Anagram: Winning Lottery Numbers/Subtly Mentoring Winner

Jabberwocky       Today’s Winning Lottery Numbers are….. Never going to Be picked by you in any way shape or form, so maybe you should try saving your money instead.  If you save it now, you will have it later (DUH!) .   Why do I start today’s blog entry talking about playing the lottery?

       Why the hell not?

       I used to play the lottery fairly regularly.  Two different games, Mega Millions and Lotto here in New York, twice a week.  Eight dollars a week, minimum. When the jackpot on the mega went up over $100,000,000 I would play more.  And you can guarantee that several times a year, call it 6-7 times a year It would.  I was spending something Like $550-600 a year on this crap.  Ya know what It took for me to realize that it was a waste of time?  I stopped checking my tickets for awhile, and they piled up, I mean piled UP. There were TONS of these damnable things around the house. A few months worth.  Hundreds of dollars worth.  Do you know how much money I won on all these tickets?


       I looked at that and said to myself, “Why the hell am I wasting my money on this horsecrap?  The money I spent on this crap I could have bought several weeks worth of groceries.  I could have bought my wife something nice.  But nope,  I bought a bunch of small useless pieces of paper.  Didn’t do anyone any good.  I hear the education system gets money from the lottery, But I can’t tell that It’s helped much. 

      Mind you when I have to break a $20 I still sometimes go spend a dollar on the lottery, But nothing like what I used to do.  Sometimes I go by a banana or an orange too.  They’ll at least do me some good.

       Onto politics and polling.

       The numbers for West Virginia are looking pretty good For Hillary Clinton.  The three polls out in the last week suggest a huge win for Hillary.  TSG consulting has Hillary winning by a whopping 40%, with a 63%-23% edge over Barack Obama. Mind you there is 14%  of the populous undecided in this poll. The poll was dated 5/3.   A day later rasmussen did one that has Hillary leading by 29%  with a 56%-27% lead on Barack.   Again there are too many undecideds here for my liking. 17% this time.  The latest poll, this one by ARG shows Hillary leading by 43%, with a 66%-23% lead Over Sen. Obama, this one has the smallest amount of undecideds, at a mere 11%. 

       Kentucky’s numbers are similar.  The latest poll by survey USA, the only organization doing polling In Kentucky at this point, has Hillary with a 62%-28% lead over Barack Obama in a poll that concluded monday 5/5.   That 34% advantage is slightly offset by the 10% undecided factor.   I have not mentioned margin of error for a reason. 3 to 4 extra percent difference In a race where the difference is, at it’s smallest, 7 times that number, really seems to me to be of no consequence.

      Oregon has only one poll done this month.  With a 3% M.O.E., and 10% of the populous undecided, Barack Obama has a 51%-39% lead.  I mention The M.O.E. AND the undecideds back to back prior to giving the numbers only to highlight that this is the only semi close race of the three.  Obama leading by 12% with the combination of M.O.E. and the undecideds adding to 13%, I thought it significant enough to show.

       Now the news. I haven’t confirmed anything, but I saw a blurb that said Vito Fossella, The disgraced representative from Staten Island, would be resigning by Monday.  I tried several times to open a story from WNBC that stated as much, and each time I tried, It crashed my browser.  Guess Bill Gates doesn’t want me to read about Vito Fossella.   Bastard.  More news as It develops.

       Jenna Bush got married…..and I don’t care… Mind you I hope she has a happy Day.  Congrats kid!

       Onto International Politics.     

       Robert Mugabe will apparently have opposition in Zimbabwe.  Morgan Tsvangirai has decided yesterday to take part in a run off election in Zimbabwe. Quoting the story from times online:

       “Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), said his supporters would feel “betrayed” if he did not contest the run-off after winning more votes than President Robert Mugabe in the first round of the election.  “I am ready, the people are ready,” he said. “I intend to return as shortly as possible and intend to begin a victory tour.” END QUOTE.  For the Whole Story click here—>

       Mister Tsvangirai has said in past that he would not Take part in a run off election because he won The regular election by the necessary margin of victory. There is another thing that strikes me as odd about this.  The Constitution, at least from I what I remember reading, said that the Run off election had to take place 21 days after the election results were displayed.  Mister Tsvangirai has repeated that it must be within 21 days.  The Mugabe government is however saying that It has one year to do so. If you search around you can a copy of The Zimbabwean Constitution in several places online.  Here’s One for you, if you like —>

