Anagram: Romney, Clinton Win/Crony Won Liniment

Delicate   Like it says, according to Cnn, Both Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are Expected to win Their parties caucuses in the State of Nevada.  Romney’s win is Huge, With his closest competitors, Ron Paul and John McCain, each finishing 39% behind him with 78% of the Vote in.  Hillary On the other hand won a squeaker by comparison, Winning by 6% over Senator Obama with 51% of the Vote for Hillary and 45% for Mr. Obama.  The stories here are the Guys in the back tho.  A surprise fight for second place between Ron Paul and John McCain, and the Incredibly poor showing for Mr. Edwards.  I expected better from Mr. Edwards, although I am sure he will take a poor showing here without much concern if He Wins South Carolina.  And while it’s only 13% of the Vote, A Second place for Mr. Paul here, ahead of Mr. McCain would be a Major Boost for his campaign, But it really won’t do much damage to Mr. McCain, you would have expected for him to do better so close to his home state, tho.  Then again Mr. Romney did less then great In New Hampshire and it hasn’t hurt him much.   Congratulations to Mr. Romney and Mrs. Clinton. 

Best news of all of it is the Fall Of Mike Huckabee, falling behind both Paul and McCain, and in a Dead heat with the Almost completely out of It Fred Thompson.  Kudos to the Voters of Nevada for Giving Mr. Huckabee the Kick in the ass he so richly deserves.  Still Unhappy that He got 8% of the Vote, but He is a Nationally recognized leader in The Don’t tax and spend Republican Party, and That’ll get ya Something.  It Got Rudy 4% of the Vote.  Kudos again to The Nevada Voters On Not making him look good over there.  Thank You!  

Bush Tax rebate.  BUSH TAX REBATE???? IS HE NUTS? The Economy is In shambles, and He’s handing people money? Where is it coming from? Who paying for this.  …Listen, I am poor.  Dirt poor. And I would Love a few extra bucks in my pocket.  But I cannot understand how billions of dollars being taken away from the Government which is already in debt is going to do for us AS A NATION.  Personally I can’t Bitch too hard. I’m broke and I need the Cash, but I don’t want to be party to helping to bankrupt the nation for something which will, at best, make it easier for me to pay one or two bills and make the food shopping  less of a burden for a week or two.  I hope we come out of this recession soon and will take whatever help i can get, but not at the expense of the future.  Let’s rethink this please.  Someone talk some sense to this Boy, please.

Guitar:  Had fun Playing today.  Didn’t play much, spent a Lot of time doing other things, but I got In some jammin goodness.  Hit the usual stuff, 5 minor pentatonic scales in all keys, as well as major and minor scales the same way.  A few Arpeggios, major and Minor 7th only, less then I wanted to play, but still good.  Alternate picking Chromatic and String Skipping exercises. I busted out the Metronome on a bunch of stuff today and Surprisingly my timing was pretty good. I was expecting to be a little fast, a little off, but I was stone dead on most of the time.  Roddy, The stunt cat did distract me by slapping at the guitar a few times, It was pretty funny, and That threw my timing off a Little bit, but I was Ok, I adjusted each time and it was good.  Had some fun playing with some new material I have been working on for the last few days, and putting the Finishing touches On a Piece that is ready for recording. The newer one is a variation On an finger-picking exercise that I was working On, 3 strings only, the b,g, and high e strings, with the g string open throughout while playing various duad combinations in triplet rhythm.  I Think I’m saying that right.  I will find a way to get this stuff someplace where everyone can hear it.  Probably Myspace.  We’ll see.

Ran today when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to. 3.45 miles in 26:36.71   7:42.81 m/m pace.  Felt pretty good today, and the Leg didn’t really bother me much.  Yes It is sore, but It just feels like regular muscle soreness at this point, which gives me a Glimmer of Hope that I will be ok and can maybe resume regular daily training soon.  I had to stop at around the 3 mile marker, which pissed me off, I usually just push through when I’m that close and feeling winded, but today I couldn’t do it.  It was a short stop tho. Workout was short but hard.  20 minutes worth of Burpee/Deep Knee Bend combos.  Call it 16 sets of burpees, 160 total, with the same amount of sets of DKB’s, call it 400 total, with a few sets of Crunches and Lateral Bridges.  24:36.6 total sweat time.  Feeling better about my physical shape after a few weeks of Sitting on my ass.  Nice.

That’s it for me.  I have a Long Night of Work and a Lot to get done.  See Ya.  Jam On.

Today’s Nuggets:  Friends, I will disown and repudiate any man of my party who attacks with such foul slander and abuse any opponent of any other party; and now I wish to say seriously to all the daily newspapers, to the Republicans, the Democrat, and Socialist parties, that they cannot, month in month out and year in and year out, make the kind of untruthful, of bitter assault that they have made and not expect that brutal, violent natures, or brutal and violent characters, especially when the brutality is accompanied by a not very strong mind; they cannot expect that such natures will be unaffected by it.   Theodore Roosevelt

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government. A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, whatever may be its theory, must be, in practice, a bad government.   Alexander Hamilton

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