

     The Bailou…er…Financial Markets plan passed the house with a vote of 263-171.  Find out how your representative voted here.  My Representative voted yes.  My representative is Vito Fossella.  Yes you can feel sorry for me now.  Representative drunky smurf voted for this thing.  Dennis Kucinich, a man I deeply respect voted against.  Good and bad voted on both sides of this bill.  It was a far from great bill.  But it was necessary.  I’ve seen better legislation, but I am sure we all have so that’s no big deal.  I will suspend judgment for awhile.  I will wait to see what effect this thing has, if it has any effect, on the bond markets, on Housing, on mortgages, on the economy in general. 

     And JOY TO THE WORLD! WE’RE ALL GONNA BE FIRED!  WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Jobless claims for the Month of September went up 159,000. That makes 760,000 for the year.  At this rate, if it continues, the total amount of jobs lost over this year will be over 1,000,000.  That is estimating an average of slightly over 84,000 per month, which is the average amount of jobs lost per month this year.   I have to tell you, I do not envy our next president.  Whoever it is is going to inherit the worst economy this nation has seen in 79 years.  And now, a short commentary…

     I tell you that I do not fear for my future, or those of my generation, or those younger than I am.  It is those people who are about to retire who I feel the worst for.  They have busted their asses for 40 plus years, have put in countless hours raising kids, paying bills,etc. etc. etc., just to have, at the end of the line, when they can finally relax and look forward to a well earned retirement,  now they get stuck with the worst economy in living memory.  The nest-eggs they have built with care and hard work may well dwindle and disappear.  It doesn’t matter now who is to blame for it, it just matters that these people are having their golden years turned to shit because people all over the place made bad decisions, and they have to pay for it.  Everyone does to be honest, but in time the economy will rebound and we who are younger, from our 20’s into our 40’s and even 50’s, will see the fruits of that rebound.  Will they?  Maybe, if those who are about to retire now decide to work until they are 75 or 80.

     I don’t want to see my parents have to work themselves to death just to get by because the nest-egg they built got crushed by ass hats who didn’t care about anyone who wasn’t a billionaire.

      About last nights debate.  It was great.  Anal Parish (it’s an anagram of the Republican V.P.’S name) was horrendous.  She got names wrong.  She skewed facts.  She said the word maverick 15 times, like it was suddenly going to become true just because she repeated it.  She was a-winkin and a-blinking, and looking for all the world like she was trying out to be a newscaster.  I was waiting for A rash plan, I( another anagram)  to say :” And now here’s Joe with the Weather”  The folksy thing, the “bet ya” “gosh” and other colloquialisms sounded like she was trying to sound folksy, not actually being herself. I’m not even going to touch her wish to expand the power of the office of the V.P., that was just bullshit.  A Sharp Nail  was, well, bad.  Not that I Need Job (Anagram of Democratic V.P.’s name) was great, but he wasn’t nearly the train-wreck Las Piranha was.  I like Be Joined, so much so that when I first thought about who i wanted as President, He was, I thought, out of the gate last year, the best of the field.  

     ENOUGH of the Anagrams, dammit! She SUCKED! He Didn’t! End of story.

   A video before I call it a night: Joe Biden speaking last year at the Commonwealth Club of California, on the role of religion in government, from a favorite of mine on Youtube,

That’s about it for me.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, from Newspeak:  All taxes are a drag on economic growth. It’s only a question of degree.   Alan Greenspan

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.   Thomas Jefferson

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