Anagram: Interesting Anagrams/Arraigning Statesmen

The Great Wave at Kanagawa  I have very little to say today, but for some odd reason, I am determined to say it.    Perhaps all this talking about politics and dealing with and looking at The Presidential nomination process and Government Is finally getting to me.  🙂   I am Looking at The results of the Wisconsin Primary.  I should say waiting for the results to come in.  Nothing is done yet.  Well, McCain won Wisconsin, but that’s Not a Surprise.  he’s gotten 179 votes so far.  That means that it’s all in the exit polls so far.  Obama and Clinton are running semi tight, with Obama up by 150 votes.  No call on that one yet tho.  That’s Surprising to me.  It’s been awhile since Cnn has not called a race within 30 seconds of the polls closing.  Guess That means It’s gonna be a tight one, for at least the next 15 minutes.   They keep Updating the Numbers, if you want them Live, Jump to the Cnn election center here —>  I’m sure it will bring Minutes of Joy and Fun, before you figure out that you actually have a Life.  I am hearing that Fox and Nbc are calling this race for Obama, but Cnn hasn’t called it yet.   But it is close, and It would be a Moral Victory, according to some at least, if Hillary keeps it close.  Moral Victories won’t get ya extra delegates, tho.  Cnn has called it For Obama, With him leading by 6 percent with A Scant 1% of The Precincts Reporting.  The Hawaii and Washington primaries won’t be done for awhile.  I’ll report on That Tomorrow.  No need to hit that quite yet. Plus I have to get to sleep semi-early tonight, and won’t be awake to see the Numbers come in for Hawaii at least.

Fidel Castro has had enough.  He Officially resigned from Public office in a Letter released to the public this morning.   An Excerpt from the letter Follows, Courtesy of Cnn: To my dearest compatriots, who have recently honored me so much by electing me a member of the Parliament where so many agreements should be adopted of utmost importance to the destiny of our Revolution, I am saying that I will neither aspire to nor accept, I repeat, I will neither aspire to nor accept the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief.  End Quote.   He had been Prime Minister and then President of the Country since His ousting of the Batista regime over 50 years ago.  He will be missed.  By whom I dunno, Presumably by people with bad aim, I guess.   He hasn’t done anything to me Mind you, and Just because he Is gone doesn’t mean his Government and Those he is close to won’t keep going under the guise Of The Struggle. His passing from power doesn’t really touch me in any real way, except that, being a Child of The Cold war, It always feels good to see the Communists Lose.  And the Loss Of Fidel, who has been in Poor Health the past several years, cannot be anything but a Loss for The Cuban Communists.   Kewl.

Personal Stuff Now.

Tried to Run earlier today, but I couldn’t.  My back, which was sore this Morning, locked up on me and hurt like a bitch from about 1:00 p.m.  I said I would try in my last post here, and I did.  I was dressed and ready, warming up, or trying to, but I could not loosen up my lower back.  At all.  Had to hit The Ibuprofen and The heating pad to kill the pain, and even then It took Until 5:00 for the Pain to subside enough for me to do anything.  My Wife gave me a Back-rub, which helped, but she said there was a Knot there.  Can’t exercise when that happens.  Tomorrow, hopefully will be better.

Been Playing the Guitar, but not really all that much. Some pentatonic scales, some two string Alternate Picking exercises.  That’s really about it.  I’m gonna play more after this, I have the Chord Bible out, gonna see what weird wonderful noises I can put together here.  Been busy doing a Job which I am sure you all would Think a Little Odd, Given the Time of year. 