       Elsewhere, in a surprise move, Hezbollah Has agreed to release it’s hold On Beirut, seeing how the Lebanese military gave into main demand to let it preserve it’s Military Communications.  Quoting the Bloomberg report:  

       “Al-Manar, Hezbollah’s television station, said today the army had revoked the dismissal of the Beirut airport security chief, who was fired by the pro-Western government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. Siniora dismissed him over the discovery of a secret Hezbollah surveillance system at the airport. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallahhad demanded his reinstatement. “The opposition will pull its fighters back,” al-Manar said in a brief statement. The party, which the U.S. regards as a terrorist organization, said it would not dismantle its private land-line telephone network. At a press conference, Ali Hassan Khalil, a legislator allied with Hezbollah, also said the militia would leave Beirut streets. ” END QUOTE.  For the entire story, click here—>

     One intriguing Bit here is that the Prime Minister told the troops under his command to “Clear the streets of the Enemy”  Do you know what they did?  NOTHING. They I am guessing, KNEW they would die fighting a superior foe, and decided they simply wanted to live.  Then they issued a statement basically giving Hezbollah exactly what they wanted. 

       Wow. Is the Lebanese army THAT weak in comparison to Hezbollah?  Maybe they SHOULD hand the government to them, if it’s gonna be like that.  Not to make it easy on them, but dammit if you simply cede them that kind of power over you in the streets of the capital, Don’t they already have most of the political power via military strength by and large anyway?

      In Yet Other News, Myanmar, “The World’s Happiest Democracy by Order’s from It’s Government”, held a referendum Today.  Quoting the Washington Post story:  

       “Burma’s ruling junta went ahead with a constitutional referendum Saturday, as foreign aid slowly trickled into the storm-ravaged country, where tens of thousands of people are dead or missing since a cyclone struck a week ago.   Although the final results of polling may not come until later this month, after areas hardest hit by the storm are able to vote, the controversial new draft constitution is all but assured of passage by a comfortable margin. Wire services reported widespread intimidation of voters and a government media campaign directing people to vote yes.”  END QUOTE. for the Entire story, Click here—>

       Gotta love these people.  Tens of thousands dead or missing, Aid shipments being seized by the junta, and then order the people to vote yes. They pay lip service to democracy while running a dictatorship and making it possible for them to stay in power indefinitely.  Prosperity is fine in Myanmar, just as long as you are part of the ruling class. 

       This is one of a gazillion reasons that I am happy that I’m an American.  My freedom is no joke.  When I vote it counts for something.  Sometimes the people we vote for suck, but it’s our choice how to vote. 

       That’s It for politics.  Onto music.

       Dammit I haven’t had one good playing day all week.  I have tried and every time something has come up.  I played for about 20 minutes today.  Basic exercises, a few arpeggios.  Nothing more.  I am hoping to get in some playing tomorrow  when I bring my guitar Into work, but I am not sure I’ll get much playing done.  Work will, if today is any indicator, Be busy.  Like it is today.  It’s taken me 4 hours to write all of this, a Job that usually takes 90 minutes TOPS. 

     That’s it for Me.  Play a few minutes for me.  Jam on!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote By Fyodor Dostoevsky:  In most cases, people, even the most vicious, are much more naive and simple-minded than we assume them to be. And this is true of ourselves too. 

A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others. When he has no respect for anyone, he can no longer love, and in him, he yields to his impulses, indulges in the lowest form of pleasure, and behaves in the end like an animal in satisfying his vices. And it all comes from lying-to others and to yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Anagram: Winning Lottery Numbers/Subtly Mentoring Winner

  1. I’m glad to be an American too! We may bitch about the government and our problems, but compared to some other countries, we live in an absolute paradise!

  2. TY Sue!

    There is no Good Guitar Info here, But thanks Anyway! I’ll put some actual Guitar Info On when I get the chance, I’ve been busy with My life and haven’t had much time to play, meaning I haven’t had Much Music to Put in here.

    Sorry, I will fix that A.S.A.P.

    The Rhino

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