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Obama-McCain  I missed the Debate last night, It was On Msnbc, and I didn’t know It was there, and I was busy looking at hockey stuff at that point, and trying, and failing to put together a piece of Furniture, it went badly….don’t ask.  I do have the transcript of said debate open in another instance of IE here.  I heard a few things mentioned about it tho, which means It’s probably crap that didn’t mean much in the overall picture.  Personality Conflict plays better in the press than issues, and it came up again last night.  Read a thing on the debate by some guy named Tom Shales… get this, he’s the Washington Post’s Style Columnist,  who apparently doesn’t know his ass from his elbow politics-wise, who said, among other things that Hillary was Unwilling to talk about anything but Health care for the First 16 minutes…let’s talk about that. If yer gonna write something in a Major newspaper like the Washington Post, at least attempt to be factual.  The debate started off with talk about the tenor of the campaign and about the fliers that Mr. Obama sent out, and about the Picture of Mr. Obama In Somalia wearing the Local garb, and then it got into health care. were it stayed, and where both contestants pushed to get there points across, Not Just Senator Clinton. 

Mr. Shales, The Stylish one, then went on to say:  “Finally, having had that precious last word, Clinton then complained about getting the first word. The prefatory health-care wrangle over, Williams turned to Clinton and asked the first formal question of the evening. She got mad all over again: “I seem to get the first question all the time” at the debates, she grumbled. Oh, she does? Well — so what? Isn’t there rather an advantage to speaking first? Is there perchance a vast right-wing conspiracy afoot?” End Quote.    Cute.  Let’s answer his question.  Isn’t there an advantage in speaking first?  I’m not sure if there’s an advantage or disadvantage either way, so let’s figure it out. Your opponent has the first shot at rebuttal every time, and that seems less then fair to me, and you then have to butt in to make a counterpoint to a Rebuttal Every time.  Seems less then advantageous to me, at least in that way.   Is there a Vast right Wing conspiracy? No.  There is just a Style editor who thinks he’s cute, talking about politics when he belongs talking about J. Lo’s Baby Bump or some such Crap.

If you read the Article, he is clearly an Obama Supporter.  How do you write a story for a Paper that big and Not try to show some level of Objectivity?  This is just a bad job by The Washington Post.  This Guy just Sucks as a reporter.  The Debate looks a little different than Mr Shales tells it.  It was from what I can see, a fairly good fight about ideas between two Democrats who clearly want to win.  I don’t think that Mr. Obama won, but he didn’t lose either.  Hillary would have had to, but clearly didn’t, land a Major blow in this debate, could not lay him out or make him look bad, or outpoint him and out-debate him.  She just couldn’t. He has clearly gotten better at debating by doing it often.  The Man’s a fast learner, clearly a good thing for all of us democrats, should he be the Democratic Nominee, which is what he will be, that’s what it is looking like at this point anyway.  I’m still Pulling for Hillary, but it doesn’t look like she can do it.  I hope she wins it tho.  I’m a Big fan of her work and her plan. 

Why did I fixate On the Tom Shales story?  It was the first One I saw, and it annoyed me something Fierce.  Goddamn cheer-leading for Obama in a debate story.  Who Needs Objectivity, Right? They should have made this Fruitcake put his Obama Pom poms down before he wrote it.      AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT….

An excerpt from , This from a section titled, Undecided? Why John McCain?:  America faces a dangerous, relentless enemy in the War against Islamic Extremists – We face an enemy that has repeatedly attacked us and remains committed to killing Americans and the destruction of our values. This election is about who is best prepared to lead and defend our nation and its global allies as Commander-in-Chief from day one. This election is about making sure we have the experienced leadership to guide us to victory in this war, protect the nation against future terrorist attacks, and support our troops and first responders who are on the frontlines of the war. This election will decide whether we choose to fight or announce surrender. It will decide whether we have a president who dangerously weakens U.S. security or strengthens it; whether we will flinch and retreat or fully engage the enemy on multiple fronts. We need decisive leadership with the vision and experience to guide our country and the world through this challenge. Having a courageous Commander-in-Chief who is willing to lead us in this war, rally our democratic allies and defeat our enemy to secure a broader peace is what’s at stake in this election.  End Quote.

Apparently Senator McCain is Under the False and Stupid Impression that we Democrats are going to run away screaming from Al-qaeda.  Bullshit, Johnny Boy. We are Fighters.  They want to kill us ALL, Brother.  We are Not weak, Captain, not by any stretch of the Imagination.  You can play the Old “Weak” Democrat Crap all you like, it just isn’t true.  We Don’t Flinch.  We are the Decisive ones.  We’ve never had W on our side and of that we are proud.  That fool foisted a stupid war on us.  Walking away from a war we never should have been in is Not weakness, It is Intelligence. 

You Republicans have Only ever Had the Hammer of War in your hands, which is why you are always tempted to use that hammer to Fix everything.  We Democrats have the entire arsenal Of Democracy in our Hands. That is why America will Win the war on Terror, with Us at the Helm of the Ship of State.  You will steer us Into staying with a conflict which is Expensive and Unnecessary in the war on Terror. That is Foolishness and weakness.  Staying the course when the ship was off course to begin with is Absolute Folly, and pushes us in a direction we don’t belong going in, and never really wanted to go.  The Government should not Force the People to go where they don’t want to go.  We give the Orders to You, Not the Other way around.   

Last Piece for Politics:  Here’s Wishing a speedy recovery to Senator Byrd, 90, who is recovering from a fall and is still at the Hospital I believe. And another Wish for a speedy recovery to Senator Warner,81, in the Hospital dealing with an Atrial Fibrillation, An Abnormal Heart Rythym.  Take care fellas.

Onto Personal Stuff:

No Guitar stuff yet.  I haven’t picked it up yet.  I have the whole night tho, and I’m listening to Al Dimeola, so it’s pretty Much guaranteed I’ll be playing to this in a few minutes. 

Ran again today! 2 days in a row, and no pain! NICE! 3.45 miles 26:48.23  for a 7:46.15 M/M pace.  I felt good today, and Just had to go a little harder today then yesterday.  It was Chillier and windier today, 36 degrees with winds gusting to 25 mph.  temps, not so bad, but the wind was a bitch.  Had to stop at the 2.8 mile mark, just to catch my breath for a sec.  Really Nice run today otherwise.  I am so Happy that I can run without pain.  That makes my day.  I’m a Runner again!  YESH!

That’s It for me.  Gonna Go Play guitar.  Senor Mouse from The Album Casino is  about to start up on the stereo, and I know I can play with this One!    Jam On!

Today’s Nuggets: I am sure that Senator Clinton would make a good President. I happen to be a Republican and would support, obviously, a Republican nominee, but I have no doubt that Senator Clinton would make a good President.   John McCain

There is a strutting self-righteousness about McCain that goes hand-in-hand with a nitroglycerin temper. He flatters himself that his colleagues in the Senate dislike him because he stands up for principle, while they sell their souls for pork. Not exactly. He is disliked because on many, many occasions he has been disrespectful, belligerent, and vulgar to those who differ with him.   Mona Charen, National Review Online

 Final Edit:  2/27/08  7:02 p.m. EDT