Anagram: Good and Evil/Long Avoided

Hokusai - Dragon       Starting off here with an attempt on the part of The Pope and The Catholic church to reconcile the evil done by pedophiles working as priests.  And a very Large Open air mass In the D.C. Area. 

       Quoting a story on

        “More than 45,000 of the faithful cheered the smiling, soft-spoken pope and waved tiny gold-and-white Vatican flags as he passed in front of the stands.  Later, in his homily, the pontiff hailed Americans as “a people of hope,” who at times have fallen short in efforts to build a nation of freedom and opportunity.  “Let us acknowledge our failures and ask the Lord for pardon and strength,” Benedict prayed.”  END QUOTE. 

        I watched a part of this live on EWTN today and the crowd was Lively but surprisingly it wasn’t a full house.  Nationals stadium is not a Small ballpark, and I know that It can hold more then that many people.  I was surprised to see the place not SRO. what can ya do….  Further quoting the story:        

       “The Pope’s message continued his efforts to confront the American church’s embarrassment at revelations of priestly abuse of minors.  “No words of mine could describe the pain and harm inflicted by such abuse …,” he said. “Nor can I adequately describe the damage that has occurred within the community of the church.”  Benedict said the church has made “great efforts” to “deal honestly and fairly with this tragic situation and to ensure that children – whom our Lord loves so deeply and who are our greatest treasure – can grow up in a safe environment.  “These efforts to protect children must continue,” he added, urging worshipers to “pray that the Holy Spirit will pour out his gifts upon the Church, the gifts that lead to conversion, forgiveness and growth in holiness.”  END QUOTE.  For the entire story, click here—>

       The church did not want to have this happen, it did not willingly create this situation.  But it did foster an atmosphere that allowed it to happen, and bishops protected priests who did this nasty crap.  Those Bishops are as culpable for the crimes by covering them up as the Kid touching bastards are of the crimes themselves.  It will take a while for the Church to regain the trust that It lost, but the Pope speaking at length in public about this subject is a good start. 

       In Other News, Zimbabwean Protesters in South Africa are asking the South African Government to Put pressure on the Zimbabwean Government to release the election results from the election that happened over two weeks ago.  Quoting a Story from The Voice of America: 

       We need the world to help us, because we alone cannot do it,” he said.  “We need some help from the world.”  Protester Barbara Mondiwa says she fears it will take widespread violence in Zimbabwe to trigger global intervention.  “They must not wait for people to die,” she said.  “We need help now. We need help now.”  Many of the demonstrators wore shirts with the word “crisis” painted in red. It was a rebuke to South African President Thabo Mbeki’s assessment last weekend that Zimbabwe is not experiencing a political crisis.  Activists here say Mr. Mbeki’s comment is fueling an increase in violence against Zimbabwe refugees in South Africa.”  END QUOTE.  for the whole story click here —>

       I believe that these protesters wishes will fall On deaf ears.  I don’t see the world, In particular those countries Bordering Zimbabwe, doing much of anything here.  They see Zimbabwe as a land that threw off the shackles of The Colonial masters, and will be less likely to do much to stop the injustices that are going on there.  If they really wanted to do something, something would have already been done.  Nothing has been Done, and the way it looks now, and I hope I’m wrong about this, Is that Nothing will be Done.  Mugabe will hold Onto power and there is frankly Nothing short of Civil war that can be done to stop him from keeping control Of Zimbabwe.

       It is a shame that this has happened.  I would call on the Government Of Zimbabwe to Show me The Results, but who the hell am i to them?  If they don’t care about the wishes of thier own people, how the hell are my words going to reach them?  The Nation of Zimbabwe, by being left alone this long, is effectively being told by the rest of the world “Handle it yourself”  Which is a shame, because those people need all the help the world can give right now.  And that help should be coming from South Africa, and it’s other African neighbors.  But apparently they don’t care enough to help, or maybe they have enough on thier own plates.  Some U.N. Help would be Nice, perhaps?  Why is Ban-Ki Moon sitting On his hands?   One Wonders….

       That’s It for The Pope’s Visit and The Zimbabwe Update.  As a matter of fact that’s it for me.  Gotta go.  I have work to do.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets:  “Most people are bad; if they are strong they take from the weak. The good people are all weak; they are good because they are not strong enough to be bad.” – Commoro, a chief in northern Uganda, speaking to explorer Samuel Baker in 1864.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it conscientiously.  Blaise Pascal

“A world marked by so much injustice, innocent suffering, and cynicism of power cannot be the work of a good God.”  Pope Benedict XVI

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Anagram: Rhinos Love Coffee/Offshore Violence

COFFEE = LOVE        My apologies to those who may have read yesterday’s blog looking for salient, intelligent Information regarding yesterday’s debate.  There was none, but for a Very good reason.  Caffeine withdrawal SUCKS!  I had coffee, but not nearly the amount that I usually do and the cup I had was VERY early in my day,call it 8 a.m., and by the end of the day, lethargy and a Splitting headache had pretty much wiped out most of my cognitive abilities.  Naps didn’t help.  Painkillers had no effect.  I was sore, in a great deal of pain and I wasn’t sure why.  I woke Up this morning with the same headache.  I thought Something was seriously wrong with me.  I made a pot of Coffee, had my normal Cup, which, when filled, usually takes about ½ of the 12 cup coffee pot, finished that, and The headache Just melted away.  I did not even realize I was going through caffeine withdrawal until the caffeine made the headache disappear!  That, ladies and Gentleman, is the Price of My addiction to caffeine.  If I don’t get the Coffee I need to Function, I don’t function.  At all.  I will try to write some kind of brief Synopsis of Yesterday’s debate, but looking through the haze of decaffeinated pain i was in, it may not be very good.  Here goes Nothing!

