Anagram: Karl Rove is a Moron/Amoral Rover Oinks

American FlagKarl Rove is a Moron.  Not Happy with merely helping to send the Nation into a deep Moral and economic crisis prior to leaving his post as Chief Moron…err strategist for the Bush administration, he has decided to Give commentary on The Democratic Frontrunners for the presidency.  In a Piece Titled ” Why Hillary Won” He says that she won New Hampshire for 4 reasons.  I thought there were 7,479 reasons, That being the amount of votes she won by.

I thought she won because the electorate thought she was the best choice for the democrats in this particular election, and by proxy, the best person to lead the country for the next 4 years, but that’s just crazy lil ol’ me, I guess.  That doesn’t work for Mr. Rove, tho. One of the “Big 4” reasons Mr. Rove states is that she “helped wash away the memory of her angry replies to attacks” that apparently happened earlier in the debate with a “Humanizing moment” she had in response to being asked about  her “Likability issues”.  I cannot speak to that point too much, except to say that in debates, emotions and logic, thoughts and speaking points the speaker feels the need to make are brought to the forefront, and are used like playing cards in poker and everyone in a debate of this type knows, or should know, how to play them.

And some play better than others.

It would have sufficed to say that she played her cards well.  And what is wrong with responding to an attack in a forceful way?  You yourself later on the article, Mr. Rove, take Mr. Obama to task on this self same subject and say that after attacking Mrs. Clinton in another instance, not the same debate, he could have continued attacking.  Quoting the article by Mr. Rove he claims that the points made by Mr. Obama “… deftly, if often indirectly, played on the deep concerns of Democrats who look at the Clinton era as a time of decline for their party and unfulfilled potential for their cause.  But rather than sharpen and build on this message of contrast and change, Mr. Obama chose soaring rhetoric and inspirational rallies.” Wait….Soaring Rhetoric is wrong? Inspirational rallies are bad things? Are you High?

The Clinton Presidency was a moral dilemma for a great many people, not only for those who disliked democrats or, if they had moral fiber of any kind and could sidestep partisan hate, the president getting some on the side, but fine upstanding citizens as well.  And while it was clearly and obviously wrong for him to what he did with Ms. Lewinsky and then cover it up, and as a consequence do damage to his wife, his family and his Nation, it is nothing close to the moral dilemma that President Bush throws at us with an immoral and unjust war and occupation, putting tens of thousands of fine upstanding American soldiers at great and unnecessary risk fighting an enemy they wouldn’t have had to fight without made up evidence that put them their in the first place.

Al Qaida is in Pakistan.  Why aren’t we Mr. Rove?  Your Boss wanted Iraq before 9/11 and Everyone knows it.

That’s why we are there.  Oh, Yeah, The Clinton era was the lone bright spot economically for the Nation as a whole for the past 20 years.  No recession, no debt for the first time in recent memory. A Democrat made the economy run well after years of improper Republican bookkeeping and the usual crappy Republican financial management. Clinton era/Decline of the Party my ass, Mr. Rove.   Bill was a Better president than Georgie Porgie here, Foreign policy or  domestic issue-wise.  Mrs. Clinton would be the same.  So would Mr. Obama.

Go critique the Republicans, You Fat Glib fraud.  Don’t go away mad, Just go away.  For the Idiots entire article Follow the Link:   And yes I have more problems with the article than what I stated above, but I haven’t the time to address them all.  Sorry.

I played a fair bit of guitar today, No recording tho.  Would have, but i didn’t have that much time prior to leaving for work this afternoon.  Played all the Usual stuff.  Scales out the wazoo, Minor, major, a few pentatonic variations, in all keys of course, Locrain mode stuff as well.  String skipping and Chromatic exercises.  Apreggios, most if not all in Major keys. Don’t know why, it just turned out that way.  Played a few chord progressions, putting stuff together for recording.  Did some recording last night and I played well, but the Electric guitar  crapped out on me and It came out staticy and broke up i several places.  I will re-record tomorrow.  Much goodness will ensue.

No workout today.  Playing guitar, making dinner and getting ready for work took up all my time and I just didn’t have the time to fit one in.  Tomorrow I’ll bust a Sweat.  Promise.

That’s It for me.  Semi-Busy night at work, Gotta run.  Have a Good Night.  Jam On.

Today’s Nuggets:   Without Freedom of Thought there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as Public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech.  Benjamin Franklin

Speak seldom, but to important subjects, except such as particularly relate to your constituents, and, in the former case, make yourself perfectly master of the subject.   George Washington


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