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lw320  Personal news first.  Politics after that. 

It’s thursday and usually I am at work, but I had to take a sick day today.  I hurt my neck. I know not how, but I hurt my neck, bad enough that I could not make it to work.  It did not stop me from running or working out mind you.  then again, running doesn’t use the neck muscles, and neither do my workouts, really, no significant head turning during either activity.  I could barely lift a Cup of coffee this morning soon after I first woke up this morning, and It is still VERY sore and I still have pain when I turn my head or lay down or get up or try to lift anything with my left hand, but like I said I was surprisingly able to do a workout and a run today.  The Run was 3.45 miles in 26:46.41 which makes for a  7:45.62m/m pace for the run.  I did have to stop once at the 2.8 mile marker.  I stopped for a few reasons, only one of which was Pins and needles in My left hand, no doubt from the neck pain.  I was also a little tired from pushing hard, and my leg was a wee bit sore, so I thought a stop would be good.   The workout I did was semi short, but i pushed hard.  25 minutes worth of Burpees and deep knee bends, Im not sure how many sets i did, I lost count, but i usually do these sets of 10 burpees and 25 deep knee bends in about 1 minute 15 -20 seconds, which makes for between 18 – 20 sets total.  after that I did my usual crunches, lateral bridges and chinups.  31:12.26 total sweat time.  I am totally and completely surprised that It did not hurt my neck doing this, especially the chinups.  I find it odd that I can do chinups, but can’t lift a cup of coffee.

I have played a fair amount of guitar today.  a Lot of it has been arpeggio work.  I have done some but not alot of scale work.   I have worked on, read practice and occassionally slightly alter into that, on a number of Songs that I have written, but this is the most arpeggio work I have done in a long time.  I was doing big ones, bigger than normal, 2 octave range on a lot of them, both major and minor in all keys. Some were actual chords played in an arpeggiated fashion, others extended major or minor scale runs, others just playing pretty.  and I mean trying to make it sound less like practice and More Like an actual piece of Music, syncopate a bit, play some but not all notes in an arpeggiated sequence, kind of out of order,  then going back and play the note missed along with other notes further along in the same arpeggio.   I’ve been having fun jamming along today, and I am far from done.

Now For Politics and News.

F*** you, Pay me! The Government has apparently found a way to cut the vast majority of americans checks in order to attempt to stimulate the Economy.  The Deal, announced by The President today, would cut most americans a check for $600 to $1200.  According to Cnn : ” Sources on Capitol Hill and at the Treasury Department said the plan would send checks of $600 to individuals and $1,200 to couples who paid income tax and who filed jointly.  People who did not pay federal income taxes but who had earned income of more than $3,000 would get checks of $300 per individual or $600 per couple.  A Democratic aide and Republican aide said there will be an additional amount per child, which could be in the neighborhood of $300.  Those who earn up to $75,000 individually or up to $150,000 as a couple will be eligible for the payments, said Republican and Democratic sources familiar with the tentative deal. ” end quote It all sounds good until you get to this portion of the story, again from cnn” The Treasury Department still must analyze the numbers to determine the price tag of the stimulus package, sources said.” end quote.   I HEARTILY dislike the fact that we don’t know how much this Bandaid is going to cost us, in the face of a Large and mounting national debt.  I won’t complain about getting a few extra bucks, but i can’t help but feel uneasy about the government cutting checks when they don’t have the money to pay for what it has and is producing now.  Something sounds bad here.  Maybe the treasury department should have done their analyses BEFORE the plan came out.  I just hope it has the intended effect of HELPING the economy. 

Good news in that the Dow is up for the second day in a row. up over 100 points.  Good to see that things are looking up a bit.  And the Hang seng and The Nikkei are up as of 9:40 pm.  Nice.  Here’s to hoping that the worst of the recession is behind us. 

All the polls I mention here I looked up at  

I’ve been Looking at a few polls lately.  I know, some people don’t really trust them , but they are a Fairly accurate representation of how people think, New Hampshire notwithstanding.   Those polls tell us a few things.   First things first.  The news isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Yes, Blacks In South Carolina are voting by and large with Barack Obama.  But If you look at States, not just subsections of them, you begin to see a solid majority of the Nation behind Hillary Clinton.   She’s Got a Solid lead in polls in  California, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania, and a slim lead in Georgia.  and when I say solid lead, I am talking a solid 20% lead.  Now we’ll see what all the Muckraking and Mudslinging does in these races, but I’m thinking America is beginning to see that Hillary is The Most electable candidate in the Democratic Camp.  May not be the Best, but she does at this point look to be the Most electable. 

Another thing you can take from these Polls is That Rudy Giuliani is done and that his Florida campaign seems to have backfired on him.  Seems.  Polls suggest that Mr. Giuliani will finish in third place behind both Mitt Romney and John McCain. and The states where he has had a significant lead have disappeared completely. In Pennsylvania, Mr. Giuliani had a double digit lead last month.  Today he is  Behind John McCain by 16%.  In California, He was In first place by several points, and now he is in third place in all  but one poll, and is behind the leader, Again John McCain, by between 4 and 15%.  Hope you had fun rudy, It’s looks to be all over but the shouting for you Little brother. 

It’s Brian Leetch Night here. The New York Rangers Retired His Number 2  and sent it to the Rafters In Madison Square Garden in a truly beautiful ceremony.  And he Made the Announcement that Next season the Rangers will retire Adam Graves Number 9 and send IT to the Rafters.  NICE!  Can I get a LET’S GO RANGERS!

I’m gonna go watch the end of the Rangers Game, which is Tied 1-1 at the Moment.  Have a Good Night.  Jam On.

Today’s Nuggets:  But the safety of the people of America against dangers from foreign force depends not only on their forbearing to give just causes of war to other nations, but also on their placing and continuing themselves in such a situation as not to invite hostility or insult; for it need not be observed that there are pretended as well as just causes of war.    John Jay

 It is an object of vast magnitude that systems of education should be adopted and pursued which may not only diffuse a knowledge of the sciences but may implant in the minds of the American youth the principles of virtue and of liberty and inspire them with just and liberal ideas of government and with an inviolable attachment to their own country.   Noah Webster

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