Anagram: And Then There Were Four/Owner Feared The Hunter

Classical Guitar  And then there were Four….

Within 6 hours of each other, John Edwards and Rudolph Giuliani both called it quits for their respective parties nomination.  Mr. Edwards did it First, In the still ravaged lower 9th district in New Orleans where he launched his bid for the Democratic presidential Nomination a Little over a year ago.  He asked those who came to see him off to Continue the fight, but failed to Back either Obama or Clinton.  I think that He would have had a horrendously bad Super Tuesday, and Wanting to save himself the Humiliation, not to mention the Money it would take to run a serious attempt for delegates in all 24 super Tuesday states, decided to simply save himself, and something of a legacy for himself, not wanting to go out with the Moniker of the Guy who lost in every single state on Super Tuesday.  That would have made any future bid at Just about any seat anywhere difficult to win.  and I’m sure he has designs on some type of run for office somewhere in his future.  He is too good and too well known, and wants to do good for the people. he’ll run somewhere for some seat, watch and see.  He was quite eloquent and impassioned in his speech to the faithful few he had with him in New Orleans.

Rudy, while less eloquent, and less wordy, was also lavish in his praise for Mr. McCain, calling him a hero, and saying that if he hadn’t made his attempt at the republican nomination, he would have Backed Sen. McCain from the Get-go.  He gave the speech in Simi Valley, at the Reagan Library, the place where there is a Republican Debate going on as we speak.  Speaking of the debate…

I’ve missed a fair bit of it, but I’ve still caught enough to get a sense of what’s going on.  Basically tit for tat between McCain and Romney, Romney calling McCain a Liberal, and McCain calling Romney out on his bad job running Massachusetts and his tax record.  My personal favorite quote was From Mike Huckabee, who said it was equally the fault of the Congress and the president that the economy is in the mess it’s in.  Fine as far as it goes, but it is the Implication in the way he worded it.  The Implication he made was that it was More the fault of the Democratic Congress than the Fault of the Republican President.  First things first. There was for the Majority of the Bush Administration, a Republican Majority In the House and The Senate, and it was Just as Much the Fault of these Congresses as this Latest Incarnation of the Congress as far as that is Concerned.  But It is still In the Hands of the President to Sign off On these Spending bills.  There is enough blame to go around, Mr.  Huckabee, don’t point the Finger at the Democrats when it was the Republicans who were in Power.   …

I’m sorry, I can’t Listen to this Bullshit anymore, their words twist the truth in ways that hurt my head.  It does make me happy too tho.  Happy that I am No Longer a Member of that Political Party, of which I was a Member from when I came of age in 1985 until the Mid 1990’s.  It was then That I began to watch with greater care the actions, and listen to the words of those who run our great nation.  There was, and Is something completely wrong with the Rhetoric of the Republican party.   It seeks to Blame,  and to shift focus away from the truth, and from their failed economic policies and to issues that are less then Important to the american people.  Case In Point.  The Flag burning amendment.  There’s a real threat to America. NOT.   While I am Wholeheartedly against the Practice, Are there really that many people doing it?  Is it THAT Much of a threat to the peace and stability of this Nation? Not the last time  I Looked.  I have never Once seen anyone even attempt it.  And if anyone tried, they would get their asses kicked.  At least here in new York City they would.  Don’t know about how it is down in republican country.  Maybe they are so fed up with the Republican Bullshit that they’ve taken to burning flags.  I don’t know tho.  But this is how the Republicans are, create divisive bullshit to cover their inability to bring effective leadership to the fore.

ENOUGH!  On to more personal matters…

Good run in less than perfect Conditions today.  3.45 Miles In 26:58.98  7:49.26 m/m pace.  It was 40 degrees when I went out today.  Nice actually. But It was Raining, and the Winds were HOWLING.  Winds were at 20 MPH, Gusting to the upper 40’s.   I have Very strong legs, but these winds were strong enough to move my legs, actually felt them move in a direction I did Not ask them to move, In stride, Moved them to the left when a Strong gust came through.  I have felt that Maybe once or twice.  It is an Odd feeling.   No Stops, No Pain!  Nice!  That is truly a Happy thing.  Hopefully I can start doing longer runs On a regular Basis Now.  That would be Nice.  Workout was Good.  Busted my ass Today.  did 20 minutes worth of Burpees and deep knee bends…. Lemme restate that, 20 minutes worth of Squat thrusts and deep knee bends.  There is No jump at the end of the Movement, and as such Cannot be called a Burpee.  Gonna have to start Jumping at the end of the Movement, If for no other reason than to see if it’s that much harder than a straight Squat thrust.  Getting back to the Point, after the 20 minutes of that, 150 Squat thrusts and 375 DKB’s, I did 12 minutes worth of weighted punches and Deep knee bends, call it 35 per minute for 12 minutes, I did My Usual Crunches, Lat. Bridges, and chin-ups.  The whole enchilada took 38:02.74.  A nice sweatfest Indeed. 

Guitar:  I played a bit, but Not as much as I would have liked too.  Second day in a row that I played Mainly on the electric guitar.  Did My scales,  2 versions of the Pentatonic Scale, as well as Major and Minor Scales in all keys, several different arpeggios, 2+ octave Major arpeggios, as well as Major 9th arpeggios in several spots on the fretboard.  Dunno why I went solely with Major today. There is still time to remedy that, and I think I will.   I did a fair number of Chord Progressions, Not Songs yet, Just chord progressions, but they were all Nice. Some fast and Nasty and maybe a Little sloppy on purpose, all Distortion and speed and Anger, and Some with just a Bit of Chorus and delay and reverb, clean and precise, just a Little Somber.  Also worked a Little bit On My two handed tapping and speed picking.  It does sound crappy when I do the speed picking clean, but with some distortion and some palm Muting, It comes out Nice and precise sounding…. Maybe I should try more Palm muting when I run clean… Didn’t do that before.  Maybe I’ll give it a Shot on Friday.  Gonna play acoustic for the rest of today and tomorrow.   The taping was fun.  Nothing more to add to that thought really.

That’s it for me.  Go Jam!

Today’s Nuggets:  Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.  Thomas Paine

The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.    Douglas Adams

The system of life on this planet is so astoundingly complex that it was a long time before man even realised that it was a system at all and that it wasn’t something that was just there.    Douglas Adams

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