       In thinking of Yesterday’s debate, A few thoughts strike me.  The explanations of the God and Guns bit by Obama, and the explanation of the Bosnian Sniper fire crap were woefully inadequate.  But she apologized, which is a happy thing. Doesn’t happen often, so enjoy it!  The best part of either of those two moments was the Apology By Hillary for misstating the facts that she had actually written in a book about the Incident.  She seemed truly apologetic, and she actually said I am sorry!  Truly rare for a Politician these days.   Obama never even tried to apologize for his remarks about  God and Guns.  He tried to explain it away, with absolutely no success.  If anything I take away from his statement an Increased sense that this man cares only about reaching the seat of Power, and Not one lick about how he gets there.  If there is any moral Fiber in this Man, It did not show in his remarks.  His explanation of his ties to Weather Underground leader  William Ayers were entirely laughable.   

       A quick quote from a news story about Senator Obama and a misstatement of His during last nights debate:   Click for the story here—>

       “Obama erred at one point by saying he had never favored a ban on handguns, even though as a state Senate candidate in 1996 he filled out a questionnaire from an Illinois voter group saying he would support such a ban.  “My writing wasn’t on that particular questionnaire … as I said, I have never favored an all-out ban on handguns,” Obama said, even though his handwritten notes did appear on its front page. The response to the question about guns was typed.”  END QUOTE.   Good to see that our Boy Barack is STILL full of crap and willing to lie in front of millions of people live on television.  And Hillary’s the one that has an Issue with being seen as Untrustable.  Please. 

       Who are you trying to kid?  Barack is The one who goes to a racist church, who said he never heard the man say things about race and hate, and then a week later gave a pretty speech that said he did.    Barack is the One who talks about people loving Guns and God when the chips are down in a way that makes God and Guns Ownership seem like an affront to right thinking people.  Barack is the One who has a Former terrorist who bombed American buildings as a Backer of his. 

     And Hillary’s the Untrustable One.   Riiiiiiiiiiiiight……. Can we Not be full of crap anymore? Obama is the One who has betrayed our trust with these things.  Hillary was Full of crap about One thing, The Bosnian Sniper fire Thing.  Obama has been Full of Crap about everything.  …..Back to the Debate stuff.

     Both candidates were there usual selves in answering questions yesterday.  They would turn any question asked around to try to make a Point they wanted to make, rather than actually answer the question asked in a straightforward manner.  They danced around Questions and issues with the style and grace of a Ballet dancer, and while pretty to look at, it doesn’t really mean anything if the question is not answered.  I thought that George Stephanopolous and Charles Gibson really could have done a Much better job of getting these two to answer questions.  I didn’t mind the questions so much.  I kinda liked when they asked each of them independently if they would, regardless of the effect of the withdrawal on the ground, start moving men out and have everyone out in 16 months, and Both answered yes.  I think the answers were a little less than genuine, but that’s just a gut feeling. 

       I Liked the way Hillary handled herself, and think Obama came off as less than genuine.  But then again, Obama has always been the Slick little liar here, from the get go.

      That’s it for Politics, Debate, and Opinion.  Onto Music.

      Guitar:  Millions of scales today.  Ok, maybe not millions, but Lots of them.  After playing My usual Single string Alternate picking chromatic exercises, Ascending, descending and alternating, I hit the scales. Major scales, all keys, 2 string One Octave variety.  Minor scales, all keys, 2 string One Octave variety.  Jazz minor scales, all keys, 3 string One octave variety.  I ran all seven Modes in several keys today, both one and two octave varieties.  Note I didn’t say all keys there.  I wanted to play in keys that I normally don’t hit often without the “Scales in all keys” Thing.  A#, Eb, and a few others.  I actually had to work out the fingering in my head before I did them.  I thought I knew these things like the back of My hand, but apparently not as well as i thought. 

      Played a bunch of chord progressions, and played around with the song “Abington chasp” again.  A fun little song that is.  Played around with a simple chord progression (that word simple pops up alot in guitar talk doesn’t it?) B Minor/Bsus2/F#Min/G5/G sus2.  easy stuff and it sounds nice. gonna play around with that and make it a little more complex at some point.  That shouldn’t be too hard.

      That’s it for me.  More blog later if i can.  Jam on!

Today’s Nuggets, Via Wikiquote:  “Many of our moral and political policies are designed to preempt what we know to be the worst features of human nature. The checks and balances in a democracy, for instance, were invented in explicit recognition of the fact that human leaders will always be tempted to arrogate power to themselves. Likewise, our sensitivity to racism comes from an awareness that groups of humans, left to their own devices, are apt to discriminate and oppress other groups, often in ugly ways. History also tells us that a desire to enforce dogma and suppress heretics is a recurring human weakness, one that has led to recurring waves of gruesome oppression and violence. A recognition that there is a bit of Torquemada in everyone should make us wary of any attempt to enforce a consensus or demonize those who challenge it.” ~ What is Your Dangerous Idea?(2007) ed., John Brockman, “Introduction,” Steven Pinker,

Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.  Napolean Bonaparte