Taking down My Christmas tree.  Yes.  I leave My tree up a LOOOOOOONG Time! I Love it.  It provides More Subdued Lighting than regular Lights, and it really is nice looking.  This comes from a Tradition started over 20 years ago, based On Drunken Laziness.    Both Me and My Older brother shared The same room in the attic of My mom’s house until he moved out to live with his Then Fiancee, now wife, Dee.  We would decorate it real nice, find the best decorations we could, spending the extra few bucks for really nice ones, take hours and work hard and do a real Top notch Job… and Then Put a Just Finished Beer Can on the tree as a star.  It was a Thing Of beauty.  I used to throw Beer caps Into the tree, Ya know, To ornament it up just That Little Bit Extra.  Really Nice!  But No one wanted to take it down.  In part because it was really nice, but mostly because we Didn’t care, and the Lights from the tree hurt our heads less when we Woke Up hung Over from the previous evenings Beer, Vodka, Scotch and Tequila.  It was cool, it was Nice Looking, and It served a Purpose, so we kept it.  Until Mom finally Got sick of it, and the smell of stale beer wafting in from the Attic, I think around Saint Patty’s day (She thought we took it down before that, or we would have been yelled at sooner) and Told Us to take it down or she would throw it, and Us, out … Something Like that… I don’t remember Precisely, I was Drunk that Century.  And From such Humble Beginnings a Tradition of Christmas Tree being  around Until Far too Late in the year was born!   That’s My story and I’m sticking to it. Just don’t ask me tomorrow. It might change between Now and Then.  🙂

Ah, Almost Happy Drunken Half Memories of My Joyfully Ill spent Youth. 

That’s It for Me.  I’ll go watch some Politics, play guitar, do whatever else i have to do around here, and Hopefully get a few hours sleep. 

Today’s Nuggets, courtesy of :  These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.  Thomas Paine

[I]t is a common observation here that our cause is the cause of all mankind, and that we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own,  Benjamin Franklin


Anagram: Commentary/Cry A Moment

Give Back My Head!  To Anyone who has left me a Comment: Thank You! I am Humbled that people actually like what I write.  I am Not a writer, by any stretch of the Imagination.  Or I wasn’t Until I started blogging regularly.   

This post is a Response to all the comments That I have received , and I will respond to them In reverse order, oldest to newest. 

The First three Comments I received were very short and Basic ” Great Post!” Kinda sends.  One telling me I’ve been Put on rss.  For Music.  Wonder what He’s thought of the last few days of basically Purely Political Posting.  Hope he doesn’t drop me.  That would Suck. 

Rudest, and Definitely the Funniest, from JohnDemetriou. Love the Telly Savalas Pic In there, BTW.  I disagree with him on one point tho.  He Thinks Huckabee Looks like a Campier version of Kevin Spacey.  I think the Huckster looks like Elmer J. Fudd.  Just picture him with the Hunter Outfit on.  You can Almost hear the Elmer Laugh. 

Next one looks like an Advertisement for Obama. Kept it anyway.  It sounds Like a campaigner trying, and failing, to sound like some representation of a Typical Obama supporter.   And she called me Sister at the End of it.  Nice.  Just for the Record.  I’m a Male of the Species.  Ya’d think the Name MIKEYTHERHINO would have tipped her off a Little.  Apparently not tho.  There’s more to make fun of, but I’ll let it pass.

The Next One Surprised me.  A man by the name of Tim (i’ll put the last name in later if he says it’s ok) dropped one on me, saying that He found me On Technorati.  I had No Idea I was showing up there. Schweet.  Nice to Know I have a few fans.  I’ll try to add intelligence and Integrity to the work.  Doesn’t mean it’ll show, but I’ll try.   🙂

The Last three are from the same person.  Name of Tuuli.  And Thank you BTW, Tuuli for altering your post, you really didn’t have to,  the Change from Obama bashing to well rounded and critical was Nice tho.   But, to be truthful, The previous few days Posts prior to yesterday’s Herculean Effort, 4 Blogposts, something like 5,000 words, I was as Harsh as hell in Sen. Obama’s general Direction. Sometimes when I get locked On, it’s tough to get unlocked.  Well rounded and critical is what I was Aiming for, and If i bashed a Bit, the Bashing was Intended only to let the Man Know that there is room for Improvement.  I want a Good environmental, and all around president.  I want Focus.  I want Clarity.  Bush is Unfocused and look at the Harm that That has done.  And it’s Good to know you Think I’m entertaining.  I try to entertain, and Sometimes I even succeed, although admittedly sometimes I just suck. 🙂   Again, Danke!

I will do My Regular Posting Later On today, probably in 7 or 8 hours.  Music (i have to get Moving on this), Run (it’s cold and windy and my back and legs hurt, but i’ll try), Politics, Quotes…. The usual Smorgasbord of Goodness from Your Friendly Neighborhood Rhino.   

And to Those In Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Washington, Get out there and Vote!  We Need ALL of you! Republican, Democrat, Independent, Whatever!  But if you Like America, Remember what I’ve been saying here for Months….


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