Anagram: Nothing But Fluff/Buff Nun Got Filth

Calvin and Hobbes Dancing  Nothing much That i really want to talk about today, hence the title. Yeah there is a Bunch of stuff going on.  They Include:

McCain not taking Huckabee for granted, despite the fact that it seems to be all over but the shouting.

The Democrats, Echoing what I said here a day or two ago, saying it may not be good for the Party or America that this fight between Obama and Clinton is so close, that no clear frontrunner has emerged.

Recent Polls showing that Obama Would defeat Sen. McCain while Sen. Clinton would be In a statistical dead heat if the election were held today.

People seem to think that Former President Bill Clinton went too far defending his wife prior to the South Carolina, and the Former President agrees. 

The Stimulus package will give me $600. My wife gets Nothing.  From the Stimulus package that is. 

Ok, On Huckabee not being taken for granted, It would be stupid to take a man who is getting attention as “THE” Conservative candidate in a political party that considers itself conservative for granted.  That John McCain isn’t seen as a Conservative is odd, because Sen. McCain is actually a pretty staunch conservative, He gets a pretty High rating from the American Conservative Union. It is perception, not reality, that makes him look liberal.  His opponents make him Liberal, despite his conservatism.

Ok, On the dems not having a clear front runner, The dems can have this thing work out relatively quickly, meaning a front runner emerging, by simply letting the people decide.  Don’t let those who support or endorse a candidate sway you.  Don’t let Speeches sway you…I know that is difficult, but you can try America.  Look at what they plan to do when they become president.  Then choose.  My choice was and is Hillary Clinton.  But if you should choose Sen. Obama, don’t choose because he talks of hope.  Don’t choose him because he is supported By Oprah, or By the Kennedy’s or anyone else.  Choose him because he is the best person for the job.  Choose him because he has the track record and the plan to do the job.  Because if you don’t use those criteria, you are choosing on the basis of something other than his capacity to do the job, and that is just silly.  Choose who you like, but choose well.

As Far as Polls go, They are relevant when the poll is taken for an event a few days away.  The presidential election is 9 months away.  The person they say who can win now doesn’t matter a damn  if people don’t still feel that way in 9 months.  and look at how people felt about candidates nine months ago, and who they thought would be the next president.  It was Clinton or Giuliani.  Time changes people, both short and long term.  Today’s poll only matters for today.  It mean nothing for events 9 months from now, except to skew the perceptions.

As far as Bill goes, I STILL Haven’t heard exactly what he said, and i will not judge until I know.  But if he apologized, then I presume he is guilty of whatever he was accused of.  Bad President Clinton! Making your wife’s job of getting nominated more difficult.  The man needs to try to blend into the background and watch what he says more carefully now than ever before.  And remember Mr. President, Sen. Obama is a candidate for president, he’s Not the Enemy.  Play nice bro.  I know it’s your wife.  But Play nice anyway.

As Far as The stimulus package money.  Thanks!  It’ll be going into the bank.  I’ll pay bills with it, i think.  I need the Money more than Best Buy or sears or macy’s or any other retail chain does.  I’m poor.  They aren’t.  I’m NOT spending My money at a store or buying things for myself that i would not normally get myself. I am more disciplined than that.  I Might give some to my wife and let her spend as she pleases.  But I wont be spending. 

That’s it for that stuff.  Onto Personal stuff.

3.45 miles in 27:02.82   7:50.38 m/m pace   Good run.  Nice weather, 43 degrees and no real winds to speak of.  The plan is to go longer tomorrow, 5.45 i think.  Today i was too tired to go long.  4 hours sleep after being awake for 26 hours made that an easy decision.   36:58.04 long workout today.  11 minutes worth of push-ups and deep knee bends, that would be 110 push-ups and 275 DKB’s, then 10 minutes worth of Punch and Kick drills, then 10 minutes of light weighted punches and deep knee bends, then the usual Crunches, lateral bridges and chin-ups.  Good healthy sweat today.  Any day when you end up soaked in your own sweat because you wanted to is a good day. 

Guitar:  I didn’t play alot but i played well and I had fun, and that’s the important bit,right?  exercises? Yeah.  Single string alternate picking chromatic exercises.  Scales?  Yup.  Major, and Minor and Two pentatonic scales.  Arpeggios?  Some, but not much.  Major 7th arpeggios and one or two arpeggio runs in both major and Minor keys.  Nothing exceptional.  Songs? One or two, but nothing i haven’t done 10,000 times.  Nothing major.  Chord Progressions?  a few, including some finger-picked with moving bass lines which then became static so the melody over the top could play out.  Gotta work out how to do the two simultaneously.  Dammit that would be nice.  I am closer to doing that, but i’m not quite there yet.

That’s It for me.  Gotta go snooze.  Jam On!

Today’s Nuggets, Courtesy of Wikiquote:  I can embarrass myself very easily on guitar. It’s funny because people say to me I can play anything; I’m God on the guitar. But I could make a big list of everything I can’t play… I’m grateful that people don’t notice that.   Joe Satriani

Practice. I used to sit on the edge of my bed with a six-pack of Schlitz Malt talls. My brother would go out at 7pm to party and get laid, and when he’d come back at 3am, I would still be sitting in the same place, playing guitar. I did that for years — I still do that.  Eddie Van Halen

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